1. That's brilliant! They captured her fear really well. Excellent investment.

  2. My father nicknamed me psycho alpha female. I’ll take it 😂

  3. We had a gift card and did a couple weeks of it. The meals were good and easy to make for the most part. But the price you pay per meal is extremely high vs grocery shopping and cooking for yourself. You pay a lot for the convenience.

  4. Both my boyfriend and I have ADHD. We struggle to feed ourselves. We’re hoping to get a flat together soon and we’re planning to get a hello fresh subscription as it would make our lives a bit easier.

  5. Also have adhd, its a godsend. Shopping and planning around that is so much work

  6. Oh man, that already sounds like too much effort haha

  7. Ignore everyone else and enjoy what you want. We’ve got one chance at life on this earth, why waste it caring about what other people think? If you’re not harming anyone, then enjoy whatever makes you happy. There is no age limit on fun!

  8. If this happens again, call for medical assistance or take him to A+E even if it stops. Could have been a panic attack (which can be very physical), or a mini-seizure. Or he could have been faking, it’s hard to say when we don’t have full understanding of him or your relationship. I would encourage him to phone his GP too to discuss the physical symptoms he has been experiencing. He needs help clearly, whether it’s mental or physical I don’t know. I would also recommend some boundaries and making sure you look after yourself too.

  9. If anything it’s the opposite. Studies have shown that men develop more interest-based friendships compared to women who develop more emotion-based friendships. I’ve found that men with typically less popular interests that could be considered “weird” stick together and at least have a group of friends where they are accepted. Whereas with women, if they are interested in things out with the norm or act in a way which is perceived as “weird”, they are often socially rejected with limited friends.

  10. I watched dancer in the dark last night. Although it’s not a typical horror, it was extremely disturbing, bleak, and had my whole body shaking at the end. I never want to watch it again, in the best way possible. It will stick with me forever.

  11. It's not a horror tho. It's a musical. Unorthodox but musical.

  12. As I said it’s not a typical horror film, but it has very bleak and disturbing themes and a death that will stick with me forever, so I’m sure it will appeal to horror fans.

  13. I really recommend Under the Skin, Green Room, Ex Machina, Swiss Army Man, The Killing of a Sacred Deer, and Climax for you!

  14. Finally - after 11 years, 3 of which I’ve been housebound, unable to work, have sex, sleep through the night, eat and drink properly and so much more - I’ve been referred for a cystectomy with ileal conduit on the NHS. There is finally a light at the end of a very dark tunnel.

  15. I'm so so happy for you :) This is the start of the rest of your life, I bet it'll open up in amazing ways we can't imagine yet

  16. There are many different responses to grief and your reaction is actually very common and normal. Gosh, I’ve spoken to so many people in grieving who have said they haven’t cried, or can’t feel anything, and each person has that same worry of “why am I not feeling and acting in the way I’m supposed to?” But there is no right, wrong or “normal” way to feel when something like this happens, everyone responds differently. I highly suspect that what’s happening is that your brain and body is in shock, and doing it’s best to try and protect you. It doesn’t make you a abnormal or defective, quite the opposite. And it definitely doesn’t make you a bad person.

  17. I like she hasn’t conformed to the tiny pointed nose that all of Hollywood have.

  18. She actually has had a discreet nose job, unfortunately

  19. Do you know when? Because I feel like her face changed a smidge between we bought a zoo and the MCU.

  20. Only commenting on this so I can go back and read it again cause I will forget everything that’s listed lol

  21. I just want to add that family does not equal children, so we should be try and be careful with our language

  22. Oh my gosh. I know that feeling! I’ve missed SO many events. Hard part is people judging or assuming you don’t want to be there. I used to be the most social/fun creature at parties, too! Message me if you need to talk because you’re missing out on the fun with your friends! What is your pain source if you don’t mind?

