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  1. Out of these, Khanjali easily, it is actually the only vehicle in the game that is fully bulletproof. Overall the scramjet or vigilante is the most fun and the toreador or the oppressor mk1 (with missiles)

  2. Some parents aren’t so obvious as to who their favourite child is. Now some parents are well

  3. That’s a lot of time to sink into the worst business in the game.

  4. The issue is that the gang was being hunted in Great Plains and tall trees, the epilogue is almost entirely throughout different parts of west Elizabeth. Ambarino didn’t have anything they could rob and new Hanover actually had a decent amount of things there. The only thing I dislike is not using new Austin, like I know why but it is really nice

  5. No. You can only live 2-4 days without water. Who tf told you it was 2 weeks

  6. Will and Eleven are the only ones here that I see dying

  7. Yeah I agree. Massive L for JJ, his fight is dead in the water because of Alex.

  8. It’s definitely a micro state. It reminds me of one of the European ones, Probably Vatican or San Marino

  9. I think they did it perfectly. It’s in that sweet spot where it can’t do shit against players, it’s still really good for missions considering the convenience and speed and it also still has flares and missiles, it also makes people try out the different vehicles in the game

  10. Bro Adam saleh fixed a fight and JJ can’t be talking smack about jj fighting old men then fighting his opponents

  11. NAH! This must be another fake post, you can literally see the old price for $800 and you expect goodwill to be like “eh, call it $8”

  12. Guys, I think I know know what stage 6 terminal lumbago looks like

  13. HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAH! THIS MADE ME LAUGH HYSTERICALLY! He worked out certain muscles more than others and now he all mis-shapen!

  14. I hope you know zebras are black with white stripes. Finish school before photoshop

  15. People saying 80s, it could be any time period. These things were around in the 90s as far as I know and like anyone from gen z had one atleast once

  16. Tommy innit built like a broom bro and Adam saleh faked a fight. Also dax was years ago and no one cares anymore

  17. Walter H White from 308 negra arroyo lane, albeqerque, new mexico

  18. I mean Ohio does border Indiana so it wouldn’t be such a stretch

  19. Probably tommy cause we spent the most time with him and he was the most developed character. But the milkman was fucking terrifying and really violent also he kinda looks like Michael myers

  20. New Austin also covers New Mexico and Arizona. The only place in the US with saguaro cacti is the Sonoran Desert in Arizona.

  21. But the plains and marsh can be seen in both games and that’s not in Arizona

  22. You talking about the despicable me soundtrack then fr

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