1. But then again I don't get why one's cheaper AND better 😭😭

  2. hi they are much the same. You can check which one is cheaper and then ship with that line.

  3. Hi, friend.Thank you for sharing! We would like to award our users pionts and coupons for their sharing. You can send me your package ID(star with S) and your sugargoo name, and after the review, you will get points and rewards.

  4. There's no way to open up an investigation. I'd need Sugargoo to do that. The policy for all of these companies is that if counterfeit items are shipped, they disavow all knowledge of the package. They won't investigate through China Post, b/c they don't want it traced back to them.

  5. hi friend, plz dm your parcel id so i can sort this out.

  6. Anything with a Logo needs a close-up picture of it so we can see the details.

  7. sure, we will update the warehouse with your advice. Thank you for this suggestion.🍬🍬

  8. i have already paid for extra pics, please work harder on this , its not good enough

  9. sure can you give me some advice?Like the lighting?

  10. sorry bro i cant find this one. any other you want w2c?

  11. How do I get points and how much points do I need to get 100RMB off?

  12. Hi confirm the receipt of the package, you will get the points. The shipping fee you paid is equivalent to SUGARGOO points. ¥1 is currently worth 1 SUGARGOO point. Also, you can do the unboxing video to get coupons and coupons.

  13. can i make videos of parcels that i bought lot of time ago

  14. ...So, What if I ship 10 pairs of shoes in one parcel? Will I receive points for each post of each pair?

  15. nah friend. Just one video only for one parcel

  16. And I’m still waiting for the refund to show in my balance even though the item is sitting in “refund successfully”

  17. bro, can you dm me that order id?

  18. I just received my refund and made another purchase. Would shipping price for 5 pairs of shoes without boxes make a big difference? Destination is to the US.

  19. then there are 5 boxes. i think it could be a big difference if you go with US express-z line cuz it's priced by the volumetric weight. but with US tax free, not big difference.

  20. EX-Z cant ship branded items bro. That would be the restriction.

  21. They give u tracking and everything right?? Have u used it before and it’s good??

  22. hi you will get the updates when the haul arrives at USA. And it's literally the best line to US. Speedy, tax free, fair shipping rate. You can go with it.

  23. What abt us express I saw that y’all posted abt it like 10 days ago giving it a 8/10

  24. it's also good and pretty much the same with US tax free. Speedy and cost-effective.

  25. Im planning to ship out a 9000g haul to California very soon, don’t know if I should use SAL or not, any input would be helpful 🙌

  26. Hi Sal is inconsistent, could take 26-30 days or 30-90 days. It's not applicable with insurance. If you need the haul soon, you may try our US TAX FREE line. Speedy and cost-effctive. Always the best to USA.

  27. Unfortunately, my haul is too heavy and us tax free is not an option for me

  28. oh,9kg is the final weight? Or you can try our US Express-Z line.The max is 10 kg and it's much the same as US tax free. speed, shipping rate, and so on.

  29. Please add payment via credit card or paypal gift. Would be nice to have better conversion rate too.

  30. Sure! I ve got this and will forward it to the financial dept.

  31. Hello everyone. First of all, we are truly sorry for what happened so far. But we are very grateful to OP for pointing out the service issues for us. We didnt lie but we did make mistakes while handling with the case of the OP. To make up for the mistakes, we have made compensation according to the insurance that the OP bought. We wish to get the feedback of our sevice from OP after receiving the information. At the same time, thank you for your attention to this. Perhaps we are not good enough, However, we sincerely hope to progress and improve services through every case, and we attach great importance to the voice of each user.

  32. Hi friend, usually if there's partial lost, most likely it's the customs seizure. So we thought it was customs seizing of your lost. Though we would also compensate you by the normal process. You might still need to provide the certificate of seizing and after we confirmed it, we will refund you back. And now if it was not customs seizure, we cant compensate you. But out for your experience, compensation shall be made according to the insurance coverage. And sorry for the inconvenience by now it caused, plz check the message later. Your agent will get to you for the compensation.

  33. It just tells me to estimate the cost of shipping so can you just tell me if us tax-free shipping is good or not?

  34. yes it's like the best line to USA. Speedy, reliable, tax free, fair pricing. You can ship with it.

  35. That’s fine but my problem is the estimated volume It’s much higher than the actual volume therefore I can’t choose the DPD shipping line

  36. hey friend, you may just choose a random line first and put the line you want on the remark. Then the warehouse will pack the items and update you the true weight. If the weight is applicable for the line, then you can cancel the parcel and re submit with the line you want.

  37. Hi pal, sorry for wasting your time. As we communicated before, we did file the claim to logistics provider on Mar 22 and now waiting for the final confrimation. I do learn that the long claiming procedure sucks, which has caused this kind of misunderstandingf and distrust. So we will simplify the process asap. But we are not liar, if we are liar we wont have you sent parcels with us so many times and you would gain nothing. I m sorry we let u down this time with the poor service, it is literally a lesson and we will make our mind to better improve the insurance policy to end this

  38. I really tried my best to practice some patience with this situation, as I know these things take time and delays are inevitable. This is why I’ve kept from posting about this publicly for all to see, with hopes this would be resolved without having to resort to this. But over two months of this back and forth, I hope you understand that I was honestly left with no other options. As my go-to agent that I’ve put my trust in and spent quite a bit of time and money with, I expected a higher level of customer service. This should have been resolved quicker and in private, as this was a business matter between agent and customer, so it should have been handled as such. There should be no need for anybody to have to make a post explaining a situation when the situation was already explained through messages with the SG representatives and yourself. Nevertheless, I appreciate you resolving this issue and compensating me. The funds are now in my account and I thank you for acknowledging that this is something to learn from to help improve your service for myself and others.

  39. Thank you my friend. we wont fail you anymore.

  40. Hi it's just the estmated weight and you can have your agent to update the actual weight on the parcel. No worries.

  41. Happening to me too and it's normal. If you're familiar with fedex smartpost, Usually you will see "In transit" updates of the trailers location roughly every 12 - 24 hours. This only happens if the trailer your package is being transported on has GPS available. If the trailer doesn't have GPS then the only updates you will see will be anytime your package arrives and departs from the next facility or when it's out for delivery. Everything travels by ground so with no GPS it takes a while to see any updates especially if you're not close to California. I'd expect to see updates Monday

  42. thank you bro 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  43. my friend don't worry we will fix it no matter where it is and we will keep going,SUGARGOO love everyone

  44. Hi if you worry about the customs, you can insure your shipments to get a ease mind.

  45. Hi when all the goods arrive at our warehouse, you can submit them all into a parcel, and then we will ship it to you.

  46. Hi friend, you may dm me your username and i will check if it works both on web and app.

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