1. I still can't believe there hasn't been a revolt. These guys know they're just heading into the meat grinder.

  2. There have been, but they’ve been put down, executed, swept under the rug, etc.

  3. So thinking about these; the craziest part is that as far as I know, the Russians haven’t figured out an effective defense.

  4. They have some stuff, most of it is Western so it’s difficult and expensive to find, and some old-ish USSR equipment. But (thankfully) not nearly enough for the whole wide front.

  5. I thought it was all jokes and trolling about the T54/55, but here we are I guess. The deployment of T34s isn’t too far away now.

  6. I hope Zelensky says fook em and that ceasefire

  7. He is. Peace on Russia’s term means loss of territory. He won’t do that.

  8. 400 bucks drone and the cost of an RPG round takes out an MBT. It’s like a pebble killing an elephant. Good stuff.

  9. Interesting. We’ll see what develops out of it, but starting to look like Russia is China’s proxy. Ukraine is obviously on the other side. But the fact that Russia might technically become China’s proxy is a both humiliating for Russia and worrying for Ukraine at the same time. It might come to quality vs quantity again.

  10. А как же усы, которые ее щекочут? Они тоже родина, а как же.

  11. Все что имеет отношение к жопе президента, будь прямое или косвенное, это и родина. Родина кончается вне жопы.

  12. Their solution to everything, bomb nuke missile etc. They only understand strength.

  13. UK trainers also said they were amazed by the Ukrainian soldiers desire and ability to learn quickly.

  14. Hey, now, you can take the SI Ferry for free. Of course then you’ll be in SI.

  15. Wow, this is big news. Looking forward to the satellite pics tomorrow showing the damage from 'smoking'.

  16. Russia: “One shed was damaged. And a tree. Nothing else, yes? Yes?”

  17. The guy says “ooff it’s hot, holy shit it’s hot”. The rotten smell is about to spread…


  19. Muscovia goes in with infantry: lol look at the helpless orcs getting shelled and slaughtered

  20. He’s trying to make it public so in case XYZ happens he has plausible deniability that he was betrayed, abandoned, backstabbed, etc. This isn’t a call for help, this is another dagger at Shoigu.

  21. Do they have to announce anything they deliver or is this a ploy to misdirect the Russians?

  22. a friend of mine in school told me about this, then when the internet became a thing i was the same as you.

  23. Also consumptionjunction. Oh and liveleak eventually

  24. These fuckers should have been given the Philly treatment the moment they showed their pathetic faces.

  25. I was waiting for someone to jump them the whole video

  26. What is FAFO if you don't mind me asking?

  27. Што ты хочешь, в любой стране такое есть!

  28. «Сматри чё в Париже праисходит!»

  29. Ната дамбит Алтайский край!! Пыня памаги!

  30. He absolutely is I agree, but he is not Prime Messi or Ronaldo to Carry an Attack on his own against the best defence in Europe this season, neither should he be in that situation in the first place. Give him proper support on the other wing and in the striker position and we’ll see how good he really is because he can’t showcase how good he can be when he is constantly marked with two or three players at the same time

  31. He’s no Messi or Ronaldo, and likely never quite be able to sit at their table, but he’s incredibly dangerous, exciting and a joy to watch. I just “hate” his speed and dribbling, always a menace. Finishing is one of his weak sides but that can be improved. Again, I’m a Barca fan and it’s “illegal” to praise a RM player but he’s an awesome player and will only get better in the future.

  32. I hate the fact we can’t give credit to opponents’ players without being called “plastic fans”.

  33. Fan mentality is us vs them. We’re all prey to it, in sports, politics, even war. I love the game and try to appreciate the opposition and give credit where due. Carlo got outsmarted by Xavi, this time. Take the L, move on, reflect, next game is almost upon us already!

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