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  1. I can't think of an example right now (which might explain why I get something different out of it every time I read it!). I feel like there have been nuances that I missed in earlier reads. Clearly I need to take another pass through it. 😁

  2. Seconded, this book is amazing. I've read it and re-read it - you can pick up something new practically every time.

  3. Read recently that Gen X is actually more conservative than boomers. For the record, I am Gen X and this pisses me off to no end.

  4. Wish I could remember where I read it.

  5. This is the secret. Find a landmark for each shot. Don’t tell yourself right rough, tell yourself right rough short of the little tree but long of the big tree. Near that third OB marker.

  6. I don't get bragging about your game. If anything, golf brings out the self deprication in me.

  7. It's a humbling game for people capable of humility.

  8. Calling it a privilege is a bit of a misnomer for sure. We're so far from the concept of providing a standard of living for one another and so ingrained in the age old saying of dog eat dog. So things like savings aren't a privilege but something that many struggle to have outside of meeting what most would consider a basic standard of living. That's where I think this post is speaking to is that "savings" are for either the strictly self disciplined or the folks who have jobs that pay a truly living wage.

  9. It's not either/or - strictly self disciplined is not enough if you're not making a living wage.

  10. Triple damages means that if only one in four take it to court, the landlord comes out ahead. 10x damages might actually make a difference.

  11. The challenge is that this really only delays the purchase. People will just buy what they didn't a day later. Net effect? Close to zero.

  12. I also keep penalty strokes - it has helped me focus on accuracy and course management.

  13. Our state golf association gives you deals at clubs all over the state. Some deals are better than others of course but I think I paid $65 for the membership and it wasn't too hard to make that money back.

  14. Awesome! Now prepare to shoot 110 your next round 😂.

  15. Haha, that would be totally on brand for me!

  16. Had something similar happen not long ago. After I played on their heels for most of the back, two of the foursome in front stopped by the bathroom on the way to the next tee, would have been the perfect time to let me play through but the other two just went ahead and teed off. So I drove around them, dropped in the middle of the fairway, and played out the hole from there.

  17. My wife loves to "caddy". Sure, she stinks at using the range finder and her cart skills need improvement, but she gets to hang with me, surf on her phone, and enjoy the scenery.

  18. I love having my non-playing wife caddy for me. She enjoys it for the same reasons (fresh air, stress free for a few hours) and likewise needs to improve her cart driving skills. But it's pretty cool to have her taking traps for me and such.

  19. 27, been playing off and on for over 35 years. I have my first lesson scheduled for this Saturday!

  20. Sometimes I score better on days I feel like i play like shit, and score worse on days where my ball striking feels great. There's a lot that can go wrong in golf. A great tee shot to an awful lie. Perfect approach shot that takes a weird bounce. So much can affect your score, and on top of that, the difference of being happy and not happy with a score is the difference of 2-3 strokes usually. A 79 sounds a hell of a lot better than a 82, but the difference in that could be one unfavorable lie

  21. Some days I don't hit the ball far enough to get in trouble, hit worm burners that nevertheless go straight, get lucky bounces, and end up scoring the same or better than one of my "good" ball striking days. Go figure. 🤷‍♂️

  22. There are so many talented, interesting guys on tour (imo), I root for a slew of them. Check out the LPGA too if you have time. Different vibe and some great personalities there as well.

  23. Thanks! I just joined a club and they have LPGA events on the TV all the time, so I need to find some LPGA players as well!

  24. There seem to be more smiles on the LPGA, and even though they could all kick my ass on the course, it often feels closer to my game. Minjee Lee is one of my favorites, and of course I root for Nelly Korda (American, number two in the world right now, I think...?).

  25. Monthly medal comp, par 4 dog leg left with ob left. 1st drive looks really good but I didn’t clear the last tree, kicked a fraction past the ob stakes. Hoof it back to the tee box and top it 210m in the middle. Leaving me a 215m shot onto elevated fast green, and I could not really see the pin from… 4 iron low screamer right green hits the rough bounces off a palm tree into the hole. Par!

  26. This has got to be the winner. Nicely done!

  27. I am not exaggerating when I say that not a week goes by I don't daydream about hearing news of a former boss's passing. I will take the remainder of the day off and drink in celebration. So, traumatized? Absofuckinglutely.

  28. 28.3. I've been playing off and on for 35 years but just got back into it seriously about 3 years ago. This is my first year with an actual hcp. Shot 100 today, kicking myself for the 3 putt on 18. My goal is to shoot more rounds under 100 this year than over but I'll really have to turn it on for the second half.

  29. Pretty sure that's illegal. Doesn't mean he won't do it. He'll just have to pay some fines and or settlements if it goes that route.

  30. For the billionaire class, fines are just a line item expense.

  31. I wanted to like these gloves. I got 3 and they all stretch out. Mainly in the thumb and wrist area. They fit great at first and then after a couple rounds I’m tightening the glove to the last couple Velcro notches and the club slips in my hand with the loose thumb.

  32. This is my exact issue. Tried on every glove in the PGA Superstore last fall and settled on the Bionic Relaxgrip. Played it from November until last week, at a round a week plus some range work. Still in good enough shape to keep as a backup.

  33. In the Richmond area, Brickshire, Viniterra, Pendleton, The Highlands.

  34. I prefer "insufficiently motivated." I truly believe that all anyone needs is the proper motivation, which could be more money (usually not a great long term motivator) or more interesting work.

  35. Never understood not liking a pro golfers swing. The more unique the better. Seen people say they don't like Lexi Thompson's swing. I absolutely love it. Agressive, bit wild, just fun to watch.

  36. Was thinking about Lexi's swing today. I like it because her finish so often looks discombobulated and off balance. Kinda like my own, but with much better results.

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