1. Sao Paulo. I booked a decent looking apartment in a big building with lots of amenities. I had a bit of a scheduling issue so booked another apartment in the same building for one night before I would move into the place I booked for a month.

  2. I did. I refused to cancel the reservation and forced them to cancel.

  3. If your skull is cracked open then magnesium L threonate since it crosses the blood brain barrier.

  4. Depends on how far you book ahead, but you can probably getting something in that range in Palermo Buenos Aires. You will also be able to get the blue dollar which will give you twice the exchange rate.

  5. The problem is that airbnb hosts are well aware of the blue dollar rate. Prices have been creeping up a lot lately.

  6. What kinds of meaningful questions are we talking here? Can you give me am example?

  7. BTW if you want to try pysiological sighs, the specific breathwork that was used in this study but have a deviated septum or other issues breathing through your nose, one of the study's authors Andrew Huberman has said that you can do it just as easily through your mouth as long as you do a double inhale and a longer or more forceful exhale.

  8. Lysenkoism. Scientists must now bow and scape before the regime if they dare question the party ideology

  9. I’d let Ukraine make that call, since it is their country being invaded.

  10. What is double sign? Did you mean physiological sighs? It didn't work for me, but I have trouble breathing through my nose and discovered it works just as well breathing through you mouth if you have to. It does work, but deep belly breathing works better for me.

  11. Mexican peso is strong. Colombian peso is weak. If you have USD colombia hands down.

  12. Polo looks very transparent maybe the lighting in the pics. Anyone able to comment?

  13. This is like when you drop your keys into a a pool of lava. Man, they're gone.

  14. I started in Phuket, made a ton of mistakes like living in Phuket, then moved on to LATAM and was super happy for almost 3 years. Now back in the states and absolutely miserable. I have been miserable every time I "came home" but this time I am dealing with winter for the first time in 3 years, and work spiraling into chaos. I've heard this said before in this sub, but this lifestyle really does feel like an addiction sometimes. Maybe it is.

  15. I agree I definitely understood Loch Kelly better this time. But I think with regards to the experience, it is utterly mysterious why it works some time and not other times.

  16. It has never worked for me. It might be because my job has been insanely stressful lately and it is very difficult to focus in meditation. L

  17. Jardim Paulista is the nicest and safest neighborhood in the city. Stay near Oscar Friere street. Pinhieros can get a little desolate in places. You also might want to look in and around vila madelena kind of up in the hills. There is a building called "Smart" that has tiny studios but has a gym, pool, etc. The downside is that it's not very walkable, but you should be taking ubers most places anyway.

  18. REEEEALLY? I've found Lima center very rich looking and extremely safe, even after the sunset.

  19. I don't know. Felt a little sketchy to me. Not as sketchy as Sao Paulo or Medellin Centro, but...

  20. *making sign of the cross with my fingers before I come to Medellin...*

  21. Carnitine is like crack or meth for me. Makes me insanely wired, can't sleep for days, and then eventually have a major crash. The half-life is like 72 hours, so that means it stays in your system a very long time, even if you realize at some point it's making you a manic zombie, like it did to me. It seems to affect a small percentage of users this way, so just be aware.

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