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  1. If you're asking why people who make very very rough music shouldn't reject criticism, the answer is pretty obvious. Not all music is good. There's a lot of bad music out there. Pretending your shit is good when it's bad is stupid.

  2. What if the music they make isn’t rough?

  3. Cope. No one here is going to validate you sorry

  4. Interested in the King Louie, been looking for KL13 in bud or concentrate. How’d that one go in the Blunt? I thought Stiizy was top shelf!

  5. Stiiizy is a big brand not really top shelf just marketed heavily

  6. No it's not... SWIMliterally got an oz of THCO like 9 months ago for like 120-180 bucks. And it's prolly cheaper now. Like 3-5 bucks a gram. Delta 8 is like 30 cents a gram in bulk. SWIM got 2 oz of that for $1 a g a while back.

  7. Real synthetic cannabinoids are much cheaper than that

  8. THCO is a good 10 to 100 times more expensive at minimum per dose

  9. Not sure if I'll get taken down for the 4th times if I say, I'll DM

  10. Drop the vendor name pls no shame in showing literal pictures of product and a name, the vendor thought it was good enough to ship apparently so should be good enough to go online alongside their name lmao

  11. Why stop at licensing? Compulsory gun owners insurance.

  12. you're not going to become a millionaire waiting a day or two to buy a new cart

  13. OSHA is your friend. I love calling OSHA. All my homies call OSHA

  14. I believe that he is saying that you shouldn’t be able to feel effects off the legal limit. I live in Wisconsin and the legal d8 percentage is .3 so u shouldn’t feel effects off that

  15. Nah that lab clearly states like 90 something % d8 in the cartridge. I hate that they are attempting to ban d8 cartridges in many states now and yes if they are being compliant this cart would be shit. I'd check out hhc if ur in wi I think it may still be legal at full purity

  16. Oh shit really? I’m not fully aware of the restrictions on d8 and stuff but imma have to look into it now

  17. I just checked and WI is still legal I think except for federal laws on d9-thc

  18. No one will pay you for it. Would you pay someone else for it? I wouldn't

  19. Shermcraig is trolling for arguments if you can tell by his first response

  20. Yep I instantly went to that moment, I don’t think it’s much for each BUT they bought a boat and Charlie put his whole life savings into it, so he must have had a bit of $

  21. That's from money and then charlie not paying rent by having frank pay it I think

  22. You need to decarb, which is more than just melting. it's methodically cooking down the thca in the wax to d9-thc. For shatter usually it will be a bit too thick without terpenes

  23. They're both vaporizing wax using the same technology, one category isn't really better than the other the shape is the only real difference, for the most part you can get cartridges with the same technology for vaporizing as the pods.

  24. Become more popular, get more fans, increase the value of your music and find people willing to pay

  25. This. Alot of people downvoted me saying paid advertising on one post, but it works if your adverts are good. I've steadily have had increases of people coming out to see good quality live playing and digital flyers from adverts. Connect with the audience and you've got a potential lifelong fan

  26. If you're the right music at the right quality level at the right moment, anything works really. Connecting with audience and fans can happen in a myriad of ways,but only works if people genuinely love your work. It's a hard pill to swallow for many.

  27. Ah, I mostly see those posts so I concluded that was the price overall in Cali.

  28. Sadly that's what everyone thinks for some reason

  29. Idk about anything else but I was getting .5 carts for 25 bucks in cali at the dispo where as in illinois it's around 60-80 bucks

  30. Illinois is way overpriced fr. 25$ to 35$ is pretty standard for a bottom shelf half gram most places in the country imo

  31. Read the words in Dennis's voice in your head with the video muted. Definitely Dennis but swings towards Mac at the end

  32. Not sure the rudeness is necessary or a great tactic for landing your dream job, but you do you!

  33. Definitely not a manager or hr professional projecting hard... /S

  34. Anyone who fills carts knows that the left cart is UNDERFILLED. Don't buy into the marketing. You're getting SCAMMED

  35. Lol right bro, just say you not tapped innnn. Don't hate on meeee I'm just getting high lmao

  36. This is a legal oil server, that's why you're getting hate. We don't want to see this. Boo

  37. ... that's a baker/barista, not anything to do with running or anything lmao. Sounds like they wanna get some cheap labor from audio engineers

  38. Seems that way. But in their credit there’s a bit of being an audio engineer:

  39. What does the viscosity have anything to do with the molecule, different viscosity exists in many different forms of distillate. Also you can argue personal experience all you want but I still believe in a blind test 99% of people wouldn’t be able to determine which is which.

  40. They literally feel different on the throat when vaped. Thco is smooth as butter and d8 is harsh af

  41. D8 is just a scam for the hemp industry to make money lol.. D8 does nothing for real smokers/edible eaters

  42. No fucking shit, but if you're buying disposables, batteries with good performance clearly aren't one of your concerns. Plus, even then a stick batt can just be taken back home and again used as a backup if something happens with the nicer battery. It's not like I can't just bring my Uni in a carryon on vacation and just get a cart in wherever I'm at instead.

  43. Lol bro flagrant waste what are you my grandma? You're not morally superior that anyone else bro touch grass

  44. It's precisely because I touch grass regularly that I care about the waste of disposable vapes of all types, amongst other things. The scars of extractive resource acquisition are all over my state, and it's something that should be minimized wherever possible, and using mined materials (lithium, oil, other metals) for something designed to be thrown away is the type of attitude that ensures that devastation continues. Our disposable material culture is a massive part of why we have pollution and climate change issues, and if you think disposable vapes (when there's perfectly workable reusable solutions out there) aren't part of that, then you're simply deluding yourself.

  45. We get it you're captain environment 😂 you're too preachy my g lighten up

  46. What was with the telegram pfp then💀💀💀💀

  47. Have shared pics of my disposables before with the labels with no issue but you were probably having a bad day or something and wanted to take it out on someone.

  48. 😭😭😂😂 go be hot boy somewhere else 😂

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