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  1. Make a preset/cue in LightKey, and trigger the preset/cue with Ableton.

  2. That’s why hashes are a great way to check the file before opening.

  3. Had to look twice but now I see it. It’s a real widowmaker….

  4. Your band doesn’t need IEM. Only the drummer does, everyone else should follow drums.

  5. Could be worse, I booted up the other day, reloaded recent tabs, and couldn't access admin stuff. Logged out and back in, still nothing. Pinged my boss, he called me...turned out I was fired, my access had already been shut off. At least it wasn't something deeper that I had to fix!

  6. I got the fixtures in LightKey, with the help of the manual. One works and the other is broken. As in: the DMX signal is coming in but the fixture is not responding to is. The display has 2 indicators, one for DMX presence and one for light on/off. Both are lit so everything is fine, beside the fixture isn't responding to the DMX signals at all. Also in the display it can show the DMX values of selected channels. Those change when I change the values in LightKey.

  7. It's next to the display. IDEA Spot 150. They were made by SGM. Here a link i found

  8. Wow, surprised. The image I got wasn't that clear (at all) and I couldn't read anything that's above the screen. I only could figure out the X Line.

  9. Because non binary is misunderstood by the console.

  10. We don't discriminate on gender identity, but God help you if we disagree on the proper way to wrap a cable.

  11. You can do this with NDI's VST plugins. Put an NDI Output on all your tracks on the computer with the multitrack and an NDI Input on matching tracks on the other machine. There's some setup involved but you'll be able to send multichannel audio over your network straight to the other machine. You'll need to turn on Resampling on the tracks with the Input plugins.

  12. I used the temp file option, also works on Mac.

  13. A standard license allows you to install on two computers I believe. So if you have access to the account which the license comes from, this would be the easiest solution.

  14. I don't have access (right now) to my license..

  15. Make it mountable to trusses. Saving space on your desk and monitor is fixed and can’t fall off.

  16. Looking for answers to this as it would be good for our church band.

  17. Ableton live. And then also trigger ProPresenter for lyrics on time and Lightkey for lighting on time. This van run on one Mac or on separate Macs, whatever you prefer.

  18. Ah, het uilskuiken van Minerva.

  19. Ja, waarom ik die verkeerd neergezet heb weet ik ook niet. Normaal gesproken gaat dat wel goed 🤷‍♂️

  20. Daar waar de projectontwikkelaar een sjabloon gebruikte voor de woningen en de tuinen ontwierp aan de hand van een postzegel?

  21. Incognito still can get STD’s.

  22. Drunk a’holes with peer pressure being dicks is shite behavior. Sorry you had to experience it!

  23. Alcohol can’t be the excuse. If you can’t act normal after some consumptions then don’t consume.

  24. Still not seeing it. It’s all sorted correctly by dd/mm/yy.

  25. Maybe it’s the year of the last bunch of files. They have a date in 2007. Weird.

  26. Why is it called junk, my penis is quite exquisite

  27. But are you German and do you drive a BMW this big?

  28. Guess you’re never going to take a poledancing act to your place.

  29. This, my [dear] redditors, is how a template is [used].

  30. Finally a system that runs Windows smooth.

  31. To be fair this probably all I need because im just focusing on how to do the system right now. Because I think I have to learn some things outside instead of youtube.

  32. If you want to play around with the system and learn: record multitracks of your worship and/or sermon. Play it back as much as you like without bothering anyone else, as long as you do it on a moment the church is empty.

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