1. That’s a southern states place. I dunno if they even have them in Virginia

  2. They definitely have waffle houses in Virginia. Go get them waffles !

  3. Forreal, I’ve always seen hummingbirds going at it on trees

  4. Definitely hit or miss and it can change within a couple of months lol. Could start of as a great ship and then bam, new leadership = sucky times.

  5. It sounds like one but it stings just to urinate

  6. I’m pretty sure purity actually has a lot to do with the trip . Based off the countless articles and research papers I’ve read about the production (yes, I was extremely serious and curious about learning how to make LSD. I dig deep as hell), impurities are the reason why we get an uncomfortable body load and confusion during trips sometimes. The cleaner it is, the less of a body load and the better mental clarity you have. Try Dr. Seuss’s 3.0 blotters and tell me it’s not the cleanest trip you’ve ever felt (:

  7. DS 3.0 were the cleanest trips I’ve ever had. Purity definitely affects it

  8. Yeah it was and they were crazy but now theyre going away want them back

  9. Acid is Disneyland bro, you don’t go to Disneyland everyday

  10. Wow that’s nice. Best thing my sister would do is just say “that’s rough”

  11. If I really concentrate on higher 2nd-3rd plat my entire face starts feeling the same numbness that you feel when they inject local anesthesia at the dentist's.. it's trippy..

  12. I feel the same too. I believe the deeper you dive into your subconscious, the more dead you are on the outside

  13. Plus, you get to start seeing/recognizing people in the command. Therefore, you can start your quals and get an idea of who would be good to “know” to get info and start getting qual cards signed off.

  14. And dad will say not right now I just got home from work!

  15. Bruh so I could either A) buy weekly calls cuz TSLA might hit a new ATH B) buy puts because TSLA had a nice run up yesterday C) don’t do anything cuz i don’t like 50/50 odds…..

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