1. Also made more field goals than all the Heat starters combined. That was also definitely the refs fault, yeah?

  2. One of the most misleading 20 point losses in NBA history

  3. Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't this the game where TO was in the controversial intro with one of the Desperate Housewives?

  4. So many of us expected her to come out and challenge Konami. It would've made sense, as Konami just wrestled a few weeks ago, they have history, etc.

  5. Jonah looked kinda good, Semien got another hit, Seager's average is above .250 now and Chadolis is still on pace for 110 rbi or whatever. When you're facing a HOFer at the mound, it could certainly go worse than it did tonight. Hopefully we can split the series tomorrow.

  6. Gotta give credit where it's due. Celtics Refs played their hearts out

  7. They were so, so close to fulfilling their wet dream of having an hour-long 4th quarter.

  8. Are we sure the game is actually over, or should we go to the replay monitor to make sure?

  9. Warriors with 62 points in the paint and making half of their 3s? That’s not fair at all lmao

  10. They scored almost as many points in the 4th as the Mavs did in the entire 2nd half. It was an avalanche and we tried to stop the bleeding, but those skyfuckers were too much for us to handle.

  11. Mavs, meanwhile, scored 45 in the entire 2nd half, 14 of them in the final few minutes.

  12. Don't sell the Warriors short OP. It was a 46-21 extended run 😭

  13. [Woj] Steph Curry has been banned for the rest of the season for fucking the sky on live television

  14. Love that move by Woody. Should do a lot for the clubhouse moral and confidence

  15. I was so sure he'd pull him after Tucker got the single. Woody went all in and the result was beautiful.

  16. Martin "I have an ERA under 2.00" Perez with a CGSO. Love to see it.

  17. 6.75 ERA in his first 2 starts, 0.66 ERA over his next six. No matter what happens the rest of the season, this stretch has been amazing to watch.

  18. Are they playing Keak da Sneak over the PM? That's dope as fuck. [Yes I know he's a Yay Area guy.]

  19. I don't want to be that guy because this was an incredible start and Pérez has been great, but he kinda does this every year. I remember in 2019 when I thought the Twins had a new ace with his ERA sitting in the low 2's by the end of May, and then by early June he came crashing back to Earth. Pretty sure he did a similar thing with the Sox.

  20. I've seen his entire career, I know he has runs like this seemingly every year. But something feels different. He's added to his arsenal, has a different kind of resolve and I want to believe he can sustain even half the quality of stuff he's been delivering. Entirely possible, maybe even probable that he does come back down to earth. But damn, I want to believe so badly. Regardless, it's a joy to watch him do what he's been doing lately.

  21. OP if this gets removed, remember to put [Highlight] as the start of your title. That way it'll stay up

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