I hate my entitled autistic brother

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  1. this is so old but wtf are you saying? Being shorter is seen as more feminine because women are naturally made shorter. 5'4 is tall for a woman. Most men prefer women to be shorter than them because its seen as cute. Obviously since women are made shorter, way shorter than 5'4 men would prefer it. Im 5'2 and still every woman I see is far shorter than me and it makes me uncomfortable. Being tall is NOT attractive to most men and tall women will have it harder in the dating scene since its seen as masculine to be big. Which makes COMPLETE sense as estrogen makes women shorter. It is very uncommon and weird for women to be taller. Most women stop growing in middle school, men grow more into adulthood? Why would any woman want to be tall? Its masculine and manly and Its not attractive whatsoever.

  2. lol didnt think anyone would comment on that anymore. i dont care anymore, but beeing a tall woman with long legs is attractive. i was just stating an opinion and i think many would agree. dont go at me that hard hahaha i dont wanna be cooked

  3. No worries, it's all good hahah. Why are you angry about your height? Is it you beeing too tall or too short? I am sure you can get taller (

  4. quick question, why are you offended for KSI? Your not his friend, why do you care that someone roasted his mom? Sure, you can acknowledge that it’s a weak joke, but your literally defending someone who wouldn’t defend you. Don’t worry about KSI or who roasts him, there’s more important things in life. Not being an ass just giving advice and asking a question, i also used to defend youtubers when i shouldn’t of.

  5. it's the ksi subreddit, so there will be a lot of dickriders who act like he is their god

  6. Sigh here we go again. Reddits gonna be hating josh until jj reacts, says it’s just a joke then the whole Reddit will magically change their tune again.

  7. huh. Wdym? Even Ethan and Simon were kinda shocked to hear that. It wasn't a joke. It was a honest statement lol. People really need to learn to know where the line is between disrespect and joke.

  8. Now whats your take after Vikk has liked the post on Instagram, Josh has re-iterated on stream that it was a joke and both of them have interacted positively since the comment?

  9. look at the end of the day they are still "friends" and workpartners, I didnt say that they arent. I just said that josh isn't a good friend to vik. Of course this comment wouldnt end a friendship, vik is too mature to take that even serious. Celebrities/Youtubers love to say "it was a joke" after they received backslash for a comment they said. So yeah. It is all good. But normally if you meet someone like josh in real life, you want to stay away from him. Me personally I wouldnt want to have a friend who dislikes going out with me and talks shit behind my back.

  10. Prior to last year I would stay up very late (2-4PM) and do stuff like watch tv, browse the internet, hangout with friends, going to events, eating a lot of junk food. While I was born Muslim, I hardly practiced.

  11. Most of the time I have to study till it's dark. But when I finish before 10 pm, I have the strong urge to want to go out and enjoy the night since I have deserved it after a hard working day. Like I really love for example to go for a run at midnight or if my friends hit me up to do something, I would love to say yes.

  12. Can you study early mornings instead? That way maybe you can hangout with friends or go for runs after Maghrib.

  13. I'll try to make that lifestyle work. Thanks for advice brother

  14. if they live near me and are around my age and not ugly or weird than yeah

  15. you just lost weight (which is normal during puberty) and grew your hair. Personally I think that you just looking for attention, but nevermind.

  16. why should he care? honestly you guys act like ksi is god who saves you all from misery. shut your bitchass up

  17. cringy. he will look at that years later and be shaking his head from the cringyness

  18. i bet you wouldnt show that to t wood if he was before you. Cause he prolly murders your ass

  19. yeah he was scared and now that tyron said he would fight him at 180, KSI used the same excuse lol

  20. If Gib is against it that's the end of the story, it won't happen, only way it's okay is if both parties agree, if one feels it's wrong then of course the other needs to realise that and back down, and yea JJ does have a bit of an ego problem which is why him backing down because of community backlash is rare to happen. Also good for you for downvoting, nobody gives a shit

  21. shut your dickriding ass up. Its a form of respect. You dont challenge your brother to a fight. It shouldn't even cross your mind. That is why usman, kahbib, izzy are such well respected champions, because they have integrity. If you think that is okay, then yeah I am sorry for the people to have you as a friend but never mind

  22. Sure I'm the one dickriding when you are getting your panties in a knot about a fight, and saying stfu it's none of your business. If you believe that it's such a big issue then so be it, some random guy on the internet isn't going to change your mind

  23. bro you wrote for your post an essay, where you tried to justify KSI's dick move to challenge his friend and taking his spot light who has been in a redemption journey for so long because people like you prolly clowned him for his JP performance💀. But yeah you right it wont change anything. If Gib accepts then yeah, it is prolly awkward for him, but if KSI wants tha challenge then ok. I am just saying it is disrespectful, but gib prolly beats KSI tho.

  24. lmao facts. if he really was confident he would have fought woodley, who wouldnt even had 2 weeks to train. But I guess he was afraid of a "Jake Paul trap"

  25. facts brother. Jake is a well known in the fight game. If you would ask DC or Rogan who KSI is, they will prolly say "Oh he is that fifa kid who does the same thing as Jake Paul", Dana White refered to KSI as the "video game kid from England".

  26. ksi is a jealous clown fr. The woodleypaul2 fight wasnt supposed to happen. jake is still a bigger ppV draw

  27. ksi has a full influencer card, jake has no name fighters, there are levels, jake is fighting not only better competition but also has better ppV statistics. If jake fought logan, it would also prolly generate 2 mil ppV. Ksi is only fighting against famous people or with famous people in his undercard.

  28. and another dumbass who disrespects Silva because they dont like jake paul😑. Like I get it, you like Ksi's dick but there is no need to disrespect someone who would torture most boxers (and I am talking about real boxers not pineda type boxers). Silva knocked out Tito Ortiz and outboxed 35 year old boxing world champion chavez jr. And btw Silva kills KSI...

  29. height 5'9, reach 69,5 inches. Weighs at 155, but am naturally a flyweight prolly or less

  30. shut your bitch ass up you npc mofo. If you cant come with facts then dont expect me to be "sorry" you 14 year old emily named billie eilish listening teen

  31. there is no authism. There are spoiled brats. I have never seen a brown or black or asian authist. Only white kids with weak parents. You know why? Other cultures slap up their kids when they are annoying.

  32. masturbation is actually a form of relief for some, and there's nothing wrong with doing it in the first place. OP does not need to go to the gym, eat healthy, etc, to be HAPPY. maybe that'll help you but what OP really needs is a safe environment and people to be there for them, mental health should NOT be taken in a joking matter

  33. yeah I get that. Maybe he has some other problems. But I am sure this lifestyle makes 95% of males happy. Masturbation is good for some time, but after a time it makes you weak and you lose some confidence. I just wanted him to try out this life style. I think it helps him. He can dm me after a month of this lifestyle and if he still wants to disappear, then I am going to apologize for beeing an asshole.

  34. my point is: hoping for reincarnation wont do shit, you gotta get back on track in life

  35. mfs calling ksi an L for saying hes glad a woman beater got banned 😭

  36. the police would have arrested him if this was true. People talk shit about him but got zero evidence

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