1. I watched Albert haynesworth roll around on the ground while Mike Vick and the eagles curb stomped the redskins on MNF. I left when we were down 3 touchdowns and it started raining in the first half. The escalators were still going upward. Drove 2.5 hours home mad. That was my first date with my now wife.

  2. Why not just go to the range and hit a bucket of balls with a 6 pack

  3. What does an “Associate Vice President of Equity” do exactly?

  4. they’re holding a racket and are supposed to be watching the ball….If they don’t block it or duck it that’s on them.

  5. his politics are that I should be a broodmare for the government.

  6. it's the goddamn outcome of the government forcing women to reproduce. When we don't have a choice, we're just being bred.

  7. You’re not being bred or forced to reproduce. Come on that’s a gross exaggeration. Birth control is still free and the morning after pill is still available. The abortion issue just got turned into a state legal decision instead of a federal. And regardless of any of it how is boycotting this man’s coffee shop where he promotes mens mental health and provides a place for black artists to showcase their work a productive means of change ?

  8. Why wouldn’t they give him the same contract as KD ? Other than the covid reg issues he’s earned it. He helped get the team to the playoffs the year that KD was out the entire time too.

  9. Because he did his job as he should. I paid you millions of dollars, I expect you to do what you need to do.

  10. I’m not following. I’m just saying I think Kyrie should have the same deal as KD. He ain’t no role player.

  11. All these guys are wrong she’s gonna be so impressed if you come out from the tips and beat the brakes off her by 10 strokes. That’s what she’s there to see. Put on a show king /s

  12. Get the suction cup based coozie from toadfish

  13. I thought everyone left nyc during covid. Is everyone back?

  14. When I see things like this, that are so insane that I just can’t fathom anyone disagreeing about, it makes me think there is something else going on the media is trying to take our attention from. I know that sounds insane but so is this headline.

  15. The inherent problem is that these people are sexualizing everything to such an extreme.

  16. That’s a significant crack and they lied

  17. Your opponent will complain if you beat him and probably say you have a weird game style or made bad calls etc. just win baby win.

  18. Because trump is still competent in his speech and mannerisms.

  19. Show me a Biden quote from his term where he completes more than a couple sentences at once without completely forgetting what he’s talking about

  20. Not at all. In a recession when there’s not much out there to bid on a company doesn’t need as many estimators. Look busy!

  21. This depends on the area. In my area there was always plenty to bid on in the last recession. The problem was there were to many bidders and not enough to go around.

  22. There’s definitely always going to be a regional differences. And it depends if you’re a GC or sub and which sections of the market your company targets.

  23. Heck naw. They will get lessons if they want tips after a beat down . Not your place.

  24. It’s boring and dreadful to learn how to do things you don’t want to do. Or to learn about a topic you don’t care about or don’t find interesting. A good teacher should be able to make the topic interesting by making it relatable or giving real life examples.

  25. I’m 1000% for keeping the constitution. Especially the discipline part. I don’t think untrained individuals should have access to these types of arms. I think putting in restrictions for 18-21, mental health checks, and a basic training course requirement would help the situation immensely without hindering anyones rights. I would love to hear any counterpoints.

  26. Why would you want to attract this much attention at someone else’s wedding?

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