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  1. Arguably quite a few of them signed up prior to the big Middle Eastern kerfuffle kicking off, and so didn’t volunteer to go to that war, or any war.

  2. Argument for every one life is a little more of an issue for every one life than the others in the UK and the rest of your life will not be able to make you happy and every time it comes with a bit more of a bit more like the first thing you can also do ga the day and the time you are away

  3. Happy for you. Being an expert in mining, can you give me any idea why hash rate is at ATH recently? Anything miners know that we don’t know

  4. They don't really know about it right now and This is why I think recently they have made all these changes.

  5. I love crypto. Who's building in the space and what?

  6. I'm building wealth, or atleast I'm trying to do that lmao.

  7. This is how I am going to do that as well from the next time.

  8. I'm sorry...what's to think about? I must be missing something. She speaks gospel.

  9. Our english is better when we protest something

  10. Yeah definitely going to do that at this is only option for them.

  11. Do you make a trailer for people who already know what happens or do you make a trailer to attract new viewers?

  12. Money. With enough of it you can weather a storm of bad press

  13. Jon Stewart's line of questioning and responses to Jim Cramer 2009 interview were great.

  14. I think not. my friend has a VAC ban on steam for CSGO with thousands of bravo cases in the inventory that he can't do anything with because he cant sell the items on the marketplace or trade them because of the ban.

  15. As we have seen that the inventory will increase with the time.

  16. I only support the Progessive wing or Socialist candidates.

  17. We WFH as well on top of the 4-day work week - so Fridays are even more quiet than usual.

  18. Shooting the Rocket at the corner of a CT closest to the pocket will require the least amount of time to ht.It is a very useful tip for close games that I learned from OJ.

  19. What about the American Expeditionary frce in the Rusisan Far East?

  20. Can not see a shoulder tab but guard is most likely a New Zealandr or Australian given the No..1Mk3 rifle (with the sword of a damn bayonet)

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