1. Definitely read those first five words as "Neo-Nazi leader-and-girlfriend."

  2. Uncultured swine here. What compass point takes the top of this image?

  3. Guernica cannot be more iconic than Innocent X or any Black House Goya

  4. It has to be hard to be Josh Johnson and realize you aren't even Brock Purdy

  5. My wings just came out possibly better than they ever have. Has to portend well for this game.

  6. Our special teams had been legitimately fucking ass this year so I don’t know what they’re watching. I thought Rich Eisen knew his shit

  7. Might be that they felt like they had to give y'all something? Stillborn segment honestly

  8. This thumb nail of Ryan fucking rules and gives off a “what! You didn’t bring more cocaine!?” Vibe

  9. Sometimes I see these interactions and I just feel like the top players are playing a different game than I am.

  10. Zain's on record saying exactly that to his "Zain's neutral is just dashback" haters (like me) in like 2020

  11. Knockdown > advance to a position from which you can obviously cover tech away > adjust to a position from which you can obviously cover tech in > option select:

  12. The group chat has been named "Wins Are a System QB" for a while now

  13. When Lisa moves the football just enough for Charlie Brown to phantom it

  14. Seems like 2011-2015 had the greatest relative dearth of solo main major wins, and that window best coincides with the Five Gods era

  15. "FUCK waitin for them to get on they OWN," the third-year quarterback continued. "Joe finna deliver to 'em."

  16. The same year that Shad Khan took over. Literally, no exaggeration, the worst owner in league history in terms of success. Only reason we are even decent now is because we fluked into the best QB prospect in years and then he still proceeded to give him the worst coach of all time.

  17. Zeke got trucked too. That last play was McCarthy's godfather 2 moment

  18. ...which Godfather 2 moment? "You broke my heart, Fredo?" "Don't kill him while my mother lives?"

  19. I've gotta show twice my commitment though.

  20. Those words are in the language I speak, but I read them as "I 3D myself through tables for this team" instead of what they actually are for some reason

  21. Worst end-of-season weighted DVOA by any team since realignment I think

  22. He ties Tom Landry, who lost four times to the Rams in the playoffs - in 1976 (Divisional), 1979 (Divisional), 1983 (WC) and 1985 (Divisional).

  23. Thanks for this, I was fucking sweating entering this thread

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