1. I looooove this event, so every time it pops up as the mutated one I do a little happy dance since I know tons of people will participate :)

  2. “I’ve got my eye on you” my dude I have helped you more times than I can count, are you for real?!

  3. More than anything else, I always wonder why these dudes are so proud to broadcast to everyone that they’re bad in bed

  4. BIG FACTS, you should join the discord we have a whole chat for genshin 👀

  5. I’d like a source for that 180,000,000 figure from him 🤔

  6. The Fortnite emoticons will truly be the death of Ellen 💀

  7. Nope, IIRC, but the equipment you get as the game progresses vastly outclasses that from the beginning— enhanced or no.

  8. That’s honestly kind of a stupid decision. I mean, Eren was still pretty motivated to join the Corps even before the Colossal appeared, and after the fall of Wall Maria he would be even more motivated. It just seems like an unnecessary extra step ngl.

  9. Eren had a whole monologue about how all the lives lost until then would be in vain unless someone carried on their legacy and work when he was still a literal child before his mom got chomped

  10. Eren didn’t manipulate Mikasa’s memories. She remembered everything that happened in her and Eren’s cabin. That interaction/experience is what got her to be willing to kill Eren.

  11. Uhh eren’s basement becomes irrelevant as Ymir can tell paradis all they need to know

  12. Convinced this is why Yams didn’t have Eren eat Annie— if he happened to receive her memories, the basement wouldn’t have mattered.

  13. Paradis titans: attacc, colossal, armor, jaw, founding, captured female

  14. Yup. If it wasn’t for her pointless sacrifice that totally undermined her entire character arc of living for herself, Paradis would have captured all 4 titans Marley sent.

  15. They love to repost shit without credit, but not even waiting 24 hours is a new one

  16. It’s better than the basement key, which is the current backpack 😭

  17. Falco spends like 20% of S4 unconscious, poor buddy

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