1. I have a feeling he’s career will sky rocket after season 2. He deserves all the praise and more. ☺️

  2. Also, Saltburn will get Oscar nominated or more if it's as good as Promising Young Woman, putting him on the map for future awards 😌. He certainly does.

  3. I love this especially because her character is a dominatrix. 🤭 I want this energy from Alys Rivers.

  4. THIS!!!! I realized it during the lockdown 💀I swear there were a gay boom. It should be in history classes book.

  5. Eh, it's the same for women. If anything, they are much pickier for the oddest reasons vs men. I've never felt more unattractive as after I came out. Idk how can I be seen as pretty by a gender and ignored by another.

  6. Same here. I kinda gave up. Only interesting and more open minded people (aka ppl looking for relationships, not closeted women and hook-ups) are foreigners and it'd be hard to make it work.

  7. I love both and do not like the idea of choosing parts. Also thighs, hips, waists, faces and know what.

  8. Lmao, what do you mean? Is that Tom’s inner monologue to the girl who helped him escaped?

  9. I have actually ordered one of your prints. I love your style of art and the fact that it isn’t thirsty - just wholesome

  10. Correct!! Even my nose is the same size as a kiwi’s

  11. I have a craving for a snickers bar now and I can’t have it because gastric bypass. 😂😂😂 I’m better off without it.

  12. Really well! I just had my 3 month post-op appointment today. I’m down 80+ pounds. We’ve found that I can’t tolerate ground turkey at all. But my blood pressure has gone down. I take BP meds. My BP was 108/74. Which pretty good but low enough that my meds will either need to be decreased or taken off. My C-Pap pressure needs to be lowered too. So all good things! ❤️

  13. Very nice! I think it's great that Ewan is so into his role. What's wrong in having a mind of his own in case GRRM did not say this?

  14. Plus even if it's not said by grrm it's such a brilliant head canon, u can legit see in the show itself how much aemond loves riding vhagar, his flight scenes with vhagar are some of best pieces of cinamatography

  15. im not sure, i got sent it on discord, il credit whoever made it tho

  16. Same, as a femme with diverse interests. I felt left out at one of the first queer events I attended...still gathering courage to go to others.

  17. It's wild because in kpop having baby fat in cheeks is sooooo important. Those hollow cheeks are not pretty at all by their standards. It's really important for a female idol to be able to lose a ton of weight and have a teeny weeny body but still maintain full cheeks 😒

  18. Why is he giving William Mason from Downton Abbey in this shot

  19. So glad I’m not the only one who sees it! 😂

  20. They had similar stories. Fell in love with the maid and died at war. 🥺 I really must watch this show.

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