1. Y’all Bruno is literally the best, he’s truly the one of the very few love interests that is 100% all for you no matter what you do. That Dylan thing was pretty bad but I blame bad writing bc that wasn’t even his personality, idk who that scene was written for but Bruno can do no wrong, he’s literally obsessed with MC

  2. Fusebox has been reading the subreddit and said “we’re gonna capitalize on this” and I like a fool I took the bait. Worth the 5 gems

  3. Bruno is one of the best LI in the whole series, he would never do this to us 😭 everytime I play this season, I appreciate him more

  4. Mine would be where I went round the whole map by foot, clearing out every raid site, then when I raided the first one for the chests, all other locations got backup, and were refilled with enemies.

  5. Alright y’all, back to reporting and leaving bad reviews

  6. I don't feel sorry for That over riped roast reef Name Lulu she should have considered Suresh was only using her

  7. Lulu is gorgeous if it wasn’t for that haircut

  8. Literally! I picked Nicolas just so my MC could sleep with him and still, I get nothing 😩

  9. Y’all in these comments are a mess but I absolutely here for it 😝😭😭

  10. If Alfie tries to take me down with Meera it will be difficult, because my sentence is: they tried to take me down but they forgot that hoe works on his knees

  11. Tentaram me derrubar mas esqueceram que puta trabalha de joelhos

  12. Nope, if anything she would have continued her relationship with him and Darnell would have found out anyway but not only would he divorce her, but he’d try for full custody for Jabari.

  13. It’s giving Mr. Sloan from Takeshi’s story 😩

  14. Girl put this on AO3 or Tumblr and link it, will definitely keep reading as you go on!

  15. When I first started the game and I didn’t know what stats meant, I had her using the bell bc I just loved the look on her. It was aesthetically pleasing to me to before I got WGS and I learned about stats

  16. For Classic: important for TD is decent to good handling (>60, preferable >75) and nitro (preferable >70)

  17. Nice man! You should make a separate post for this too. Really good info for anyone

  18. We used to be able to run under ranked cars in career mode but now it’s just a technique to stop your progress and try to make you pay your way out of it

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