1. slap hands together over head repeatedly as loud as you can, then grunt and holler. Provoke dominance challenge with other apes

  2. Before trying this, my crush didn’t knew I exist. Now she is the one to call the mental asylum. Is this progress?

  3. There's no way you tried this in four minutes. Liar. She detected your lies. No love for you!

  4. It's not worth it. Granted, 1890s coke isn't today's coke. Coca Cola used coca plant stuff, not exactly cocaine, which is put through an extensive manufacturing process

  5. The anal probe is not going to probe your ass by itself now get on the shop already

  6. "My friend, we are of the Ashtar High Command. We have mastered faster than light travel and transcendent thought and we have traveled across the infinite void of space in search of understanding the mysteries of the human asshole."

  7. If I get in that ship they're just gonna eat me.

  8. The smell of a solitary Bigfoot fart in the foggy woods.

  9. I'll never tell. Bigfoot lives in lots of places, and presumably farts.

  10. That guy that welded like, 40 guns together and tried to assassinate a French king looney tunes style.

  11. Tenacious D, although the extreme record-shattering ratings are fair and accurate.

  12. Heavily, heavily commodified and owned by the rich.

  13. The D in D-day does not stand for doomsday.

  14. It stands for Dworkin's Brand Confectionaries, the sponsor of the invasion.

  15. Toothpaste was invented by Big Tooth to keep dentists happy and supportive that I've been very good at brushing

  16. If Johnny Silverhand was morally correct in attacking Arasaka in the Cyberpunk game lore.

  17. So I remember when we were driving, driving in your car /

  18. This is so very true. As a teacher, parent, and human, I wish every new parent would watch this show and apply what they learn to way they raise their children.

  19. I'm not a parent but I love it! It's so sweet and funny.

  20. I'm actually okay with this. A delayed game from EA. 20 year old me would never believe it.


  22. Keanu Reeves as Galactus actually works. Imagine calm authority in his voice. He's never angry, because what could threaten Galactus?

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