1. Not at all, as a non drinker the party boys made me extremely uncomfortable so once I got to the Ferris wheel part I just unmatched him

  2. With the way the new releases are, hes probably married and on a business trip looking for just a weekend side piece.

  3. Sad thing is Ash is an old unavailable match predating Colt, had they released him way back this would have been a provocative and exciting match. Now that every match is just sex, sex, sex? Not so much

  4. Yup. They still have enough matches with long-term stories to keep them afloat for a while, but once they close out all of those? Im leaving. Four convo matches are boring.

  5. Yeah I tend to not even bother with the new matches these days, once the og’s wrap up I don’t know what’s gonna happen. You can’t expect hyper sexual mythical creatures to carry your app Ludia

  6. Just a fireplace cuddle and some muffin talk? Noooo I need more!

  7. What’s the point of going out someplace fancy if no one else is around? Like at that point just cook me dinner at home🤨 never cared for this trope lol

  8. Number 4 pleaseee, I’m so tired of all these pretty boys we get in every single new route that releases

  9. Not to quote tiktok but where are all the masculine men?? I feel like mechats earlier days had way more and now everyone looks like I could fold em😭 I need diversity

  10. I think the worst part about his story is that he’s very whiney, he doesn’t behave as you’d imagine from his profile at all

  11. I ain’t new but I’m gonna be overwhelmed 😮‍💨 I’ve been saving up SO many gems just to see em vanish

  12. Officer Cockburn will not be making a cuck out of me no ma’am 💅🏾

  13. They won't unmatch you even if it's end of the world so don't worry 😂 in june of last year, i matched with a few matches and started chat but i accidentally uninstalled lovelink. I reinstalled it and tried to log into my account(i was linked my gmail) but it's not working. I gave up and stopped trying. In december of last year, i installed it again and it worked. None of my matches unmatched me. So, even if you ignore them or uninstall the app, matches will never unmatch.

  14. Matches do unmatch but randomly, I’ve just had Rory unmatch me a few days ago after taking a pause on his story for two months yet Dominic hasn’t even though I’ve ignored him for 7 months now

  15. Huh? That's really strange. Have yu contacted lovelink about it? My matches never unmatched me even though i ignored them. I started chat but ignored Angel Reed for almost a year but she still haven't unmatched me

  16. It just happens from time to time. I’ve been playing since late 2020, it doesn’t happen too often but sometimes they just jump ship

  17. I have no clue how they would continue his story but I just want more Wu content 😩 give us that domestic life side story idc

  18. Your mom has amazing taste, I bet the HHA gives her high marks every time

  19. Actually we are stuck at 3 stars, even tho we made a theme park

  20. Oh no I was just saying that I bet the happy home academy must give your mom a high score every Sunday because I personally think her house looks nice lol

  21. Damn I didn’t even notice in my excitement at seeing him. He looks so goooood 😭

  22. I almost would have missed it if I hadn’t noticed the gleam on his armor! Gave him the ol’ spit shine ✨

  23. For 270 gems I should’ve at least been and to touch it😭😭

  24. Can you imagine saying I love you and the person you confessed to just immediately starts watching vids on their phone for two minutes before responding lolol

  25. Pizza guy was very annoying, if it’s supposed to an April fools joke at least make sure it’s funny

  26. Based off his name + pose this must be the newest Bond girl lmao

  27. I’ve been wanting to play David horn’s update but I can’t make myself spend a single gem on anyone when we’re this close to getting Wu back🥹 I’ve already saved up 600 gems in anticipation

  28. Someone who helps you with YOUR dreams/job! I’m tired of supporting people all the time, I want someone to lean on too😠

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