When you come across a feel-good thing.

That's a little funny

Innocent laughter

I'm catching the vibration

When laughter meets percussion

Call an ambulance, I'm laughing too hard.

  1. I’ve been MIA but the update is that they gave me 2 free entrees hahha

  2. I’ve been MIA from Reddit but the long awaited update is that I got 2 free entrees lmao

  3. Are you me? Moved into an apartment with the same issue a couple months ago!

  4. If anyone wants a juiced drink without added sugars, they have “no sugar added” options <3

  5. Really??! I don’t think I’ve ever seen them before (or maybe I’ve just missed them?)

  6. Look into steel cut oatmeal. Texture is very different and a little chewy. My wife makes oatmeal using this with coconut milk, butter, and sugar. Peanut butter oatmeal is also delicious.

  7. I’m gonna have to try this. Steel cut oats with cinnamon, yogurt, and honey has always been my favorite

  8. They think it's funny because it's not real. It's not personal to them.

  9. Lol exactly, it’s funny to them because they lack empathy and it doesn’t affect them. And many actually find joy in trans people killing themselves.

  10. They're not automatically a horrible person with no empathy if they laugh at a fucked joke. They're probably just broken themselves, and coping. That's my point.

  11. Either way, they find joy in a meme mocking trans people killing themselves. It’s transphobic and disgusting.

  12. I love how the one odd guy with an actual opinion on their shundo Blissey gets downvoted for sharing that opinion on a relevant post. Some of you guys are pathetically salty.

  13. I think we need to take voting less personally. I agree with something, I upvote. I disagree, I downvote. No salt involved. But shiny chansey > shiny blissey.

  14. This has nothing to do with morality. If my child is going through something and the school knows about it, they should tell me. Period, the end

  15. Maybe you’d rather reflect on why your child didn’t feel safe coming to their own parent about something like this.

  16. Call the USPSPostal Inspector's office and report the crime they take it VERY seriously. Report it to your local police and to the manager of your building. My building had a problem our building manager (a lazy alcoholic) claimed he reported it but I called and was told no report from our address. They came down hard and they made lazy drunken manager make copied of the CCTV footage and grilled him. The caught the thief a tenant in the building.

  17. Thank you I’ll try this. My complex even said they have CCTV footage of multiple thefts but they just haven’t done anything with it (to my knowledge at least)

  18. Sounds like you need to glitter bomb these assholes.

  19. Honestly that has been on my to-do list, also thought about leaving my dog and/or cat’s shit in a box too

  20. Ill never forget one time, years ago, i went before close and at the time i was eating keto before it was even a thing, and i asked for double steak and extra on a side and they just dumped all the steak they had on the line into a bowl for me and gave me an entire extra bowl full of steak, that’ll never happen today haha but i always think of that time fondly (i was also not feeling great and it was like my 1st real meal in 2 days so they actually really did bless me, heroes!)

  21. These stories are making me want to go in before closing even though I always specifically try not to do that lmao

  22. I almost always break the chain and get the free drink 🥤. I don’t feel bad. I’m just thankful for the person who paid for me. There’s no real pressure. All pressure is self-imposed.

  23. It happened to me once when I was a teenager and I had no idea it was supposed to be a chain, I thought it was so sweet that someone wanted to pay for my drink lol

  24. Are people really that sad and living like this? Is this all over?

  25. Newsflash: depression can make people kill themselves, so yeah, depression causes a lot of unwanted things

  26. I was 100% rooting for the Chiefs but I would rather they lost than win that way.

  27. Chiefs fan here and I almost feel the same way. I don’t even feel excited it just feels weird

  28. Just don’t go into your subreddit then, anyone upset about the call is getting downvoted and told to cope

  29. please tell me this is fake i might have to stop supporting him

  30. It’s true he had a whole stan twitter account 💀 he was a kid but he actually said some pretty fucked up shit tho

  31. Most Airbnb owners are paying cleaners, the tip isn’t going to them

  32. Do most airbnbs ask for tips? How would you know it’s actually going to cleaners, especially if they don’t have a sign asking for tips (and even then, signs like this make me think it’s not going to the cleaners)

  33. Every time people say "uhm ackchually the other driver is in the wrong cuz it's a PASSING lane" they conveniently ignore the part where the tailgating fucker never leaves the so-called passing lane and just continues to go 90+ mph down the highway without ever changing lanes

  34. Or people who think the left lane is ALWAYS a passing lane, even when you’re not on a highway.

  35. I feel like this sub has had a lot of dark shit lately (or maybe it’s always been like this, idk)

  36. Three year olds? Is that not too young? 😳

  37. That’s when I started learning to ski lol (actually I think I was 2) but kids definitely shouldn’t be forced if they’re clearly not wanting to do it.

  38. same here 2, however as i mentioned in another comment when i wanted to stop my parents would let me

  39. Same with my parents, they encouraged me to try so many different sports but never forced me. And in turn it made me fall in love with so many different ones. I feel so bad for children who are forced into doing something they don’t want to do, no matter the age. You did the right thing!

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