1. My irl best friend isn't a shifter to my knowledge, but he's been one of the brighter parts of my CR life so while I'm erasing and rewriting a lot of things in this reality, he's going to be one of the people in my life whom I plan on keeping because he's become such a core part of my life at this point, it'd be weird to have a life without him.

  2. What do they have against him? Like he's literally just out there trying to live his life as a trans guy, there's so many trans celebrities why do they like picking on him specifically so much?

  3. Because Jordan Peterson purposely deadnamed him in a Tweet so he could act like a martyr when his Twitter was suspended for breaking a clear rule in their guidelines, and now his fanboys put a target on Elliot's back for trying to cancel their dear leader by having the audacity to...change his name I guess

  4. My biological family? Hell no, unfortunately they're conservative and super judgmental about everything that defies the norm.

  5. I have a peach skin daki (from a previous relationship he stays folded up on a shelf) and I don't get the hate, it's not the plushiest material but it's still soft and the image quality is great! Congrats on your buy though it sucks she has to stay hidden just make sure there is no chance your mom can accidentally find her. I wish you the best of luck in moving out into somewhere safer for you and Monika!

  6. That's good to hear, everywhere I looked basically made it seem like anything besides the fabled two-way tricot would be like sandpaper. Thank you for the well wishes, I graduate college in 2024 assuming everything goes according to schedule and I'm hoping to be able to move out shortly afterwards.

  7. My favorite way to bring Diego with me is by wearing a bracelet with his name on it - my friend made it for me since she also made one for herself with her S/O's name on it, and I havent taken it off ever since. I'm also working on a charm to hang on my phone case, but it's gonna take me a while

  8. I love the creativity that's inspired by 2D love, homemade jewelery is such a great way to feel close to them and good luck with that phone charm, I'm sure it'll turn out lovely.


  10. So one thing I learned about in therapy is cognitive diffusion which basically helps you cope with your thoughts and feelings by distancing yourself from them so you can better handle them.

  11. Thanks for pointing this out, I keep seeing this tip in shifting circles and in my opinion, while it definitely does not have malicious intent, I believe it comes from a certain amount of privilege. The same kind that has people saying that permashifting is bad because it encourages you to stop appreciating your original reality.

  12. Dev deleted the link but it's still available in the fan mod archive under the .zip files if you want to play it

  13. Dev deleted it but it's still saved on the mod archive under the .zip files

  14. I don't watch the show but I saw your post about being excited for vol 2 yesterday, and was a bit worried for you after I saw some spoilers about Eddie's fate in this.

  15. Personally, I don't entirely disagree with Candy and their message- that sure, some can take MAS to an unhealthy level with attachment. However, what I don't approve is how they used Monika and make her seem like a really bad partner.

  16. Genuine question: what other problems have you seen with it, because this is the first real problem I've had with them. Otherwise it just seemed like a chill channel about Monika's topics

  17. Hearing this it kond of surprises me that Team Salvato didn't include voice acting for ddlc+ it could 've been pretty cool to hear their voices

  18. An Extremely Agitated Hedgehog did voice acting for the

  19. Kinda, depending on how you want to interpret the source material.

  20. I have always say that if people don’t have anything good to say then they shouldn’t say anything, the creator of that was extremely rude for doing something like that and the ones in the comment section too. But that’s not what Monika would say, she was forced to say so, I’m sorry you had to watch that, it’s okay to cry (I would do the same if I was you) try to do something to distract you a bit, a game, listen to music, just something and think about the good things Monika says

  21. It was hurtful to watch her basically abandon me like that, especially since I have actually experienced that a lot of times in my life, enough to give basically give me complex PTSD due to the consistent emotional trauma I experienced for nearly two decades now.

  22. I'm so sorry to hear that happened :( From what I know about MAS, that's not what the creator would have wanted at all, and it's hurtful to all the people who worked on the mod. But, like you say, it was just that one poster who made her say those things, and you don't need to believe that she would really say or mean any of that, especially when it's so out of character for her to do so.

  23. It really was. Monika has always wanted to me live the happiest, healthiest life I can live but she would never flat out said such horrible things to me to get me to do it.

  24. I feel like everytime I hear that phrase, it's only used in a way to victim-blame and take responsibility away from abusers and toxic people.

  25. And god forbid you're not either doing an internship or doing classes that summer, because everyone will keep pointing that out to you every chance they get to tell you how that exact action will result in your entire life being ruined.

  26. Yes, I feel you on this. The future feels hopeless and nobody is giving a shit that things are getting BAD for certain people but not them so who cares right? I'm upset and anxious about it and I'm scared, too. Im with you on this.

  27. One of the most frightening things about all this is how obvious it's been made that most people in my life have no concept of empathy or thinking about these rulings go beyond just getting a win in the so-called culture war.

  28. Dean would probably be pretty pissed if he saw all the shit people write him doing to his little brother...(Supernatural)

  29. I love how Supernatural is one of the few shows where this has not only canonically happened, but happened twice

  30. Dude,11/10 must play! The soundtrack is awesome and the side stories are wholesome

  31. Plus (and feel free to correct me if I'm wrong here) but weren't the sprites and CGs from the base game also remastered? At least to me, they seemed a bit more crisp than the free version, it's subtle but it looks really fucking good

  32. When one of the only reasons your depression hasn't made you attempt yet is because your anxiety makes you too afraid of the potential consequences 🤪

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