1. I love Robert and I love he and Cora as a couple especially because they represent the kind of natural peaks and valleys that a marriage can go through over decades.

  2. Agreed. Also, I think it's unfair to place all the blame on Robert. It takes two to tango--Jane was dancing too. She never rebuffed him or even went out of her way to avoid him--which she could easily have done, since the maids weren't supposed to clean in a room when a family member was present, and Carson didn't expect her to help in the dining room (I think he didn't need Anna to help anymore by this time, but not 100% sure.) Robert is never seen tracking her down in the house, and that time he ran into her on the grounds (the apples spilling) it was by chance.

  3. Robert is the one who is married though. It's his responsibility to look after his marriage, not hers. That being said of course she shouldn't have let it get that far either. But in my opinion, the majority of the blame falls onto the person in the relationship.

  4. Doesn't matter that he's the married one. In fact, it makes her look worse, because she's fooling around with a man she knows is married.

  5. Right but this is where reddit never ceases to amuse with its detachment from reality.

  6. It's not about being difficult or easy, it's about cheating the audience out of major character development by having it happen offscreen.

  7. Agreed. If they are going to bring in Robin, I can't see it earlier than the third movie. Like you pointed out, this Bruce has a ways to go before he can even think of adopting child a traumatized child like Dick Grayson.

  8. Why is it that every time two people share a moment or have a nice relationship everyone's always like "omg chemistryy, I ship it !!" Like can't people just be normal, platonic friends anymore lol, it exists too..

  9. I feel the same way. Just because two people of the same sex share a friendship, it doesn't mean they should be lovers. People seem to have forgotten you can have a close platonic friendship w/o it being sexual. I loved Gwen and Sybil's friendship, and the way Sybil helped her to find her way of the Abbey to the future she wanted. The moment she orders Robert to stay out the library is one of my favorites.

  10. I watched the first couple of episodes of Anne with an E, and it's not faithful to the books. You would be better off watching the 1985 version with Megan Follows, but it's hard to find.

  11. Never read this one before, and I like it. It has a very personal quality to it that I enjoy, like O'Hara was writing it for a single specific person, but it still speaks to me as a reader.

  12. I feel like the primary stereotype of collectible toys is like, "You took it out of the packaging!" makes it worthless. Like my first encounter with the idea that toys could be worth money to collectors was probably from a Simpsons episode where Comic Book Man was a super villain and he got upset because he removed something from its packaging, ruining the value.

  13. Mine was way back during the Beanie Babies craze. My mom was part of it. McDonald's was giving them away, but they were in plastic bags. If you opened the bag, the Beanie Baby was worthless. My mom put those babies right away. separate from the other ones, where only removing the ear tag made it worthless. I was so glad when that craze was over, cuz no more going to a bunch of different McDonalds for her, to see what BB's they had.

  14. I’m not sure which streaming service it’s on but there’s a documentary about the beanie baby craze. It began because of three or four suburban mothers in the Midwest. It’s an insane story

  15. Thank you! I'm going to find it and watch it with my mom. She has a good sense of humor about it. She kept a few of her favorite beanies, then sold the rest (they were all pretty worthless, she didn't have any rare ones) cheap at a garage sale.

  16. Yeah dude, it was *totally* the bomb all those millions of dead people, people losing their jobs and businesses, fighting like dogs over a pack of toilet paper?

  17. Honestly choosing to make George, a literal robber baron, into a devoted wife guy was such a good idea. Him rejecting the maids advances early on built up SO MUCH good will from the audience that we are completely on board when he literally blackmails people to attend his wife's ball. Also the when he basically bought out the whole snooty fundraiser because they snubbed his wife was just chef's kiss.

  18. Because people like George did exist in real life. Look up Jay Gould (who George was based on), he was the worst but he was faithful to his wife and adored his kids. Society also hated him but he simply didn't care.

  19. Also Henry Clay Frick. Morgan Spector has said that George is based off Jay Gould, but he really reminds me a lot of Frick. Frick is just less well-known, albeit his museum is very well-known.

  20. Not today. There was recently someone who lost the rights to their estate because an ancestor had an affair and a DNA test showed that the deposed heir was descended from an illegitimate child.

  21. I feel sorry for that person. But it's a moot point when it comes to Downton, as no DNA back then.

  22. I agree because George will inherit the estate. What I meant was a false paternity is not without consequence in the British upper class.

  23. The British upper class and nobility existed for centuries before DNA tests did. That's hundreds of years where paternity could not be proven or disproven. Men who had illegitimate sons could and did acknowledge and care for them. but when it came to their heirs, they pretty much had to trust their wives.

  24. Anne Sexton. She was friends with Sylvia Plath and wrote a poem about her death. The last book of her poems published before she committed suicide was called "The Death Diaries."

