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  1. I think there is a mod to fix this. I'll link it here if I find it again! I also long for Ash to attend the school <3

  2. yes, most worried about elbow area of bone. tattoo will be only thin linework. no shading.

  3. the only way i’m finishing a chipotle burrito is if i’m smacked asl

  4. tea>coffee during wake n bake. ur not so overridden w the caffeine. cheers 🥳

  5. My dads a coffee guy, I assume he likes it more because the Marlboro reds killed his tastebuds because it tastes like ass to me

  6. yeah those buds r completely fried off 😭anyone who smokes fags daily could drink lighter fluid n get they morning buzz 🐝

  7. I LOVE THIS! absolute comfort. get some fairy lights and tapestries! I had a little attic space w an outlet and was able to haul a mini fridge up there. i didn’t have to move for hours.

  8. Thank you! I've got a mini fridge somewhere that hasn't been used in years, might skip on that to mitigate the fire risk! Tapestries are definitely on the shopping list, fairy lights is a great call too, I'm thinking a huge wall hanging with stars and galaxies

  9. those star projectors work wonders in small spaces as well, kinda pricy tho. just flip on the lights, turn up the music and sink into those pillows ☺️ i miss my attic so much it was a safe haven

  10. just stop smoking. if you can’t afford dispo/better bm just take a tbreak. those muha withdrawals will kick you but it’s worth getting back on ur legs

  11. Oh yeah, it's totally legit. I ordered mine on Dec 4th and it didn't get here until the 30th though. It was supposed to be 3-5 days shipping and they did send it out on the 5th, but USPS was soooo backed up it took forever. I don't hold it against the company or anything but man it took forever haha. Super worth it though, I'm beyond pleased.

  12. USPS/UPS has been in limbo for MONTHS now. any order i make takes at least an extra two weeks to arrive, i totally get it. totally copping off this website! now i just need to make free shipping

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