1. This whole thread has a LOT of things making a LOT of sense for me right now. I couldn’t put my finger on it before!

  2. Oh wow. Yeah i am… a fair few sizes bigger than a G cup, lol. I’m overweight and i worry that a doctor would say i need to get down to a certain BMI before doing a reduction… though of course in the past weight loss did not make them smaller, and also it is very hard to exercise when i’m in all this pain….. hm. Worth looking into…

  3. There are places with no weight requirement if you decide to go that way! One I know of is the Gender Confirmation Clinic in California. They specialize in gender affirming care, so radical reductions are common procedures for them.

  4. Probably very good. The expiration dates on medications are largely for legal purposes, saying that a pill has to have X amount of effectiveness for Y days after production.

  5. ^ some meds get less effective (antihistamines, albuterol, stimulants), some degrade (aspirin), but often it's just the length of time they're willing to certify and have tested that the product says good.

  6. that’s had for your scalp health lmao and i have autism with a pda profile so i’m doing my best

  7. Just gonna throw out there for everyone reading that it’s not universally bad for your scalp health. My dermatologist told me I have to wash my hair daily for my eczema (seborrheic dermatitis).

  8. Wondering the same thing… I’ve never heard of this lol

  9. spend wayyy too much money with them! or just do a bunch of activities that add up to enough points. now I get free shipping on everything and apparently a random gift!

  10. I got the same one! The day after I got an elf eye cream from them for being an icon member 😅

  11. Yes, the length is great and this is a super cute outfit! I love how happy you look ❤️

  12. Everytime i try lipstick i either mess up the line, it smudges or i look like a clown and it gives me major dysphoria whereas my eye shadow is gorgeous but naked lips kinda ruins the aesthetic

  13. I love tinted lip balm because it’s so much less of a commitment and the line isn’t terribly important ❤️

  14. You look adorable omg - and even more importantly, you look so happy ❤️

  15. I only ask if I’m concerned about an interaction with a prescribed medication.

  16. I feel like chronic and acute pain shouldn’t be on the same chart. The pain of giving birth may be greater than the pain of fibromyalgia but you don’t give birth 24/7 365 so comparing the two is irrelevant.

  17. I thought Rachel right away, but I could definitely see you with a plant noun

  18. So close to me. I said Clae. Alteration to Clay..I like Caelan a lot.

  19. It’s possible it’s a lymph node issue given the location and how it looks. You might need imaging or a biopsy. Please see a doctor.

  20. Unfortunately, yes. At least during a flare for me or if I haven’t been sleeping well/enough.

  21. undiagnosed (waiting on further testing) eds- trans masc/non binary - diagnosed adhd and undiagnosed but highly suspected autism bestie here!

  22. Yeah, I get it! I'm physically attracted to cishet people but wouldn't date someone who saw it as a straight relationship, and I could never see it that way.

  23. Can you elaborate more on the scalp eczema? Does it itch? What does it look like? Do the scabs never seem to fall off properly?

  24. It's super itchy! Technically seborrheic dermatitis. For me it goes like this: flare starts > itchy > scratch it > bleeding > scabs! hair loss! > treat > healing is itchy > repeat until it subsides. Although last time I saw the derm she said it was 95% gone/better and it still was itchy so I think that's just a forever thing for me.

  25. Probably the same part as in "please don't rip of band aids, you will rip off my skin." and other funsies My dentist "well, I never heard of that" (huff) "we just have to do this and that"

  26. When I was getting fit for a Holter monitor, I told the nurse that adhesive and Band-Aids rip my skin off and it had with the recent echocardiogram. She asked “what do you mean“ and I was like it literally rips my skin off I can show you pictures, to which she was like no no please don’t, let’s get you different adhesive. I appreciated that she believed me and took it seriously, but I think I freaked her out 😂

  27. oh man that reminds me of when i got my first holter recently 😭 i thought the adhesive would be ok because it wasnt the papery medical stuff that usually makes me react the worst, oh boy was i wrong. i was COVERED in welts/rashes for a good week after , not to mention the adhesive was an absolute bitch to take off …

  28. If you have to do it again, I HIGHLY recommend the hypoallergenic adhesive option. I didn’t react! It still pulled off a bit of skin, but no allergic reaction was really nice.

  29. After a major car accident, a friend had her symptoms subside for several weeks. She attributes this to adrenaline and pain displacement. Lots of major bruising and soreness was able to distract her from her normal 100% of the time fibro pain and discomfort. As the car accident injuries subsided, her normal agony ramped back up. It was one for another.

  30. +1 on this. I was super sick for about 2 weeks in October. Barely able to form a sentence to tell my boss I wasn’t working and feed myself kind of sick. I slept and rewatched supernatural. I also had almost no fibro pain in that time. I think it was either (1) my brain can only register so much at once so it prioritized or (2) I’ve got some sort of autoimmune and my body took a break from attacking itself to attack the virus.

  31. I had nausea and dizziness for 2-3 weeks after starting, but it did go away. Generally a peanut butter sandwich and glass of milk fixed the nausea (though that’s my go-to for nausea). I noticed the nausea was worse when I needed food in my stomach. Now I don’t have those issues with it though. If you can hold out for about a month, it’s worth it to see if it’ll help and if side effects will go away imo.

  32. Just a clarification: 19 may or may not be part whatever you consider "change" to be.

  33. ^this. my body has massively changed the last few years and I'm 28. (all) bodies do a lot of changing into their 20s.

  34. No; she is a first time landlord and I am her first property. She has been nothing but difficult and abrupt. Her first move was to call to say hello and increase the rent 30%; I was only able to get her down to 25%. I have texts showing how she speaks to me. Then she wanted me to pay for the furnace filters (all of the other owners purchased them, dropped them off and I swap them out when it is time) but she finally sent them to me, and now the Zelle issue. She was told numerous times that I am a long-term exemplary tenant. As soon as I can, I will move, unfortunately. But I can not deal with someone like her.

  35. As a side note, there’s a limit to how much % rent can go up at any one time. I wouldn’t take the increase as is, ask the lawyer about that too.

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