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  1. Just wait for 85, get more str exp with the scimmy first

  2. Drop them, then deiron and get a job.

  3. It's not that easy to quit literally the biggest health system in the region unless you want to move beyond what Inova covers which is pretty far away. At the end of the day we still have families to feed and bills to pay. Plus, if most of us quit then where would the nurses go? The 3 other hospitals in the area combined equal to Inova Fairfax as far as bed capacity.

  4. Get an offer from another firm and negotiate then. Otherwise you aren't underpaid then.

  5. Blood Shard and Karils for a zammy task, got spooned with a 1kc spear last time but am now looking to unlock some combat achievements

  6. "Either myself or another car ran a stop sign"

  7. Please don’t let Virginia backslide. I moved here in 2010 and cannot believe how much this state has changed for the better. A vote for Youngkin is all of the things already mentioned, he is anti-abortion, anti-gay marriage (how is this even a thing???), anti-vax mandates, anti-mask mandates and anti-democracy (as this picture perfectly describes).

  8. Wow all that stuff sounds great

  9. When houses cost a million dollars with 20%down payment, and minimal/no wage increases. its no shocker.

  10. You literally have no idea what you're talking about.

  11. Why should I be taxed on property I taxes are a complete scam.

  12. Oh I know the answer to this one. It is very antiquated and actually has roots in the property taxes of slaves and other “properties” (to include people). Source:

  13. I shouldn't have to pay tax on my slaves either

  14. brimhaven first for the fruit tree, farming guild you can get to with a skills necklace

  15. I have 2 unsired 65kc..git gud

  16. Yeah, I'm struggling with this one as well... Not sure why they decided to add a dedicated Raids 2 quest into the game, when COX doesn't even have one.

  17. I put it off for a while, it's actually really easy..I did use it as encouragement to get full elite void and all the helms before doing the quest tho

  18. Yeah because the government is giving people money?

  19. Another white GOP male at war with women. And the felony level domestic violence offender gets a mistrial. We are going to be dealing with these stacked courts for a long time. Join the March Oct. 2 in DC.

  20. That's a shit ton... Should have made some platebodies

  21. Needed 90 fletching anyways for amethyst darts haha

  22. alch platebodies and use the money to buy broad arrow packs. I'm getting downvoted but I intentionally only make darts in about 10k increments.

  23. Honestly I regret everything after reading that comment lol

  24. Not been playing much myself recently, combination of being a bit burnt and busy IRL. Had a 10 day period where I just didn't move my character from the seaweed patches, so managed to get 99 Crafting in Seaweed banked. When I can find the motivation to play, I'll just be finishing gathering the sand, got about 30k to go for 99.

  25. Having just got 93 crafting, is seaweed/sand really the only way to 99? I've done so much already...

  26. if we leave the money on the table, they 100% will take it.

  27. Where is this surplus of money you're referring to?

  28. the government collects it as taxes and distributes it to military contractors and corporations while children grow up in abject poverty

  29. The government finances wars with debt mainly and taxes to a lesser extent, the point is it doesn't matter the mechanism, the problem is the spending.


  31. is it really? how much dps do you end up doing? which thrall do you use?

  32. And don't forget to masturbate!

  33. As long as you do birdhouse runs, farm runs, manage misc, and slayer your account will progress.

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