1. I think if you’re only evaluating an FA on alpha then you’re probably 9/10 times - I would trust you would know better than If you’re a CFA. What evaluating us with only that metric doesn’t take into account is the emotional barrier we provide to to our clients and their assets. If we stop them from making a poor emotional decision 1-2 times in a rough market or help guide them to tweaking their estate plan which saves them money in estate taxes we have paid for ourselves many times over. In my view that is near impossible to quantify or measure. Also - clients often talk to us about a lot of personal things in their lives that they may not be able to confidently make a decision on because they are clouded with emotion. Also very heard to measure Value added there.

  2. I am very wary of anyone who’s charging me and tells me that their value add is “impossible to quantify or measure.”

  3. That’s a fair point - that’s why you should do your due diligence and make sure that you trust the person you’re working with. What I said was “near impossible to quantify” - there’s a difference. And I stand by what I said because it is - that does not mean that value was actually not added though. This is why if planning was only based on investments and performance I would agree with you more but it’s not. It’s only one component of the plan. Our most valuable asset is time and from my experience that’s something successful ppl are always short on. I would argue that’s it’s at minimum equally as important to them as performance if not more. If I was worth 100mm+ saving time hiring something like this out - even if it means i will pay more than id like or not grow as aggressively - would be a deal i would take every time so that I could spend more time focusing on what I’m good at or having more time to do what I want. Also I do actually agree with you about the point you make about comp to an extent. But I also think that’s kind of naive as well. Who do you think is generating the revenue to support the lucrative salaries for top analysts?

  4. I tend to agree with you RE the time saving benefits - I think I just disagree with you about the asset level at which the time savings make sense for the average investor and I also think said investors are prone to really overestimating how complicated this stuff is.

  5. Honestly would take World’s starting lineup. But once the bench players come in US would run away with it.

  6. Im going to go ahead and say Nate McMillan is on that list. I dont really know what happened. When he joined the team a few seasons ago, we immediately turned out season around and looked fantastic. Since then we have just been declining, and this season is awful. We basically traded Kevin Huerter for a fringe All Star and we look worse this season than last year.

  7. I think we were running LP’s schemes still since it was mid season. I’ve heard that Nate is a player’s coach but not an Xs and Os guy while LP is the opposite and was hated by the team, so the combination of Nate’s rapport with LP’s superior scheming turned out well.

  8. Does being a player's coach translate to "he lets his stars do whatever they want"? I wish he would at least hire some assistants who are good with Xs and Os.

  9. I totally agree. I think he has one assistant…. Prunty? Who is good with scheming. He drew up one of AJ’s buzzer beaters I believe.

  10. We’re gonna start drafting like shit again and everyone is gonna wonder why

  11. “Again?” OO looks to be a career backup after being drafted 6th, admittedly out of a fairly weak draft. We traded the 8th, 17th, and 35th pick for Deandre Hunter, a replacement level wing, then picked Cam Reddish and Bruno Fernando in the same draft. We took Jalen Johnson in 2021 and he’s had basically zero impact. OO and JJ have time to prove me wrong, but the only pick we’ve demonstrably hit on since Trae/Luka has been AJ Griffin.

  12. Conveniently leaving out jc and huerter. The team has drafted better than most.

  13. No, not conveniently leaving them out - but the Luka/Trae draft was four years ago and we’ve hit on one pick since then.

  14. You putting in your conditioning work? I feel like since I've been doing that, there's overall less variance in my squat capabilities, because they don't take it out of me as much.

  15. Not Wendler’s prescribed conditioning, which I know is suboptimal - I’m very active outside of the gym and find it to take too much away from the other stuff I do for fun.

  16. It’s because squats are generally a more strenuous and whole body exercise and you have to really be in it to win it.

  17. This is exactly what I was thinking and was wondering if anyone felt the same way.

  18. Still don’t think this compares to picking Marvin fucking Williams over Chris Paul.

  19. I'm excited about Trae vs Haliburton. He's going to be one of the best point guards in the NBA when he's at his prime.

  20. I remember we were mocked to get him and chose OO instead. Can’t imagine how great we’d be if we had picked him.

  21. We wouldn’t have Murray, so probably not that much better.

  22. We’d have a player as good or better than Murray and have the extra cash to spend elsewhere. Maybe we wouldn’t be playing Frank or Justin Holiday.

  23. Given that over the last 15 championship teams, only one wasn’t a top 10 defense and that was the ‘18 KD Warriors (who had the most firepower in history and were really a top 5 defense that was coasting) and the majority were top 5 defenses, I’d take Embiid.

  24. This is a good point- but would you rather have the constantly injured defensive stalwart or one of the greatest offensive players in the history of the game you can also actually trust to be available?

  25. Hit a two plate bench triple, one plate OHP double, and a 230x5 squat. Good week for PRs for me.

  26. Well Nate just had Trae inbound the ball down one with three seconds left covered by a seven footer. Worked out but that has to count for something.

