AITA for telling my nephew to stop calling my wife 'mummy'?

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  1. Good information, but small correction: only 10 some primate species have menstrual cycles, including great apes, some Old World monkeys, and a few New World monkeys. The rest (most NW monkeys, lemurs, marmosets, etc.) are estrous. Also trivial, but there are a few bats that have menstrual cycles, as well as a shrew and a mouse species.

  2. I would take a guess that these are mostly larger apes? Do you have the list?

  3. Yes, the list includes: chimpanzee, bonobo, orangutan, common woolly monkey, black crested gibbon, grivet, rhesus macaque, hamadryas baboon, tufted capuchin, and black-handed spider monkey.

  4. They don't have a ton of variety, but Soul Flower has ethically produced clothes. Their leggings are good quality and fit a 34 inch inseam just fine, and their sleeves are long enough for me.

  5. This makes sense to me. If I’m hugging my wife or children in a stressful/emotional situation, the feeling I experience, and my intent, is to provide protection and to take whatever is upsetting them onto me.

  6. In the study, the participants received a hug before facing a situation that was directly stressful only to the hug recipient.

  7. In the study, the person received a hug before a stressful event and women experienced less stress during the event. I'm curious if men would experience a quicker dissipation of stress if they received a hug after the stressful event instead.

  8. My dog is super anxious and he lives like a king. If I was reincarnated as that dog, I would celebrate. A human has never harmed him besides onetime when I accidentally stepped on his tail. Some dog breeds are just anxious.

  9. Yes, I think it's not useful to read too deeply into dog personality as a reflection of the owner. Just like humans, dogs are not blank slates. Their personalities are not only shaped by their current environment, but by genetic and epigenetic factors, and environmental factors from when they were a young puppy. I'm sure the same is true for cats.

  10. That seems really high - is that right?!

  11. This poll is partly problematic in that people don't understand what "pro-life" and "pro-choice" mean. For whatever reason, many people interpret pro-choice to mean "I would personally have an abortion" and pro-life to mean "I would not personally have an abortion, but I am still against making abortion illegal". I don't understand why we don't go with something like "pro abortion-rights" and "anti abortion-rights".

  12. That whole article reminds me of the song "Common People" by Pulp.

  13. Absolutely have the parents decline. I would argue it's unethical for him to miss 15 hours of class for literally no reason.

  14. I get them too, typically a sudden outbreak of multiple ulcers right before my cycle starts. Triamcinolone dental paste has worked great for me at healing them faster.

  15. Is it a spectrum? I thought it was something someone either has or doesn’t have (extra chromosome copy)

  16. Yes, as an example, IQ for people with DS ranges from about 30-70. People with an IQ of 30 will need significant support their whole lives, while those with an IQ of 70 can learn to perform many tasks on their own and can lead relatively independent lives. There are many other traits that also vary significantly in severity for people with DS.

  17. I'm 5'11 and slim. Prana and Obermeyer have been reliable for me in terms of sleeve length without being baggy. Lucky brand is sometimes long enough, but it's not consistent.

  18. Sounds like you live somewhere wonderful. That does not reflect my experience at all and I've been working in education for nearly 10 years.

  19. I work with children everyday, both at my kids public school, as a CASA guardian ad litem and as a foster parent. I’ve seen the worst parent and the best parents. I live in a major metro with terrible drug and poverty issues. Maybe we make it wonderful through hard work, instead of being judgemental.

  20. You've experienced all that and honestly haven't heard parents refer to their children as their property in some way? Or watched as they repeatedly put their ego above their child's need for individuality? I mean, I've met parents who don't even seem to like their kids.

  21. I've tried like 5 different times and always end up with pee dripping down my legs or getting it all over the toilet. What am I doing wrong?

  22. After a conversation with a nurse who had extensive experience catheterizing people, I wonder if it doesn't come down to anatomical differences. Apparently there is significant variation in the location of the urethra. I'd imagine women whose are more ventrally located might have an easier time of it.

  23. Check out smaller teletherapy companies. They tend to reimburse better and many offer W2 and benefits. I made more doing teletherapy than I ever made as a direct hire.

