1. Yes. I was reading at a 12th grade level when I was 8. I think it has more to do with practice maybe? After school I would just read books.

  2. ok, you mask long enough to get a girls phone number. You pretend to be someone else for a few minutes.

  3. Yep. That's what I did and it felt like I was going insane. Being myself never got me anything I wanted. Only pretending. 30 is it for me.

  4. This describes it perfectly. It's like you're stuck in some middle hell with people telling you you're not trying hard enough

  5. The thing is, once you make the final step and pass the point of no return, your survival instincts kick in. There are a lot of reports from people that survived an attempt that in that very moment, you immediately regret the decision.

  6. Then how are there people who have multiple attempts if everyone "regrets it". I'm not buying what your selling anymore humanity

  7. I reckon a lot of medical people are on here, but you also have the morbidly curious like me, the sadists who enjoy this shit, and people who struggle(d) with trauma and use this as an outlet.

  8. Yeah it use to work for me. Not anymore. I'll be gone in 8 hrs

  9. Uff that sounds hard, can i ask why you quit your meds? They have seemed to help, have they not?

  10. I started to feel sad again and thought the meds were useless. Now it feels like my brains splitting in half. I want to be 100% sober

  11. I know how you feel, i also hate taking meds in general but if you are feeling worse now they probably helped. And if it helps it can't be so bad, right? I mean it's all about you feeling better! If it takes meds than it takes meds! I am not a professional but thats what i think. I hope you feel better soon!

  12. I've lost all hope. Thank you though. I'm going to leave this place midnight

  13. I have a degree, but I've been stuck in security making 19.75 for 3 years now. I was offered 15 dollars an hour for an entry level position in my career field. It's insanity

  14. I'm the same way. I keep thinking about the past or freaking out about my lonely future. I wish I could help more

  15. this is some false hope delusional bullshit.

  16. I've been with escorts. It helped ease my pain, but just left me bitter

  17. I used to date on late 90's and early 00's, before I met my wife, so I can't really say how it is today. I guess it could be more difficult due to online dating.

  18. I went to the gym religiously last year. Never got approached by any women.

  19. Good point. I'm black too and I would have been married years ago if I was straight. It's like I live in the twilight zone. Men tell me I'm beautiful everyday. I've been followed in stores and to my car. Yet women instantly reject me.

  20. That's hard for me to believe. I'm in great shape and use to be apart of many lesbian groups. Women just don't like me. I think it's just natural selection

  21. And men swear up and down we are just making this stuff up. How about police up your sex for once ?

  22. I work the front gate to a recreational center for a upper middle class neighborhood. I experience some of the worst humanity has to offer and the best.

  23. So basically a TERF transitioned to try to prove men have it easier, only to learn she actually had a victim mentality and her whole world view collapsed? Sounds about right.

  24. You call her an idiot while admitting you have it easier now as a man?

  25. As a lesbian future beta I could have told her all that without the disguise.

  26. The sub is weird right now. It's either the show is so good! It's next to God! Or people just flat out hate it.

  27. I don't think you understand how network tv works. They measure ratings by how many people watch, not what the IMDb score is. They know people will watch this shit. This is one of the most irritating things about people today. This new tiktok society is happy to consume trash for hours and hours. And this incentivises people to continue to make trash and exchange quality for quantity.

  28. He's a good actor. The wig is awful. All the virtue signaling here is cringe. It would not be okay to take black characters and race swap them. So why is it okay here?

  29. These posts feel strange.... not shills exactly but they feel so artificially positive.

  30. Ikr. Episode 1 of hot isn't awful, but it doesn't come close to how good episode 1 of got was

  31. A gender reveal party worthy of the Dothraki

  32. I'm watching it now. I'm so damn bored. To be fair, my attention span has gone into the trash after getting clean from drugs. I'll give it another 2 episodes before I quit. I hated the first 2 episodes of Bojack and that's my all time favorite show

  33. He clearly has writers block, but too embarrassed to talk about it.

  34. In my mind I have replaced the last season of the show with a bunch of fan fiction I’ve read on this sub. Feels a lot less traumatizing that way.

  35. I was fucking convinced he was going to use warging to pilot the dragons to create an opening for Jon to shank the ice king. Even as Jon was hiding behind that invincible anti-dragon boulder I was expecting something cool to happen.

  36. I just couldn't bring myself to care again. I tried. Seems like a decent show.. But we've been down this road before. Like getting back together with an ex while they are being nice.

  37. So because a show had a few bad episodes, it ruins the whole franchise for you? Sounds a bit dramatic lol

  38. A few bad episodes? They ruined the ending making everything prior irrelevant.

  39. I'm right there with you. Who cares how great this show is when you know it ends awful. I can't rewatch GOT for the same reason. Oh well. Num num downvotes

  40. It puts into perspective how Bulma might be the most “powerful” character in the show. Trunks timeline is the “real” one. That’s what was supposed to happen. If not for Bulma, that’s how it ends.

  41. Mind blown. Never thought about this. Bulma is the real MVP

  42. Come on dude! I'm the biggest pirate and even I went to see it today

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