1. We have STIIIZY 3for$100 (CDT & BDT) all day everyday plus a free battery in Battle Creek.

  2. Some day I hope that’s possible my friend, but as it stands we can’t ship out of state lines due to interstate commerce falling under federal law.

  3. Our in house live rosin made on site from our fresh frozen, Glueberry OG, Cookies Kush, NYC Diesel.

  4. We would love to take care of you, Battle Creek is pretty close to kzoo. Our mix and match $100 oz let’s you pick any strain(s) so you can try stuff and see what works best.

  5. I’ve been told if you ask.. Symponia farms in Battle Creek will do $175 pre tax for 15gs of distillate for rec.. I would call and ask to confirm first but that’s what there Reddit told me on here a few weeks ago!… distillate is the way for edibles imo so easy to incorporate and just no taste.. Goodluck!

  6. We will hook anyone up who’s looking for 15g for $175. We love bulk purchasers, our model is centered around it so if you ever need volume DM, call or email and we will make it work for you.

  7. You guys have any Critical Hog hash rosin available yet? I see you've got the bubble hash in the store but no rosin yet.

  8. Just the Bubble Hash right now, looking at doing some more rosin in the near future but the hash is doing so well we don't have enough left over to press & test.

  9. Absolutely thrilled with an unsolicited on-stage shout out from none other than REDMAN last night at the Goats Of Cannabis Concert! Big thanks to Stephen @ "The Rolling Paper" for sharing some of our flower with a Def Jam legend.

  10. Mandarin Zkittles has dropped and is available in $100 oz Mix and Match deals!

  11. Our top shelf is $100 oz $60 1/2 oz, mix and match any strains 1/8 or 1/4s, grown and sold on site by disabled veterans in Battle Creek.

  12. Thay is somthing others should consider. I grew my own but still sampled stuff from a dispensary for something different or just to try it out. I'm not sure why you would say "semi decent" though? Did you quote from op?

  13. I'm honestly shocked mix & match is so rare, it's a much better value than a single strain OZ and caters to a wider customer base.

  14. Okay. That's good. Yeah, if you are buying an oz what does it matter how many strains? Deffinately smarter business wise as far as customers choices and new people coming in not knowing what they might need or like. To people with a lower budget and need a couple kinds.

  15. You got it. We had a guy come in today that loves Indica dominant strains, he grabbed 2 1/4s of Cookies & 1 1/4 of Critical Hog for his Indica fix but also snagged an 1/8 of Cherry-Gar-See-Ya & Maui Wowie to round out his haul and provide better daytime options. Variety is the spice of life right?

  16. We have small batch Laughing Buddha 1/2g carts along with a variety of 1g Cure of The Earth live resin options (all of these are made by Waypoint Processing) 5g = $100.

  17. Dude . I tried calling you guys and trying to find ANY INFORMATION on your store. I didn't wanna drive 30 minutes to BC not actually knowing.

  18. Apologies for the missed call, we are short staff today and its been pretty busy with customers. What sort of info were you looking for?

  19. Rec: 2.5oz or 15g concentrate per transaction. Some stores will track your daily purchase but the law allows you to hit your max multiple times in a single day. Avoid the "chain" dispos if you can, but that's sage advice in most things.

  20. I’d check out JARS they have 30% off all Labor Day weekend 9.2 to 9.5 and they have a location in Battle Creek too

  21. Just a public service announcement: Mandarin Zkittles will drop the 2nd week in September. 🔥

  22. Trimming it up now, testing next week so aiming to be available the 2nd week in Sept.

  23. Thank you. Maybe I'll give them a try again. Especially since it out of a dispo this time ;)

  24. We have live resin at 6/$100 right now, have a mix of Errlking options available and they are tasty!

  25. Yup, 1140 Harmonia road, we are a bit off the radar out here in the industrial area.

  26. best deals on stiiizy in kzoo? What dipsos in kzoo have the freshest flower to press to rosin?

  27. We are 20minutes away from Kzoo but we do offer 3 for $100 Live Hash Rosin & STIIIZY 1g pods

  28. is that on CDT pods? is your online website inventory accurate? first time discount?

  29. CDT and BDT, your choice. Our website is more accurate than weedmaps but if there is something specific you really want I can check inventory.

  30. Retired and disabled vet here. Will be stopping by your store next time I’m in town. Can’t wait!

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