1. Many activists tell people to do challenge22 which walks people through a vegan diet, and also has dietitians to help answer questions.

  2. What a breath of fresh air! Stay strong until the next one! <3

  3. it was no name brand white wine from one of the local stores in my country

  4. Try a red wine! What country are you from? I can give suggestions.

  5. Get a Syrah from Swartland. It’s going to be completely different than the generic white wine you overdid.

  6. So many reasons! Stress. Illness. Depression.

  7. It’s always tough to decide if you stick It out or change course. I think you should write down the pros and cons of both options. My nephew joined the navy but doesn’t love it. He’s going to make the most of it and tough it out for the 4 years he committed to.

  8. No you would have felt pain if a bat bit you.

  9. I follow this sub because one of my children is “gifted” - I am just a regular person. True narcissism, as in narcissistic personality disorder is diagnosed in people who are actually incredibly insecure. The narcissism is a defense mechanism, so clearly that’s not what we’re talking about here. I think there’s no way around the fact that your intelligence gives you advantages that not everybody else has. This absolutely does make you better at some things… many things… it’s OK to know that’s the truth and it’s also OK to prefer to interact with other people that are at a similar level of intelligence because that’s more rewarding for you. The only thing you can’t do is be unkind to us lesser beings because of it.

  10. My current goal is to just accept it as of now. It was bitchy just because of the “yeah sorry no” part. Otherwise it was a lil dry but fine

  11. I think it’s a little bitchy. There’s a nicer way to say it.

  12. YTA. I'm so over this whole "the wedding has to be the center of the universe for everyone involved" attitude. Would your wife get upset with a guest who suddenly had a heart attack at the wedding? Or an allergic reaction requiring an epi-pen and ER trip?

  13. I do not understand why people place so much importance on this one special day and how everything on that day must be all about them.

  14. Yep! I’ve been there! I stuck it out and of course it got better - she’s 6 now. Give it a little time. Get on a schedule.

  15. We keep food in the pantry so our cat doesn’t eat it.

  16. My childhood neutered male cat did this his entire life. If it bothers you maybe just redirect him. Or keep your blankets flat.

  17. You look like a girl to me! Beautiful and flawless skin!

  18. I have a dear friend who sadly lost her 16yo son to suicide. She’s religious and has found so much comfort from those beliefs. It’s during times of tragedy that atheists maybe have to work a little harder to find peace. But in the end I think facing the truth about life and knowing just how very precious each and every moment of your life is, can also give you peace. I hope you live a long and beautiful life, internet stranger. <3

  19. I’m so sorry for your loss. I’m also glad to hear you’re in therapy. It is so incredibly tragic that your brother took this insanely rare experience away from himself. I’m assuming he suffered from depression so really the depression took it away. In any case it is awful. That’s a sadness and a grief that will always be a truth in your life. It’s understandable that with this tragedy being so recent you’re struggling with this overwhelming dread and existential angst. The truth is that we will all die at some point from something. Your brother died of depression. Hopefully you will die of old age (the odds are that you will). We can live our lives dwelling on that fact, fearing that fact, or we can live. We can enjoy the right now. These really are the only choices. I hope you can learn to enjoy the moments you have right now. It might take some time. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other. Breathe.

  20. You’re not crazy. You’re human. We can feel sad about letting go even when letting go is the right thing to do.

  21. Maybe you always will but it doesn’t mean you should be in a relationship with him.

  22. Focusing too much on relationships rather than schoolwork

  23. Was going to say the same. So fucking dumb.

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