1. I researched leopard 2pl few months ago and I haven't bought it even after I had multiple opportunities. Why the fuck do people get a vehicle and then don't have a lineup for it. Not to mention new players massive skill issues at top tier

  2. They don't care, they just want to play them because it's the new shiny almost top tier tank.

  3. Since we are quite close from gen13 as well as nvidia 4000, I would wait, yes.

  4. Ive already bought some pieces, i got a asus prime z690-p which will be compatible with 13th gen intel. What cpu could i get in the meantime since i really do need to get this built asap.

  5. Honestly you can go for the i5 12400F if you wish to upgrade to 13th gen later on. It will hold well.

  6. Some of them, who auto-fill, can be tricked into autofilling fishing websites.

  7. Being healthy = looking good for most cases though.

  8. Backer since 2012. I'm more interested in the PU but am interested enough in SQ42 mostly for the lore it will add to the SC universe.

  9. Honestly, since mass effect andromeda, I think the bar was lowered enough for SQ42 to succeed. Especially since most recent AAA are just as bad.

  10. Space games with open world are shit for a good story. Mass effect is linear and that s a good thing.

  11. Does core isolation have that much of an impact?

  12. I'm boycotting this event. Gaijin tries to make them harder and harder, with worse and worse rewards.

  13. -Don't do to someone else what you don't want done to you

  14. Is censorship always the answer tho? Not defending nazis but arent their views just as valid as the extreme left wing views? If someones offended by a Hakenkreuz, someone could be offended by the gay pride flag / Antifa Flag aswell. Why is one person allowed protection against these symbols while the other isn't. Get my point?

  15. You're completely right. The big difference with the hakenkreuz is that, it is a symbol of past intentions of killing millions. It's a bit like terrorism if you want.

  16. But usually they don’t find like-minded people just by wearing a swaztika. They usually if not always find groups on the internet, and that’s probably where their thinking comes from in the first place.

  17. You shouldn’t have thinkshield on a personal computer tbh.

  18. I just want 1:1 unit speeds. Not current 3.6:1 ;_;

  19. Nah he’s just a guy. That’s what a woman is for, to convince them that they should buy a bed frame.

  20. One of the Kickstarter tiers allowed you to submit an NPC name, so it's more likely one of those

  21. And CR participated in numerous kickstarters. He's even in kingdom come: deliverance

  22. Y'all get triggered too easily over things that wouldn't even impact your lives.

  23. I think what matters is not selling it, but giving it to someone who would be looking for spare parts.

  24. I’ve wondered something similar but using lenses to concentrate the light.

  25. Same result, you get more light on a solar panel, making it produce more power.

  26. I always imagine a fresnel lens or similar right on top of the panel with the light being focused on small squares of PV. Would reduce the panel cost because less need for the expensive silicon and fresnel lenses are fairly cheap.

  27. I think they tried this in australia, but as the panels get hotter their efficiencies drop, and in the end it was cheaper to just add more panels than add lenses and active cooling systems.

  28. -Please never attempt to start your PC without a fully working CPU cooler. The only thing saving you from buying a new CPU is its internal securities. And those don't always work.

  29. Before you assume your computer is damaged, I’d look into finding what causes the performance issue.

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