1. Yeah, I usually build skadi to counter act healing from heart and vanguard but didn't since somebody said its bad against am since his ult does more dmg. Basically what I'm hearing is that I need to stick with team-mates and burst after disable. Late game he just seems too tanky to burst and even if I go in after team disables him his team backs him up and stun locks me to death.

  2. It is indeed true that skadi doesnt work the best against am if you look it at 1 v 1 perspective since he simply blink and the stat skadi gave you also means more damage from his ult.

  3. Haha thanks for tips bro, he is my go to ban now anyway. But the main point I'm getting from ur advice is that in this match up I need to kill others in their team to get advantage and then kill am with my team. This is exactly how I play against pl when I'm morph, great advice. Thanks a lot.

  4. Bro!! Looking for you bros to have something similar, found none

  5. I'm totally down to form a hyd dota discord group, and then we could prolly figure some teams out based on mmr. Maybe if we have enough people we could organize some tournaments as well!

  6. If you're not even seeing a generic device in device manager (normally with the yellow flag), then it's not being seen at the hardware level. IE: There's a loose/missing connection or a bad part.

  7. I was able to see it before. I only can't see it after I Uninstalled the driver and then reinstalled it.

  8. It'd still be worth popping it open and checking all the cables. If for no other reason than to rule it out.

  9. Got it fixed, thanks a lot for the help.

  10. its proven already . if you doesn't know or read about it, doesn't mean the study never happened. if you are saying all these are religious beliefs then no-one has any problem. but dont call it science,its your belief.

  11. Lmao neeku chadavadam radha? Science doesn't take into consideration that lifeforms may have non physical/meta physical souls. Therefore it can only prove that an eclipse cannot harm your physical matter through considering physical affects such as emradiation etc. It hasn't been able to disprove a soul, and cannot give evidence regarding environmental affects on non-physical aspects of life. Whether life has non-physical aspects is a different debate. Furthermore I never called "it" a science or belief, it is just my philosophical position on this issue.

  12. you are contradicting yourself.. no one has any issues if this is your belief or philosophical stand or sufu stand.. there's no philosophical science. Dont create it and call it superior to science. All the best.. you can believe whatever you can and you should.

  13. Bro who the fuck said this was science, you are the one the falsely said that I did. I was clarifying that I never said it was science but rather my philosophical stance. And philosophy is a science block head, go fuck yourself.

  14. Doesnt seem blind to me, but I noticed that his eyes seem drained of energy for some reason.

  15. Anna a link koncham istava, chusi koncham nuvvukuntannu.

  16. It seems he was a bit tankier than you with heart and abysal. Plus the basher stuns. The -20 agi sure is affective but in the long run he was tankier.

  17. Yeah I guess in this match up morph always loses, saw a topson game morph vs am where he goes silver edge into mkb. Was wondering what was the point of the silver edge since there was no need of break in enemy line up but it clicked to me that invis is a perfect escape when morph is hard countered.

  18. Does silver edge break am magic resist from counter spell?

  19. I'm not sure but that's worth looking into for sure.

  20. The money spent on vac and food so far is basically sunk cost bro. Selling them depends on whether demand for such cats even exists here. The way I see it, even if they give it away for free they earn 4k per month lol.

  21. That's what I told her, but, it's her choice in the end and am just trying to help her out

  22. Oh okay, best bet is post with pictures of kittens to city subreddits and online pet breeding websites.

  23. My Great Great Grandfather was a follower of alluri sita ramaraju.when he tried to talk about freedom in his village in Kadapa, he was kicked out of that village and striped off the land he owned there. He travelled North and learnt how to build huts.he became a mason then settled in Prakasam District.

  24. Lots of admiration and respect to your Great Great Grandfather and others like him.

  25. Yeah cringing when I'm seeing it without the apostrophes and the hard r lmao

  26. Exactly how I do it, why not avoid violence when you can get the job done.

  27. Definitely at the forge of the giants when we burn the erdtree

  28. There are some matchups that are absolutely horrible for Arcwarden, and Brood is one of those matchups. He's luckily been buffed to high-heavens for a long time, and especially back when brood had spiderlings at level 2, it was borderline unwinnable to win a lane against her.

  29. Thanks a lot, helps with the mindset I need to go into the game with.

  30. Character level doesn't really matter, you just need enough (40+) vigor. To be level 82 at that point in the game you must have missed a ton of stuff pre-capital. If pressing forward feels too difficult, go back and explore more areas you skipped earlier.

  31. Okay I will, there's this area to the left of the capital outskirts that I don't understand since its map fragment didn't show up on my map yet. It's the area where you get invaded and there is a collapsed bridge, as well as the shaded castle nearby.

  32. That would be mt.gelmir. its kinda a clusterfuck to get around that area tbh. To start youll wanna head to the north side of altus and then follow the road west past a caravan being pulled by two trolls and being followed by a bunch of soldiers and a mad pumpkin head. Keep following the road across a bridge where youll find a grace on the other side. Then hug the left wall till you come across a ladder leading up the wall near 2 iron virgins. Continue down the decently straight forward path from there on.

  33. Okay thanks, would you suggest I do this before or after the forbidden lands?

  34. Karma tho emi cheskuntano guda thelidhu bro

  35. Proper successor ok But please not NTR. Let him stay in movies

  36. Ntr has amazing public speaking skills though, can definitely be an asset.

  37. There is indeed a map fragment and a marker for the area of left of Leyndell, by which I assume you mean Altus Plateau. It's on the road going north prior to the broken bridge. Corhyn should be right next to it if you talked to him in the Roundtable and he said he was leaving.

  38. Oh wtf so I'm not even in Leyndell?? I thought I was im so sorry, I haven't even killed the draconian tree sentinel.

  39. Thanks a lot, just killed the draconian dude and made it to leyndell!

  40. The subtitles are wrong as in the oath they never say anything even remotely close to "a hindu-only nation". Hindu rashtra is equivalent to Hindu state and makes no mention of it being populated by only hindus but rather the underlying morals and laws of the state. There are multiple countries in the Middle East that are "Islamic states", that doesn't mean they are a Muslim only state. Please Google translate the speech word by word before commenting on an oath that you do not even understand.

  41. BDSM dual whips, no armor, maximum chest size

  42. Had no clue you could dual wield whips lmao, for sure running this in ng++

  43. 2 affinities, no. But you could put an ash of war that grants a lighting buff on a weapon that is made keen. Like lightning slash on a keen uchigatana, then use the ash to buff the weapon with lightning. Could also buff with incantation or grease on a keen weapon.

  44. Currently I have some frozen slash ash that I made keen, does this mean every hit adds a little freeze build up?

  45. As Keen you are probably only inflicting frost when using L2 for the ash of war (possibly a lingering frost effect on the weapon after activation as well). If you want to inflict frost on every hit without using the ash, then you'll want to select 'cold' instead of keen when choosing the affinity.

  46. Thanks a lot man, this helps!!

  47. Is it enough to have two AoW equipped on my swords for them to do lightning damage or do I have to do the incantation/buff stuff?

  48. You can't do the buff on lightning infused weapons

  49. Ohh, so it basically has lightning passive if it has the AoW. Thanks a lot!

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