Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene's husband files for divorce

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  2. Interesting, that proves it is possible then.

  3. I think in the kernel, the main thing is to make sure that you compile nouveau as a module. There shouldn't be much else to it.

  4. Or you could just install the av1an docker container and skip all of these steps. You're basically manually creating an av1ian docker container, but with the added bloat of a full desktop image and development environment.

  5. Tumbleweed for the win, and I don't even use BTRFS, I find XFS tends to perform the best.

  6. I am sadly stuck on btrfs because I heavily use subvolumes and zfs is a pain. I seem to recall that xfs was adding subvolumes in the future, in which case I'd flip in an instant.

  7. Snapper by default is amazing, but it fill the storage (they swear that it deletes automatically). The problem is that yast can be annoying to use

  8. Both snapper and yast are completely optional.

  9. Line mobile shut down last year when softbank started the linemo service. Existing customers can still use it, but no new sign ups.

  10. It's probably not a huge deal on fedora, since it just means that the codec enabled version will just move to rpmfusion.

  11. But 100% of them vote for maga candidates if they're the only one with an R next to their name.

  12. It came out recently that there actually was a laptop. What the actual contents are I do not know.

  13. Interesting. Here's a nice article about the guy.

  14. He also has enough experience in classified documents to know that you don't just give random people (including himself) access to them without good reason.

  15. I wonder if he cheated with other House members too. It’s important to bang out as many Reps as you can.

  16. Don't know about this game specifically, but a lot of shareware can't be "unlocked." the shareware version is basically a demo, and you pay for them to send you the full version.

  17. Are you serious, did they drop VAAPI? Why? My brothers in Christ. I thought not updating a library since 2017 was bad.

  18. Looks like they aren't only dropping it, they're removing it from previous releases as well...

  19. If you get the bible fully evolved, the garlic becomes redundant though, it's rare that anything gets through the outer loop.

  20. If I recall there was a class action suit because some mini games in Mario party you had to mash the analog stick, and it tore hands to shreds. Nintendo sent everyone a free pair of gaming gloves.

  21. The simple answer is probably just stop going to Hub.

  22. I don't think bedrock would be considered beginner friendly, it not only requires the cli for most management tasks, it comes with tons of caveats regarding compatibility.

  23. You're pretty much the only person who came even relatively close to answering OPs question.

  24. The only diamond in the world that is responsibly sourced is Forevermark by DeBeers, they also support projects for Women Rights in Tanzania, plant trees for every diamond sourced, subsidise the Government etc. Also they are known to be the most beautiful diamonds in the world as they have very hard criteria in terms of quality, colour and cut grade. I can deffo recommend them.

  25. Can you really say it's reasonably sourced when it's still sourced by DeBeers?

  26. Or maybe you're too bad at your position to get a promotion.

  27. GDM is a part of Gnome. Install the dependencies. X used to come with a DM it was called TWM.

  28. Twm was the default window manager. Xdm was the display manager.

  29. Yes I know that gdm (Gnome Desktop Manager) is part of gnome. I'm also pretty sure that Enlightenment uses gdm for some functionality of its widgets.

  30. I can't imagine what widgets would require GDM.

  31. Well good to know. I have the same system. 5950x. My Kwin doesn't really crash. It just stops drawing parts of the screen sometimes. I am gaming on this machine and using OBS hooked up to a DSLR as a webcam plus Firefox and Chrome running at the same time.

  32. I've got a 3060ti and I get the same issue. Also sometimes windows are rendered upside down. For some strange reason closing all my terminal windows usually fixes it.

  33. One thing that is not mentioned in the article is if growth rate is determined by sales volume, which I assume it is. Japanese gamers tend to stick to Japanese games and Japanese games are overpriced as fuck in Japan. Elden Ring cost me over 9000 yen at release. The upcoming remaster of Romancing Minstrel Song is 24.99 in the US and 5880 yen in Japan. Incomes are stagnant as hell and economic power of younger people is on a constant decline but we aren't exactly talking about buying cars and houses here. Fucking vampires have me tied to aging console hardware simply because it's so much cheaper to buy in dollars.

  34. I think another big factor is gaming PCs. The vast majority of home computers in japan are laptops. Only with the rise of eSports and streaming did PC gaming start to become popular.

  35. In addition to those factors, my impressions from Twitter (anecdotal, I know) are that the continued unavailability of PS5s is driving lots of people to look at gaming PCs for the first time.

  36. You'd imagine something like that would push them to Xbox instead, but Xbox is insanely unpopular here, so it makes sense.

  37. Would the original mechwarrior count? If I recall you can move to various cities, and choose your random missions.

  38. The reason it's the worst is because many times you could die without it, so it's not like you could say no, even if you knew the price.

  39. Can we get this to extend to all products (looking at you ticketmaster)

  40. Autonauts led me to Satisfactory, although I'm not sure what the genre would be. And What Remains of Edith Finch got me to actually take a look at more walking simulator type games.

  41. Is that the whole file? You need to assign it an interface and a network as well.

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