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  1. I take the other approach. My character is a pacifist! I WONT do combat. DMs can kill me if they must, but then why bother playing at all? (I always let the DMs know I’m a pacifist before joining games so it isn’t a surprise)

  2. I recognize a lot of your complaints as serious issues, I am thankful that I’ve only experienced these a few times. I will say that if I ever type “no infinites” sometimes it’ll be censored, and I haven’t seen any of the actual slur names but I like to think they get censored now too.

  3. When you block someone, they stay blocked and will appear blocked if you’re ever in the same game again. It’s basically an ignore list

  4. I’d rather have an indicator from the lobby search screen that indicates if someone I’ve flagged is in it, so I can make the choice on if today I want to risk playing with em or not

  5. Yes I would too. Buuttttt to say there is no way to ignore someone is not true. There is.

  6. All I can hear is Skye saying “Triple baby!”

  7. I just read through your posts. Why in the world would you build a she-shed? During all this? That friend is going to move in there and never have a reason to leave.

  8. The she shed has been planned for a while. I’m building it for my wife now. We’ve had no discussions of moving out, though I’ll plan to have that talk here soon.

  9. Can you build me a he-shed while you’re at it? Make sure to install air conditioning. You won’t mind, will you? What’s another “guest”

  10. The air conditioning is actually kind of a pain. I had to find a way to put down R30 insulation in the ceiling. I don’t have an attic because I built a loft in for a bed. But if you’re cool with just a 15,000 BTU portable unit, come on over! XD

  11. You were so preoccupied with whether or not you could, you didn’t stop to think if you could.

  12. Traditionally speaking, posts that require thought and effort, such as a deck review, are not very popular on

  13. A chrome book is fine, as long as you have a camera (your phone will work fine for this)

  14. Technically not correct, the first card drawn during draw step doesn't have to be the natural card draw and Chains will still see it as "the first card drawn during your draw step". It's a real edge case if you stay within Old School cards, might affect Premodern more.

  15. I think this hinges on what ‘natural card draw’ is defined as. I think it means ‘draw for turn per the official game rules’, in which case, this would be correct. Chains says it does not affect the first card drawn during your draw step. Because no player received priority during the draw step before the card is drawn for turn, I believe these sleeves are correct.

  16. I run a number of WUBRG decks, but I have almost no ‘auto includes’ that go in every deck. I always target a certain power level and make sure to build to that power level.

  17. I buy singles. It’s a habit from MTG that saves me money in the long run

  18. I guess first I’d say that no one really knows what PvE will look like or how it will work. So far no cards have been released for only PvE, so you didn’t miss anything.

  19. Magic player here who is very, very new to Flesh and Blood and still learning the game so I’m sorry for the newb questions…

  20. So basically a Hero is the ‘commander’ of your deck. As the hero does well in tournaments, he gains what’s called “Living Legend” points. Once they hit 1000, they are rotated from the format and are no longer legal ‘commanders’.

  21. I know you really like Chane's playstyle, but have you played around with anything else?

  22. I have Kano, Dash (boost Dash and control Dash), Lexi (Ice), Katsu, and I used to own and play Prism before I sold it to a friend who really liked it.

  23. It is EXACTLY the question you asked. Read the first line of your post lol

  24. No, you just saw the word "proxy" and your brain when on autopilot. Like the first thing i mentioned in the title, "this is a question for groups that allow proxies". That's an important details.

  25. Your first sentence is LITERALLY, verbatim, word for word, EXACTLY:

  26. Do we know what rarity these will be at?

  27. Once played with a guy that thought if his spells were countered, they would return to his hand. It took an unnecessarily long time to convince him he was wrong. He also thought that if his commander ever returned to his hand, he would no longer have to pay the commander tax if it was ever put back into the command zone.

  28. I just played a game tonight where the guy thought they his commander being countered sent it to hand. Though he was a pretty new player and it was obviously just him not understanding.

  29. Eilodon of the Countless Battles gives the creature it bestows +2/+2 because of the word "each". He said, "Since it refers to itself and the enchanted creature, you count it twice."

  30. But, assuming you only has 1 creature and this aura attached to it, the creature would get +2/+2. Am I missing something?

  31. Does the layout of the school look like this?

  32. Damn I was really hoping it was. The decor in this building looks almost exactly like the map in that game.

  33. As a rule of thumb, if you can construct your Pioneer deck on Arena (with the current card pool), you aren’t going to do well. But if you have fun, more power to ya!

  34. My friends and i play EDH sometimes. They would get super salty if they lose, so we just play precons now. I enjoy precons, so it works well for me. Could be a good way to get around salty.

  35. It happens to everyone, all the time. Magic players always want to feel smart, even when they lose. It is not due to anyones age or gender, it’s just how Magic players are. The best thing you can take from this is to not be that person to other players.

  36. Taking one right now, until a new Chane comes out!

  37. I echo the sentiment of others. Where buy? They are amazing!

  38. The fact that no one (likely hit even WoTC themselves) can appropriately articulate WoTC’s ban philosophy is precisely why I am afraid to buy into any format.

  39. Gotcha. Figured you were arguing the other way.

  40. If you took the time to read what i said, you would have known exactly what I was arguing for...

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