1. Was so exciting to watch muncy hit that homer live

  2. Only reason I said anything was cause I was trashed but every base hit this guy was yelling “ you guys don’t love Mookie”

  3. he could tell we didn’t like mookie by the MOOOOOKKKK chants we do every AB? That’s impressive.

  4. I was wearing a Mookie jersey he said you don’t know Andre ethier , ironically ethier is one of my favorite dodgers.

  5. the Mets 1-2, if they stay healthy is one of the best of all time that could win any series no matter what.

  6. Everybody can talk shit about our October woes, but this Dodgers team has won 11 playoff series/wild card rounds since 2016. This team isn’t some bitch made squad. They will show up when it matters. Tonight we’re showing it.

  7. “HE’S BATTING .203 FFS.

  8. Belli looked good last night so hopefully he’s still in the groove tonight. Muncy had a great giants series so I’m hoping he’s still feeling it from them

  9. This just makes the 2017 team even more insane to me seeing that they could have broken the record had they not had a terrible September

  10. Anybody that talks about fans not showing up on time knows absolutely nothing about LA and it’s brutal traffic. I was stopped at that park at 6:10 a few weeks ago and just parked in the stadium parking lot at 7:00.

  11. I don’t buy beer and instead get that bucket of cookies from that pink truck.

  12. y’all laughed at Friedman a few days ago, feeling pretty embarrassed now huh ? /s

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