  25. Yeah, I think having the fans vote was a cheap stunt. They just didn't have the guts to make the decision and go with it.

  26. I've heard about the autodialer for years, also that it was actually a PC with a modem and an autodialer program that was used. Also that the margin of votes in between live or die was small, so it was a very good chance that the autodialed calls made the difference.

  27. Absolutely! I liked how he didn't fall in love with Mary on the spot after meeting her, in fact, he didn't have a great opinion of her--she was just an aristocrat who was playing at farming. It wasn't until after the incident with the pigs, where he saw that she was serious, that he fell for her. I think they had great chemistry, and he would have been able to help out so much with Downton. Plus, I like to think that Julian Ovenden would have been more available for the movies, instead of leaving Mary with an absent husband because Matthew Goode was so busy while they were filming both.

  28. If you haven't already, consult a lawyer, and let them handle it. Also, though you, with good reason, dislike this person, don't show up in person to confront them. You will just make them angrier, and possibly give them a reason to file harassment charges against you. You are better off treating this like business than like a personal matter, to paraphrase Michael Corleone in the Godfather.

  29. I'd delete mine, except there are a few recipe/cooking blogs that are easiest to follow there, plus my friend's sci-fi blog. Otherwise, I stay away from it. I'm in the US, and it's been invaded by the far right to the point where they show up on the most innocuous blogs. For example, a blog devoted to showing abandoned places. There was a picture of an abandoned stretch of highway in South America, that was clearly labeled as being in South America. But a trumpie and their trumpie friends immediately jumped on it to make fun of the infrastructure plan.

  30. Go with your gut. I personally would love to R&R a nice long chapter, would get me a break from family/cooking for bit, but if your gut says don't post, skip it for those days, Leave your readers a note on the last chapter you do post and say posting will pick up again on the 27th, and that you wish all of your readers who celebrate a Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays.

  31. I can't remember his name at the moment, but I think the Art Historian friend of Cora's did as well.

  32. The infamous Mr. Simon Bricker, I believe! I did enjoy that plotline, especially where they are walking back to Rosamund's and Cora is talking about when she first came to London.

  33. Im DYING for a prequel where we see Cora arrive in London, 'the Buccaneers' style (but with happy endings!) and the shenanigans that would ensue that eventually landed Robert.

  34. Me too! I'd love to see young Cora and young Robert in London, along with young Martha and young Violet! And Cora's first visit to Downton, and meeting Carson.

  35. "You've done something jolly with your hair?"

  36. He noticed her new hairstyle and exposed Larry Grey for drugging Tom's drink. I was on team Strallan after that, until he left her at the altar.

  37. Alfred did end up being his favorite, and that's pretty good, when you consider that he also started off with the handicap of being O'Brien's nephew, whom Carson never even got a chance to interview before he got the job, O'Brien being sly as ever by getting Cora to approve Alfred's being hired.

  38. If you mean Mrs Hughes, the Crawleys were (a) not royalty and (b) they WERE “just” her employers.

  39. I particularly liked how she saw through Carson's worship of "the blessed Lady Mary." Her attitude towards the family was so refreshing.

  40. Downvoting hell awaits me, but I gotta say that these websites are not really suited for this kind of content.

  41. Then they'll downvote me to hell too. I don't see how writing a ventfic really does any good in the end--it may bring you a short catharsis, but ultimately it does nothing to fix the "why" of the reason you need to write ventfic. Say you hate your job and your coworkers, so you come home and write a ventfic in which you change their names and have them all die horrible deaths. Momentary satisfaction, but you still have to go into work the next day. It'd be better to spend your energy finding a new job. Or you're depressed, so you write a ventfic about that. Does nothing to help solve the root problem. Getting professional help, whether it be seeing a therapist or a specialist, is a much better solution. Attack the problem, don't just react to the problem. Learn coping skills. You don't want to be a miserable, frustrated person who relies on writing ventfic to find any satisfaction in life.

  42. There are lots of ways to cope with things. Writing ventfics definitely helps a lot of people manage their feelings and deal with situations. Just because a person likes writing ventfics, doesn't mean that they aren't doing other things to solve the problem either. Even if they weren't doing anything, there isn't anything wrong with writing ventfics to gain satisfaction or make yourself feel better.

  43. Please don't use this sub as a way to express your hate for John Fetterman. This a landlord sub, please stick to the topics. If you want to express your Fetterman hate, there are other subs and/or facebook, where you can do just that.

  44. Did you tell your roommate about the man in the yellow shirt before she got sick? Possible it was influencing her subconscious so it was in her dream as well.

  45. Looks like it's from the scene where Gordon says the police commissioner was injected with arsenic and they find the rat maze. Makes sense that Gordon looked at the body and saw the needle marks from the injection himself. I always thought he read it in the ME's report until I saw this.

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