1. The loss of the tip of her nose kind of undermines all the other suffering she's went through, almost making it a little comical. Sometimes, at least in my opinion, George goes a little too far, as is the case with Tyrion's eventual lack of nose, and some of the stuff with Theon's Reek storyline.

  2. I don't think being physically disfigured and having a constant physical reminder on your face of your torture and fleeing for your life undermines anything

  3. I don't think she'd have any trouble remembering all the torture and fleeing for her life, even if she had her nose fully intact.

  4. And having her nose disfigured is just further insult to injury. Now whenever she looks in a mirror, years from now if she survives, she will remember, even after the mental scars fade. Trauma can fade into the background after a long time, until something brings it back.

  5. I think ME1 is my favorite game. Sovereign conversation, that scene of Sovereign approaching the Citadel... Chills every time I play.

  6. Not to mention it's the game that best captured the feeling of uncharted worlds

  7. I actually really enjoyed the ME2 planet scanning, reading all the intros and seeing mention of dead species and evidence of reaper attacks. I did miss being a gawdawful driver in the Mako tho

  8. That Krogan and Asari, in ME2 when he tries to get her back with poetry and in ME3 when you find a recording of him.

  9. How badly Char wanted to be a father, and that he would love their daughters even tho they won't look like him.... 😭😭😭

  10. I remember reading once that this was actually the case, especially with dogs prone to howl. Howling is like an approval and they're joining along. Same with sirens, etc.

  11. My aunt would very dramatically and loudly sing "happy birthday" to get all her dogs to howl along. Was very cute.

  12. Someone also made a mod where you can slap/punch Jacob even if you didn't romance him.

  13. I romanced Jacob this time around because I wanted to go for Liara for all 3 games, and she doesn't count for ME2 and there was NO WAY I could break up with Garrus or Thane in ME3. I was gonna feel kind of bad for that but now that I know he cheats, I don't feel bad at all even though I am going to cheat

  14. You technically don’t have to break up with Thane….. On my first playthrough, I romanced Liara in ME1 and I wanted the Paramour achievement for ME2 so I romanced Thane because I knew he would likely die soon, and it would be easier to break up with him for Liara in ME3. And then I didn’t have to break up with him and it broke my fucking heart during the Citadel DLC.

  15. MELE is my first time playing the Citadel DLC so I'm looking forward to that! I didn't want to break up with Thane BECAUSE he's dying :( and I'm right before the suicide mission on ME2 and I already made moves on Jacob. Also I want to slap him.

  16. What a cutie, cats do better in two’s you definitely need to get him his brother Felix.

  17. Not always! My cat loved my other cat Ezio when he was a kitten and now she seeks him out just to hiss and slap at him, she'll growl whenever she sees him. Cats aren't pack creatures like dogs.

  18. Playing through the Mass Effect trilogy, and it's really bad there. Plus the sculpted boobs on armor irk me.

  19. Her dad genetically engineered her to have huge gazongas.

  20. Yes Miranda we know you're genetically engineered to be perfect can we have a single conversation where you don't bring that up

  21. Dunno if you know, but they're quotes from Mass Effect 3. Of all the games I've played, Mass Effect is my favorite series. Can't recommend playing all 3 enough.

  22. I love this sort of new generation of advertising and outreach. incredibly cheap and so much funnier than most of the commercials and stuff that are actively trying to be funny. wendy's being a savage on twitter for the last several years is the first thing that comes to mind.

  23. I love these books, and Peter. This gets a pass IMO. It's Peter being a horny young thing in the presence of a beautiful (literal) goddess, not Aaronovitch being a bad writer. Peter grows through the books and I think Aaronovitch is pretty decent at writing women, though we're only privy to what Peter sees and thinks.

  24. DERIVATIVE!! (if she's named after that particular Ongo -- either way those are some excellent beans!)

  25. The real question is why did Jesus have to die for God to be able to forgive humans in the first place? Why was God only appeased by blood sacrifices? And he's the one that made the rules so it's not like he didn't have any other options. He could have just been compassionat from the get go.