  23. Thank you. My family are really understanding. Last year at new year I was recovering from surgery, so was hoping this year I would be able to enjoy it 😭 I’m hoping it eases by then. It’s a complex health situation with my bladder. I have about 8 different diagnoses that contributes to this specific pain. In simple terms my bladder is fucked. Extremely damaged, inflamed, the best way to describe it is that my bladder mistakenly thinks it’s allergic to my own urine. So it’s having an allergic reaction to my urine. I haven’t been able to work, have sex, eat and drink normally, sleep through the night, exercise, and most of the time leave the house in 3 years. I’ve tried and exhausted every treatment option that exists. I’m currently catheterised long term whilst I wait to get a cystectomy with ileal conduit. Honestly it’s the only thing getting me through right now that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. But mentally the waiting for surgery is hard, I would rip my bladder out right now if I could.

  24. Um 😶! Are we the same person?! Haha. I have Interstitial cystitis and endometriosis, amongst some other minor things. But, damn, I literally was bedbound for 3 years because of my bladder! Couldn’t stand upright. Tried every. Single. Treatment. Option. I am also self cathing! I understand why you’d want to take it out. The pain is literally unbearable and for me, even opiates just made it worse because they’d release histamine in my bladder! I don’t want to get mine out seeing as I’ve already had other organs removed and I think my body will just freak if another part of its “machine” goes. I’m 40, so praying that a pregnancy or menopause calms things down since mine is very hormone driven, along with other things. We need to stay in touch! Haha.

  25. I’m so sorry you can relate! IC and endo are 2/8 of my diagnoses as well 😭 do you have an indwelling catheter? I’m hoping my cystectomy will be soon cause I honestly just can’t go on like this. I’m 26, I’ve been in a medically induced menopause (Zodalex injections) for 1 year and 9 months. I must say it’s helped a lot, not having periods has been amazing, but I still get flares. My endometriosis is pressing against my sciatic nerve and pelvic nerves, so the nerve pain in my legs is really bad. Feels like shattered glass. But before the menopause it was a lot worse. Endometriosis is a monster of a disease on its own, never mind with other things on top. For me, my bladder has been just hell - even worse than the endo - it’s destroyed almost every aspect of my life. When it’s finally removed it will feel like such a relief! Yes definitely we should 💛

  26. During the summer it was warm, so I wore shorts in public. I have an indwelling urethral catheter, and tried to cover the leg bag with a bandage. Unfortunately this didn’t stop a stranger asking questions, which I’m happy to answer because I understand people are just curious because you don’t often see a young 26 yo woman with a catheter. But this then led to unsolicited advice, and then a 20 minute rant about how I “just need to pray to god to heal me.” She told ridiculous stories about how apparently god cured her urosepsis (I doubt that), and their newborn baby of complete deafness (my niece is profoundly deaf, she has no cochlears and will never hear a single thing in her life, so honestly this was just insulting and definitely didn’t happen). She handed me a piece of paper with a list of YouTube “healers.”

  27. Lol yes all of those are typical traits we share and people can find us annoying especially when they don’t have or don’t know what ADHD is and especially people who are super conservative/confined/ and structured. We lack everything they crave but also we find them just as annoying for the exact same reasons. People of conflicting personalities and life styles find each other annoying not everyone is meant to be your friend but there are people out there who understand us and love us and are just like us too. I’m sorry you’ve faced rejection like that but just know you’re worth the world and just because you were different from the people around you at the time doesn’t mean the right people who love you and your chaos aren’t there either!

  28. Same here. Haven’t slept at all. Been up all night on the toilet with severe bladder spasms. I have a long term indwelling catheter and it’s still retaining urine for some reason. I’m in agony and nothing is touching the pain 😭 you’re not alone. I’m so so sorry you’re suffering too.

  29. It’s horrible isnt it. Like my friends have no idea that when I head to the bathroom in a restaurant or a pub that I’m about to have really horrible moment every time. I hate having wet hands as well so I usually just put up with it and shout “OH MY GOD OH MY GOD” inside my head

  30. I dry my hands using toilet paper because the noise is actually just so painful. I can no longer hide or mask the pain it causes. It’s so awful!

  31. Over the past month I’ve watched Gremlins, Black Christmas, The Lodge, Violent Night, Krampus, Better Watch Out, Anna and the Apocalypse, Christmas Bloody Christmas, Adult Swim Yule Log, The Apology, Black Mirror: White Christmas, and a bunch of other non-horror themed Christmas films. I think today (Christmas day) I’ll either watch The Muppets Christmas Carol, Carol, or Silent Night Deadly Night.

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