  24. You can find relatively small border collies that are around 30 lbs. Still challenging for a long distance, but doable with an emergency carry bag/harness.

  25. I was a kid in the 90's. My mom was, I guess, spiritually weak, since we never went to the book studies those days, so I don't remember actually *studying* the revelation book.

  26. I, too, was a kid at the time, and thought the illustrations were fascinating. The pictures alone made that book so much more engaging for me than the other books we had to study.

  27. I cannot fathom that people don’t drink the leftover milk at the bottom of the cereal bowl. Like, don’t use so much milk then? I did not know this was a thing until I saw this post.

  28. I even grew up poor and I still have a fairly strong disgust reaction to drinking milk with soggy crumbs in it. I never liked dipping cookies in milk when I was a kid either, for the same reason. I'd rather eat cereal without milk altogether than be required to drink the remnants. It seems comparable to people who don't like to eat certain foods, like mushrooms, because of the texture.

  29. This does not explain the color. I see these assholes all the time I’ve never seen an “albino” one!

  30. There are a lot of different horsefly species. Diachlorus ferrugatus is a species with this coloring.

  31. Just wanted to shed some light on another perspective here. I was adopted at less than a year old, because my mom was in her 40s before she decided she wanted kids. I have never wanted to seek out my biological parents. In fact, it even feels weird to type that word. The people who adopted me are my parents. The people who biologically created me are just that—a fact of my life and how I came to exist, as if I were to say “I have brown eyes” or “I was born in Pennsylvania.” There’s no emotional attachment there to me.

  32. Many adoptees never have the desire to seek out their biological family, but every adoptive parent should be prepared for that possibility and be willing to support their child through that process. I think it's also important to realize that this desire is not necessarily caused by any failing in parenting. Sometimes people are just curious.

  33. Why? I have never heard someone say it is immoral. That’s new to me. My mother is a Reverend in the US, so I have some across a lot of religious folks and viewpoints in my life. But not this one. I am interested in hearing more.

  34. This is not a comment on the fertility industry, which I find problematic in many ways, but more to offer a perspective from a different angle. As a donor conceived person, I am glad that my biological father's wife (girlfriend, at the time) was on board with his donations. I belong to a few groups online for donor conceived people, and you might be surprised by the amount of drama that can result from having partners who didn't know about or weren't on board with their partner donating. Some of this drama ends up affecting the offspring, who did not get the choice to be in the situation to begin with. People can be very touchy about biological connections.

  35. Is there the same drama with sperm donors that didn't tell their wives or girlfriends? I don't think men need their significant other to sign in order for them. I'm wondering if it goes both ways or if it's just the men that are getting upset.

  36. There absolutely are women who get upset when they've found out their husband or partner donated sperm. It's not uncommon at all, from what I've seen in online circles.

  37. Just looked this up…breast milk contains 1 to 5 million white blood cells per milliliter!!! That’s why colostrum is called “liquid gold!” So is the GB going to ban breast feeding?!!!🤦‍♀️

  38. Cows' milk also contains white blood cells, yet you don't hear the GB demanding everyone abstain from dairy.

  39. How did walking feel like? Was that possible after two or three days without wanting to die instead of having to live through the pain?

  40. Walking was fine for me. It was the transitioning between sitting, lying down, and standing which was the most painful. Once I was in a position, the pain wasn't bad, but getting into the position was difficult.

  41. All the comments saying the OP is the reason they would never adopt. Fucking good. They absolutely shouldn't adopt if they fail to grasp where the OP is coming from.

  42. Some 'veggies' are actually fruits. Tomatoes, peppers, okra, eggplant, cucumber, squashes and pumpkins...

  43. Fruit is used as both a botanical and a culinary term. OP sounds like they are referring to fruit in a culinary sense.

  44. I don't eat that much sugar, and I actually like bitter things like black coffee and very dark chocolate, but every grapefruit I've tasted had a very unpleasant bitter flavor. None have tasted sweet or sour, or anything like an orange.

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