1. What sizes are these? I’m looking for a way to store my collection but have mostly 12” squish

  2. Omw to collect all the Lyme scooters and drive into the Olentangy River

  3. Buy it and run it as one of those party buses that people rent for bachelor/bachelorette parties

  4. I have been wanting to buy a big squish mallow for the longest time but never see them in stores plz lmk! Nothing special but would just like to give my mini one a companion lol

  5. If you’re looking for the giant ones (like 2 feet tall) I got mine from Costco!

  6. Would you do a partial trade, pikachu + some money for Avery with winter hat?

  7. Whay size ? 💖 The pikachu is the only one I am slightly hesitant on, I don't find many good ones in my area but I love to trade :-(

  8. Also sorry I think my wording might have been unclear - I’d trade you Avery and some money (since pikachu is bigger), you trade me pikachu :)

  9. yes! Just to let you know tho Aziza doesn’t have bio tag

  10. I did this exact thing, just email CIS advising and they’ll get you switched

  11. Be aware that you’ll have to apply to major even if you were accepted as a premajor - info here

  12. Idk why everyone is saying to avoid Sadegkhani. He is a really nice professor and the only thing that is bad is that sometimes his accent makes him hard to understand. He is a stats genius and is very helpful. I am taking Stat 3470 with him right now (final is in 3 hrs) and it has been pretty easy tbh.

  13. I personally ended up dropping his class because he refused to record lectures even after I asked politely multiple times - I’ve had to miss a lot of class due to medical problems and there’s so much information he just doesn’t include in the annotated slides.

  14. Also currently in systems 1 and just hoping to pass :’) let’s hope we both make it!

  15. Same. Just diagnosed before finals and I'm failing my classes...

  16. Does your school have any options to take incompletes for your classes? Hang in there :)

  17. For me this was my first semester of grad school and it just wasn't going to happen rn. Good luck with your semester! I would say being open with professors and having your friends in on your health to be a support system was really helpful for me so I hope you have some sort of similar setup to help yourself

  18. Yes my friends and professors have been super supportive! Thank you for your advice :)

  19. I like First Aid Beauty’s “Ultra Repair” line of moisturizers and cleansers, as well as straight argan oil in small amounts. (Have had eczema, psoriasis, and just generally dry skin since infancy)

  20. Seconding First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair. I also use CeraVe moisturizing cream and that helps a lot!

  21. For me it was my toilet, contacted S2F and they replaced something and it doesn’t make the noise anymore

  22. All have tags and I will confirm sizes on request, I get a lil confused on the 10-14” range lol 20” Jonessa & Kippie $25 plus ship each 16” Solina $20 plus ship 16” Ditty $25 plus ship 12” Brielana $25 plus ship PENDING TRADE 12” Pax $13 plus ship 14” Gordon fuzzamallow $15 plus ship 12” Candace $13 plus ship 12” Bella, Dante, Grace $20 plus ship each 10” Zipp $15 plus ship 8” Carmelita, Gala, Canda, Onica $13 plus ship 7.5” Lupi from 5below $13 SHIPPED

  23. LMAO my bad he looks just like a colorless Rutabaga. Sorry for so many questions but how about Silvina and Caedyn?

  24. Hi, how much for rainbow Sunny and Avery? Also, what’s up with Rutabaga being all green lol

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