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  1. The 400 through Barrie has people slamming their breaks on rubber necking at traffic stopped in the other direction.120 to 0 to 120 all in one corner....

  2. Owner of Kelseys asked me to become a manager. He was such an idiot not knowing I already made around $50k working 50 hours a week as a cook. Offered me 34k to manage, and I full well knew I'd be there more hours and have more " responsibility"

  3. Go to a sporting event. OH MY GOD THE BEERS ARE $18!!! ....People outraged at the price, yet still drink 4/ hour...... Go bowling, table filled with bottles all of a sudden. Go anywhere really BEER!!? BEER?!....Seems like everything done as an adult is centered upon drinking. I really actually just want to go for a boat ride, or watch baseball, or go to the beach or play pool.....Really disturbing....

  4. Made myself a big bottle of homemade cleaner. Equal parts alcohol/water/simple green. Refill my empty Purple Stuff bottle as needed. Works almost as good as Purple stuff. Costs maybe $5 to make half a litre of it.

  5. Turn the field 45 degrees, and do something weird with the fences!!

  6. I'd love it to be random patterns, and you have to figure it out without knowing what the patterns are. Great practice trying to figure it out👌

  7. Yup. Most of my savings gone somewhere. Haven't done anything major since early 2020....

  8. I paid like 35 bucks to see it in theaters plus snacks.... So I'll fucking watch it again without paying if I damn well want!!

  9. Swoop is garbage. The flight will be 200$ less.....but then 83$ for carry on X2 and what's the point?.....

  10. Do that on pstars, you get insta called....

  11. Meghan Trainor ... I know her voice reminded me of someone ... Meghan Trainor with with a higher pitch

  12. Feel free to go back then?! Been here almost 40 years, #metoo!!!!!!

  13. Figure I'll just kill myself eventually. Shouldn't be struggling money-wise, I make more money than I ever thought I would, and yet, here we are. Even cutting back on everything..... Almost can't afford gas to GET to work and back.

  14. I've kind of slowed down watching skating in recent years. I feel like there was a "magic" back in the 90s that has disappeared. Maybe I've just gotten older, Idk... Just seemed so much more fun to tune in and watch back then. I remember the middle tier skaters like Surya and Philippe Candeloro, who weren't the best, but we're always wowing the crowd nonetheless....

  15. Gotta drown that out dude. My girl and I try to distract each other during practice doing little things like that. That way when we are in actual competitions, little noises don't distract us. Even at the highest levels of competitions there will always be some douche making noise or an inadvertent cough or sneeze and ya can't get butthurt over every little thing like rash. We mess with each other at practice so much, it'd damn near take an earthquake to distract me.

  16. So hard though. Even forgot how to walk on my approach properly for a few balls. My brain just stopped working....

  17. Throw a strike and yell, "take that you bottle bitch!"

  18. Rolled it a couple of times too strong for my revs

  19. I'm pretty new, my rev rates like 200rpm at 15mph....still hooks like 20ish boards on freshly oiled lanes😂😂😂

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