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  1. Idk Reddit seems pretty chill. Most posts on ofmd Reddit aren’t talking about discourse and drama going on with the fans, I mostly just see posts of cosplays and art and complimenting the cast. Can’t speak on tiktok, no offense but literally all fandoms on tiktok seem scary and toxic as fuck. Maybe don’t go on there anymore idk

  2. reddit is super chill! i havent been on twitter much but what i’ve seen has been okay. tiktok is my favorite place to see ofmd content and everyone on there has been extremely sweet (plus like 25% of the ofmd videos are vico themself)

  3. this post is unbelievably relatable im glad we can all come together as irresponsible crocheters

  4. id probably think i would be clever but in reality come across more like a lolly adefope type, but mainly try to have fun. i would love it my outfit was a riff on a typical mens outfit from the early 18th century with a ridiculous vest and very poofy sleeves

  5. omg i had the same idea but never did it! this is so cute im happy it’s a reality

  6. i cant think of any right now but there are definitely a few where i like the b plot better

  7. i almost bought some trans yarn to make a T-rex (the t stands for trans or testosterone bc it was gonna be for my friend who started t recently) ao maybe that if you’re into amigurumi!! the only reason i didn’t make it is because i don’t like making non wearables lol

  8. THIS SO SOOO CUTE 🥺 i wanna steal this idea

  9. i like having a list to go through but usually i just go straight to the description and look at the links myself

  10. Am I crazy, or did the episode where Gayle is worried Frond is ghosting her get aired before the episode where Frond comes to dinner

  11. honestly if it goes on for a while it’ll probably pass bobs as my favorite show

  12. Guys being transparent I guess. If I was a single also horny person (who enjoyed the dong), I would be down to clown.

  13. i do appreciate the honesty but i think what made it worse was that he had only one picture in his profile and it was him jumping off a waterfall from very far away

  14. “if anyone asks ‘is that a whisk in your pants?’ we’ll say ‘that’s my weiner sir’ and we’ll tip our cap and off we’ll go”

  15. the runny out of thyme burger, i have no idea if it would be good or not

  16. I dropped out multiple times so I never got to experience prom or graduation, so I'm really excited to get to kind of live vicariously through the new pack!

  17. “I’m not really sure how to fix this.” Maybe by following the recipe?

  18. for a bag i think you’re all good, i would be more concerned if it was a wearable, but i think in the future it’s better to be safe than sorry and weave them in (or crochet over the ends like another comment said)

  19. I’m not American but my heart is breaking for you all. I’ll probably be knitting some pussy hats (there’s a crochet pattern too I believe) There’s been some discussion on other threads about knitting needles and crochet hooks being used in illegal abortions and how to incorporate that

  20. im sure this wasn’t your intention at all, but pussy hats can be seen as exclusive as they usually represent cis women, and not nonbinary and trans people. i just wanted to inform people who didn’t know :)

  21. They're still the main reason we're being oppressed tho :) especially in this case :) biology isn't dirty :) our pussies and uteruses have every right to be represented in any way we choose to. The time to be nice and reasonable and bending over for everything and the fear of hurting some feelings is over.

  22. i completely agree with you that biology isn’t dirty and it’s upsetting that you took my comment that way. but i think it’s still important that people are aware. i feel like i (a nonbinary person who can get pregnant) and other trans people deserve to feel supported by those in the same position as us. i don’t think that the fight for abortion rights should be exclusionary to people who need them just because they don’t identify with their sex organs. it’s not about hurting anyones feelings. i admit that this was probably not the appropriate thread for my comment and i apologize for that. this is a scary time for all of us and i was reacting with emotion to something that i disagreed with. in many cases i dont think pussy hats should be representative of women as a group, but i understand why they are empowering in the case of reproductive rights. again, i don’t disagree with what i said but i am sorry that i acted rashly and brought it up here

  23. i don’t want to be around anyone who thinks mr ambrose is annoying lmao

  24. if i have a house with a garage i just edit the terrain so the “driveway” goes up a little hill to the door

  25. i like both but the artsy tasks appeal to me more because they usually result in some of the best moments (the rosalind songs etc.)

  26. i’ve thought about doing this too many times but my cas skills are eh

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