1. Crash is definitely in my top ten, number 7

  2. Dondante, Steam Engine, Circuital, Thank You Too, Honest Man

  3. i hated ohms when i first listened to it, i ended up liking that album, especially error

  4. Error is the worst song on the album

  5. Do you need help with any music on your game?

  6. I think at least 4 so I'm going over

  7. I think at least 4 so me going over is going over 4.5 which is the key word in my statement

  8. Is a Gordon for Harden a good trade??? 😂

  9. Can they also get us Chibi Robo and Star Tropics?

  10. It's one of the best concept albums of the 21st century

  11. I always recommend To Whom It May

  12. Showing my age… The Crow did not need sequels or a remake! Absolute disrespect to Brandon Lee who died making that movie.

  13. It follows. Do not understand the praise for this movie.

  14. It had an original idea and it's a slow burner, it's not for everyone.

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