  26. This is the same god that told one of his followers to prove how much he loved him by killing his son, and also brought a plague to kill first born sons. I don't think God likes sons.

  27. You're probably the same kind of person who thinks all Russians are evil, yet you read this part of the bible and go "that's not very nice of you, God".

  28. How am I supposed to eat that? It took more effort than anything I’ve ever done!

  29. You don't eat it, cause it's made of 85% fondant which is just (barely) edible playdough

  30. She COULD have gone willingly, but also she was what, 16? And he was a grown ass man. I'm not necessarily looking at this through the lens of today's morality buuuut also. 16 year olds are stupid as hell. He could have threatened her. "I'm leaving my wife and children for you and all of Westeros will perish if you don't let me get my dick wet and put babies in you."

  31. Liara does count for the Paramour achievement in ME2 but you have to play the Shadow Broker mission and be on your toes with the Paragon trigger.

  32. Sadly I did the Shadow broker mission, gave Liara all the kisses, invited her back to the Normandy... And still no achievement. I hate cheating on her but dangit I want those other two trophies. I can't break up with Garrus in 3 so I'll have to go with Jacob, if that's still an option after Liara.

  33. Hmmm--bummer, did she come back up to the ship afterwards?

  34. She did, and it faded to black. Now when I visit her all she says is "Thanks for coming, Shepard."

  35. Alpha CC is at once really pretty and really unnerving. These Sims are also very pretty and also creepy lol, I don't mean it in a bad way! You did great on them

  36. It sucks but next gen consoles won’t truly be next gen until game development stops accommodating past gen as well. I’m expecting downvotes for this. it’s ok

  37. Not every new game needs to be next gen. Not many people have $500-1000+ to drop on a new console or beefy PC, especially when the game was announced before next gen even dropped.

  38. No, but it’s gonna happen eventually. Next gen consoles have been out for two and a half years.

  39. Two years isn't that long at all. The PS4 came out in 2013 and the last PS3 game was released in 2020.

  40. There's a song on Bob's Burgers called "Are You The One" and I was trying so so hard to think of what voice he might have done..... Maybe I watch too much Bob's

  41. You could never watch to much. Shh... SHHHHH... its art crawl.

  42. It seems Royal Zora grow pretty large, only if they ascend to the throne. Rutela might not have fully grown to her full size before her death.

  43. And to be fair we only ever saw her in spirit form and she did look tall. Dorphan is clearly at least 150-200 years old, so maybe the longer a Royal Zora lives the wider/taller they are. Ruta from OoT wasn't as big as her father when she became a Sage so maybe Royal males are just massive, like reverse angler fish.

  44. Very cute. I wonder how big Mipha would have grown. Judging by OoT and BotW, male (royal?) Zora get to be huge. Queen Rutela in Twilight seemed to be pretty tall/large, but not as big as Dorphan.

  45. Lol yes. Our queer friends and family need to stop eating fruit. That's the purpose of this post /s

  46. I am also queer and found it funny lol, like. It's just a fruit salad. I'd rather eat fruit than veggies. It'd have been worse if he ordered a sausage or something, I think.

  47. "I don't have problems with trans people except for literally everything they stand for and I believe they INFECT THE MINDS OF CHILDREN THEY JUST WANT TO BE DISGUISED AS WOMEN TO RAPE KIDS because obviously no born male who identifies as male has raped children they have to be disguised as women! It's okay I have two trans friends so I can say this."

  48. If you like crafting/building, My Time at Sandrock! It's so much fun, though it's in Early Access still, so not all of the romances are fleshed out. The earlier game My Time at Portia is also pretty fun, but the console versions aren't great.

  49. I was gonna recommend Mass Effect too. It's one of my favorite RPGs ever. I've played it so many times! You can romance a male in every game, but only one on the first; more options open up in 2 and 3. I just beat 1 (for like 4th time) and am on to ME2 already.

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