1. cant get real drugs = ugly people? norm its the people into "real drugs" that have addiction take them by the balls and make them ugly.

  2. So ur saying delsym and robotussins inactives won’t make u ugly? I’m not talking about robo tabs nd I ain’t cool but u lame too man don’t gotta argue w u on every thread fr

  3. Inactives making you ugly?! LOL. So the guaffin and acetaminophen are going to make me uglyyyyy lol. Stop trolling.

  4. Those aren't even addicting man opiates and benzos and alcohol are that's all in ur head I mever got addicted to r30s or anything like that fuck dxm now actually I did so much my bladder stopped working so I say fuck that drug now

  5. "Dxm and meth can't be addicting" 🤡 - ...are you fr

  6. no roa would remove the nausea, seratonin makes you sick regardless

  7. Not from mda dxm is hard on your stomach in general its a dirty drug tbh

  8. Yes if you are on other narcotics it’s the best antihistamine

  9. I get 2 75mgs as needed and 150mg at bedtime but I’m on benzos and gabs too and usually on kratom or some opiate but I detoxed off opiates like 3 weeks ago

  10. I can freestyle, I am sure we all could; but the special sauce here is that it's based on real life event's; uh, most of us have seen first or second seat yknow; so it has a meaning, it's funny it's cute it means no harm.

  11. I'm homeless bro I just had a seizure bur check my freestyles and my post history

  12. If the withdrawls get unbearable id consider administering yourself into a hospital, cold turkey can be rough, good luck homie stay safe.

  13. It’s been like 48 hours and I feel fine tbh but I kicked 30gs of kratom a day and barely got wds I’m just venting I was in the most dangerous neighborhood for a lil bit just came here to vent and see what this subs really about is it kids doing dxm or people that can get real drugs ? My bad I’m confused and tired I got robbed and jumped on the street

  14. If you feel fine then you lucky as hell homie, i wouldnt worry unless you start having weird symptoms or sum shit, all i know about this sub is people post shit about drugs mainly being dxm, i dont think it really matters what you post about i think its just a drug subreddit for people to vibe in. Maybe most of this sub is kids who cant get real drugs and maybe not who knows, but anything drug related is welcome i believe.

  15. Right I got u man my bad I didn’t know if this sub turned to shit or not that’s why I’m asking like this other dude is trying to call me a junkie n shit on a drug sub I’m not starting beef I was literally one of the first ppl to do robohbr I feel like i got the right to say fuck dxm im not even trying to hate I’m just fucking stressed out because I got robbed at the homeless shelter and a bunch of other shit I’m on clonaz and gaba rn I’m fine but didn’t know if I’d get a wds eventually but looks like I’m not so I’m just here to vent because I was homeless in the worst block in my state and saw some fucked up shit I met real junkies and real tweakers drugs ain’t a game in reality but we do what we gotta do

  16. It really depends on your dosage; but after 3-7 day's the "worst" of it is over and it will begin to fade away and you'll feel straight again, your mind will be working in it's regular state which can sometimes just be the best; however benzos do take longer than opiates to come off - but it shouldn't be anything you can't handle mate probably just couple extra day's than usual, hang tight because depending again, on your useage it'll either be easy or hard after those first few day's.

  17. I took around a gram of Valium in 5 days but I’m good now yeah I kicked a shit ton of kratom and I take clonaz to I can relate thanks for the response

  18. If homeless, you can't afford to get these meds. And how are you on the net if homeless?? I don't get stories like this.

  19. Buying them off the street staying at a shelter in the worst hood around and using wifi not broke but can't afford a house and I get scripts but had a Val plug

  20. The mit% on this one is extremely consistent. I have bought a few bags over the past year and every single batch was in the 1.6% range. This was actually the first small batch strain I ordered when I stopped buying bulk

  21. It hits good if it’s consistent it would be my go to for greens honestly and I’ll mix it with dragons dens and let u know how it hits

  22. I like this current batch, had some last night and it knocked me on my ass.

  23. Definetly other opioids, I mean people over dose off Tylenol every day , I don’t think kratom has killed anyone . If you look up Mayo Clinic kratom they demonize it to be some legal heroin. I actually want to know what you think of the article on Mayo Clinic, it’s horrible !

  24. For sure ! On 10g of the white md and I feel great right now

  25. Lmao youre actually funny bro keep doing you. I bet you’re going to real high places in life. Personally am in school for biochemical engineering but yea thats enough about me tell me more of your meth addiction😵‍💫🙊

  26. How safe is kratom in reality ? I’m using like 30gs a day

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