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  1. Your back my guy, don’t bend it that ouch

  2. His back was fine. It’s his knees and foot placement that’s the issue. He doesn’t have room for fluid movement.

  3. He needs to lower the weight, his back is bent, that could be either a lack of back strength or a lack of proper form.

  4. It’s not really that much weight. The plates are big, but they are bumper plates. He isn’t able to utilize all of his leg muscles in that position.

  5. Except you are putting the onus on OP, and blaming the grooming they are experiencing on their own actions. That is victim blaming.

  6. I am totally not “blaming” him. Do you ever ask questions, or just believe everything you see on Reddit? I could post something very easily about how I saved a pack of puppies from getting hit by a drunk driver while on my way home from carrying a lost Girl Scout to her house.

  7. You put the responsibility of someone else's shitty behavior on the victim. It's literally the definition of victim blaming. You asking what the victim did to deserve or invite the behavior is the most common form of victim blaming.

  8. And you are expecting this to be real and not karma farming.

  9. My gay male friend once said that he's even attracted to boobs, even though he's not attracted to women. He theorized it's because they're round like the Earth, moon, sun, other planets, etc. So the cosmic really makes sense.

  10. That or a babies first source of food for thousands of years now….

  11. I didn’t read this because there is no point. Forget that guy!!! You sound way hotter than he deserves. I bet you are hot as hell in comfortable underwear.

  12. Pick something to be good at. Then become good at it.

  13. Also, I’ve heard my whole life that the democrats are “gunna take our guns”, yet 39 years later it is easier to get a gun now more than ever. Hell, a guy knocked my door the other day and tried to sell me a pistol so that he could get car parts.

  14. I was somewhere in between but Roe v. Wade made me steer far away from conservatives in general. When I was 8 years old my mom had complications with her pregnancy that would have killed her if she had not had it aborted. All I can think about is that if conservatives had it their way, I would have grown up with no mother. People can be mad at me all they want, but I can’t stomach ever voting for a conservative because of this

  15. As if they were really interested in religious views. All of the rich politicians or rich religious zealots that forget that god says that the root of all evil is the love of money.

  16. I’ve tried it both, and I do hate saying it like this. But generally speaking guys are a lot easier to date. It simply is

  17. I would imagine that the need to talk to fill the air with noise isn’t so prevalent, and that would be glorious.

  18. Damn I'm a guy and I do this all the time 😅. I just don't really like silence

  19. God Adam’s voice just annoys me!!! I want to lunch him right in the liver when I hear his whiny high pitched throat sounds.

  20. This is so easy!! Have separate opinions, but compromise. Have your hobbies, and let him have his hobbies.

  21. The same reason people get upset over people not learning cursive anymore. Cursive was borrowed from Islam for the technology of the time, which was dipping a quill pen. Too many dips and the quills would break so they needed a writing language that would flow. The technology to make cars more superior has existed for a while, but they can’t just jump forward with it because older generations and, dare I say it, less open minded people don’t offer the capacity to learn new things.

  22. I would argue that humans can still outperform the computers in this area. A human can get used to the car, and adapt to the changes the car undergoes through its life, where a computer is programmed and cannot adapt.

  23. Actually you’d be surprised. Manufacturers have had to actively program the computers to shift oddly because people never have liked the smooth transitions in the past. They had actually thought something was wrong with the cars based on how easily they would change gears and how much better the acceleration would be without the feel of it. It drove sales down. A lot of the things that people complain about on cars today are a direct result of real world sales. Such as engine sounds coming from the audio system. For some reason most Americans don’t feel as though a car is powerful unless they can hear the engine. That’s why whenever you accelerate you can hear the car from inside, but barely hear it outside. Just one of those “you can’t please everyone” scenarios.

  24. When it comes to Kentucky and having problems the answer is:

  25. Isn't that sick?! First time I was catcalled I was 10! Disgusting how that behavior targets young girls.

  26. All joking aside, that is unacceptable. If I ever witnessed a man doing that, I’d hit him.

  27. A former colleague gave me a lift over to our second office once and when we got in her car it was programmed to the Joel Osteen radio channel. I never thought about her the same after that. I have zero issue with Christianity, despite being an atheist, but I have a whole lot of issues with Joel Osteen. Every time I hear his name I think back to him not opening his ludicrous mega church as a shelter during Hurricane Harvey, and I hate him a little bit more each time.

  28. People in religion are the main reason people become atheist. God loves all of his creations… except for the following list of his creations that he wants to send to hell, but can’t seemingly do it even though he is all powerful. I am religious, but hate the church. I think it’s the most outrageous thing on earth. By church I mean most followers.

  29. Definitely same here. I’m a follower of Jesus and the nice way about everything he tells me not Christian people’s interpretations.

  30. Wouldn't say famous but the guy running the "Dad How Do I" youtube channel is a role model for all.

  31. I don’t really watch his videos since I can do that stuff, but I have been a subscriber and like his videos in hopes to promote him. It’s mostly because I am older than him and have been forced to do “manly” stuff from a young age.

  32. You used too much arms and traps to hoist the bar up, and at the top of the lift your body had to suddenly catch that momentum and it caused you to be loose and lean forward. I would try not wearing shoes and standing on a 45 lb weight plate next few times. Adding extra range will eliminate you accelerating the bar with sloppy form.

  33. Thanks man! That’s exactly where I injured it. I’ll use your advice from now on. Appreciate the help

  34. You are very welcome. It takes time and practice to really grease the groove on deadlifting. Martins Licis does great showing how to start the lift in some of his videos.

  35. That or search your car and body for drugs for no reason. Not saying that happened to me on a winter day and they tore my vehicle apart and not even the drug dog found anything. All I did was to choose to help someone fix their car in the snow in a bad neighborhood. Maybe I should add that I’m white, but I don’t even think it matters anymore.

  36. Yes. When someone suddenly starts acting super clingy and starts calling you honey/babe, it’s usually a sign that she is feeling guilty (temporarily) for cheating.

  37. Honestly I have wondered if women really even give off signs. They seem to be able to flip switches on and off.

  38. Not a Biden supporter, but where does this come from? I even see people in my home town putting stuff up that Biden is a pedophile and garbage like that. Like I said, I’m not a Biden supporter, but are people really that brainwashed by Donald trump?

  39. I read and saw so many red flags girl. She IS DEFINITELY into him, and he IS into her if her tantrums affected him that much.

  40. I disagree. I don’t think that she is into him at all. I think that he is way into her, and she uses him like a marionette. He is there when she wants entertainment, and she puts him away when she is done. If she was into him, they would certainly be a couple.

  41. Hmm in her post though, it says

  42. Ol’ bestie has that boy licked, and she knows it and enjoys torturing him. They are almost 30. They aren’t best friends. He is mad about her, and she enjoys using him as a puppet.

  43. I still have trouble understanding how people lip-syncing has got them famous, and not got the shit sued out of them.

  44. Apple products. They are getting worse as times goes on and people only love them because they are told it’s great.

  45. That there is a wreck on the bridge going from Kentucky into Ohio 100% of the time.

  46. Callahan auto parts, They make brake parts for the workin man because that's who they are and that's who they care about

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