  27. Two guys from my high school team have signed pro contracts, one is still playing overseas in his late twenties. We were at a tiny school that never won anything of note and neither of them played above the D2 level after spending some time at JuCos. They never sniffed the NBA and were absolute monsters in high school and compared to a regular person were doubly monstrous. The average person truly doesn’t understand just how freaky top athletes are.

  28. Trae has been just atrocious. The off-ball experiment has been a disaster and without floor spacers he has been having a lot of trouble getting shots off in the paint.

  29. So much of lifting is psychological. I hit a 240 bench, new PR by a mile, about a week ago. Barely slowed down on the way up. My buddy convinced me to try 250 and it just fell on me. Tried 245, same result. I was feeling decent about 240, but 250 intimidated me, and once it crushed me, my mindset was all wrong for 245.

  30. How’s your iron? I think anaemia can lead to swollen tongue

  31. I just realized that all the bloodwork they did at the ER didn’t include iron….. I generally eat pretty well so I’d be surprised if it was low but I haven’t been eating great since I started battling the insurance co due to stress…. Or perhaps I have some occult bleeding…..

  32. I feel your pain. I can only share what helped me.At my lowest, I was 138 at 6’2 - I naturally have a slight build and Crohn’s didn’t help. Really resulted in severe body image issues to be so small. I am now ~195 and in decent shape (240 bench, 225x5 squat) and it makes a huge difference in my mental health. I cannot urge you enough to stay in the gym if you’re already feeling insecure about this - progress might be slow but it’s a terrible way to feel and every little bit of muscle will help. Additionally, I find it helps me with my control issues - I don’t control my health, so controlling heavy weights is a pretty effective coping mechanism.

  33. Just the rem. Try not to stress though, it will only make it worse. As the other poster said, just watch what you eat a little closer and stay on your Dr and insurance about it. They should be making it a priority, but sometimes they just have so much going on that a little more time can pass than they realize. If you start feeling bad at all though call your Dr or hit the ER. They might not be able to get the rem, but they can give something to help in a little in the short term.

  34. I missed my dose by two weeks because I had an infection. Now I get flares more easily from certain foods, and I have a colonoscopy scheduled because my doctor thinks im failing renflexis 🥲

  35. I’m sorry to hear that. Any maintenance meds like 6MP or mesa? What was the lead time between missing your dose and these new problems with food and Renflexis?

  36. Jokic, since he has a reliable three ball that becomes even more valuable in a game of 1s and 2s.

  37. I originally was gonna say top 15 but this list convinced me RE him being top 10.

  38. The point is that he would’ve been great had he focused on it the way he did basketball. He wasn’t an atrocious baseball player despite it not being his focus and that’s due to his incredible physical gifts.

  39. Can’t debate hypotheticals but what we can look at is whether finished second on his team in stolen bases, improved throughout the season as he adjusted to a new sport, and hit .250 against top prospects in the Arizona Fall League, which he did. I’m not saying any HoF player in any sport could be a HoF player in any other sport. But given enough time and training, a prime Jordan could easily be a replacement level MLB player, which is certainly “elite” compared to the population.

  40. Trae was the first player in what, forty years, to lead the league in both total points and assists. Should be at least low 90s.

  41. Currently we know birth via C-section and lack of breast feeding (both vectors for newborn exposure to harmless, potentially immune calibrating bacteria) correlate with autoimmune disease as well. Then there's the lack of macro-parasites in and on the bodies of modern Westerners. Many of these parasites release chemicals that down regulate the human immune system, allowing them to pass unmolested. There's a theory that we co-evolved with them, such that our immune systems are more sensitive than necessary so that even if we're infected with parasites (the default state for most of human history) and our immune systems get persistently down regulated, they'd still be active enough to fight off infection. Without the presence of parasites, our immune systems are simply calibrated to be overactive.

  42. This is a fascinating take. I have Crohn’s Disease and there is a hypothesis similar to what you’ve said above - Crohn’s is conspicuously absent in developing nations. The easy answer is that without medical care, it just kills you….. But some people say that this is due to the endemic intestinal worm infections among these populations. The worms give the immune system something to attack, and IIRC, some people in the first world have deliberately infected themselves with harmless parasites in order to treat Crohn’s. I have noticed that when I’m sick, my stomach often seems to feel better…. There is a large part of me that believes that simply distracting the immune system is enough to alleviate the effects of some autoimmune disorders. May be power of suggestion, but I’ve always found the idea fascinating.

  43. I think that larger men in general just get treated better. Women may mean it when they say they don’t want a massive guy who lives in the gym, but I’ve noticed a significant difference in how both women and men treat me going from 175 to 195 at 6’2 and I’m still by no means “big.” There is a point of negative returns on size as a man, but I think that point is fairly high.

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