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  1. lmao jordan peterson and aracho capitalist fan no wonder you are so stupid.

  2. When did we start letting the metally deranged usurp our foundational documents?

  3. With a typical 2-3% cost of living increase annually and 8+% annual inflation...

  4. Incase a Palestinian child comes to the school use shotgun

  5. Just for suicide bombers and firearm attacks against israeli children

  6. Never underestimate Joe's ability to fuck things up. - Barack Obama

  7. He is not making out with her. She is his grand-daughter. She is not umderaged.

  8. Gross. No thanks OP. You have the maggots I will have the steak.

  9. Fine but the cow used to make that steak might be able to eat maggots, what’s wrong with that?

  10. Good mews a bunch of affordable cars coming to market. No idea why the electronics are funny

  11. For JP they put ad hominem in the headline. Fill the body with lies, and conclude with what they knew all along.

  12. This strikes like a half time interview with a coach who's team is down 2 touchdowns

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