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  1. Not at all. A erection does make it super hard to pee however

  2. I noticed that when I have to pee, I can't cum 😐. Is this not normal??

  3. We are all different, feeling uncomfortable does make it harder to cum.

  4. Not wanting to sound like a bogeyman or anything, but my ex was like that and she was later diagnoses with a borderline personality disorder. Keep in mind that she might need professional help

  5. If you want to tell more in my dm they are open. It is hard to say something when you give so little details. However such a long relationship should be worked on rather than thrown away. I would love to help you out.

  6. Yes by my mom. Though I caught her as well one time.

  7. This would have been enough got ne to quit on the spot and find another job. I would post this on

  8. All different numbers, some people where blocking them

  9. It's a great game, story is great including that of side quest. Combat is fun and you certainly have options.

  10. The game of the year edition is only $10 probably gonna get that but do you know what ur adds to the game

  11. If I remember correct all the dlc and that comes down to probably another 20-40 hour gameplay with equal if not greater writing. A new way that your mutations work so your combat style can evolve even further and you certainly won't regret it.

  12. Well, some items are just a nice momento and when a relationship ia over that doesn't mean you did not male good memories in that time.

  13. Depends are you both sexually interested in one another?

  14. Oh yeah i too take platonic showers with my friend to save water.

  15. I don't assume and I don't judge. But your sarcasm is gold

  16. Currently - Jason Luv or Jax Slayher. Ideally as a threesome. Both of them have beautiful bodies and are kinky af. Would love to get DPed, manhandled slapped, choked, bukkaked and pissed on by them 😍

  17. Good luck. Me and my voids wish you the best and a speedy recovery for the void

  18. I was horny in the morning now I am horny again. So the eternal cycle continues

  19. Probably. Just need to find the right material.

  20. All I am saying is you wouldn't buy a car without a test drive. Don't wait with sex, just do it safe and use anti conception and a condom

  21. While I agree, the problem is that he has had sexual trauma. He has said he really wants to have sex with me, but he doesn't quite feel comfortable yet. I will not cross his boundaries like so many before me have. Thank you for the suggestion though!

  22. Of he isn't comfortable marriage would not change that. Personally I would consider talking to him about the trauma and what happened. Do not cross his boundary. Though I do recommend that you talk to him about looking in to exposure therapy and try working on exposing himself to sex with you slowly.

  23. It is probably you, but not what you do in the bedroom. I think it's the type of man you see.

  24. Yeah I know they’re the wrong type of guys so that’s why I say well I might as well have fun with it but it always goes a whole other direction and that’s what I can’t figure out. My friends aren’t helpful with this either but I think I would prefer to talk to a girl. Thanks a lot for the advice, it means a lot to be heard

  25. Your welcome and the offer stands if you chance your mind.

  26. Played balloons td6 so I get a monkey

  27. Yes, was disappointed by it so only used twice

  28. Well, if you both don't mind the sex. Just enjoy it. If it is a problem, try different beds in the room or sleeping in another room

  29. I bought gold and then nobody liked me anymore.

  30. Please give us an update when it is grown. (If you can keep tho little one around that long)

  31. I have questions, is he like this only when he drinks or also when sober?

  32. Well my honest thoughts are take the cat and run.

  33. Toy recommendation can be good too, just some light hearted fun to start the foreplay lol

  34. I don't know what you already have and what both of you are in to (if you want to share either here or in my dm feel free to do so). So some of my general advice. Lovense is a good brand for remote play and good quality, but a bit expensive. So of you don't know what you like get yourself a cheap toy collection and whatever seems to sorta work for you , buy one of better quality.

  35. We have a wand, dildo and a bullet. My wife isnt really into masturbation (she has my fingers and tongue to do it for her lol) so anything I can use on her, or something thatll tempt her to use them herself would be great

  36. Well I have the lovense Nora that is a dildo with a clit massager that always works for her of my tongue doesn't work.

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