[OC] we are bringing this fella home on Tuesday. What should we name him?

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  1. i mean this is an example of the system working exactly how rog (and therefor the owners) wanted it. the arbitrator sets suspensions at amounts that cover 99% of cases, i bet during this cba almost all suspensions from the arbitrator are exactly 6 games.

  2. He gets paid to be the public/media punching bag instead of the billionaire owners, he basically does nothing as his job imo. So I disagree with saying that he isn’t incentivized to do these rulings, he gets paid A LOT. Mostly agree though.

  3. Why the FUCK is selling your personal data against the goddamned FUCKING LAW

  4. The government and police buy our data to avoid breaching the fourth amendment of that pesky Constitution.

  5. I hate to say it you may want to think of another term. You teach valuable skills that a lot of people should know! but I fully admit my mind goes to something else when I hear "prepper" and it's not good. (*cough cough my parents cough cough*)

  6. 😂I appreciate your assistance, but your comment is incorrect. It should say, “the president should not have this much power.” Unfortunately, Democrats have created this shit storm. As a result, Biden's policies have unilaterally debilitated the country. Those are facts🤷‍♂️. Trump was killing it, and days later, Biden began crushing the economy. Now here we are.

  7. Seriously. I get that it's a crisis, but it seems like a fairly simple thing to email all of the account holders who were affected, just to provide some basic information. I have no cell or data service at my home (presumably because of the outage), so I was literally wandering the street last night looking for any information on what had happened.

  8. I think this has shown that cell towers need to be independently powered or at the very least powered by a separate part of the grid than their surrounding areas. I’m not sure how much power they use or why you couldn’t load them up with solar panels, but seems like a no brainer to me.

  9. Was it confirmed that a cell tower lost power? Because it's more than likely that bad service is due to high traffic because a lot of people don't have access to internet at the moment.

  10. I had absolutely zero bars, although you certainly could be right, I assumed they went down. Usually in high traffic times the service will be spotty, if you try to text or load a website it eventually works, in this instance it never seemed to connect.

  11. Yeah it’s certainly because you’re better, not a silver spoon fed twat or anything.

  12. Crumble like our economy? Let’s print money and spend without any accountability. Thanks Dimocrats.

  13. Put a pillow over his face until he stops breathing. That dude is the ultimate piece of shit. You’re welcome.

  14. Personally really like Establish the Run with Adam Levitan and Evan Silva. I only listen to the free stuff, as most of their content is behind a paywall, but what I do listen to is awesome. Their paywalled content is more DFS focused and it includes like the big Sunday preview show and special DFS shows late in the week.

  15. Used to really enjoy Silvia’s weekly write up that he stopped doing when they began ETR.

  16. Sounds like a win all around. I am glad that the CAC pushed the city to go back to the drawing board.

  17. Ugh having a encouraged biking avenue on E North Broadway is the dumbest thing.

  18. It's not republican or democrats, it's both. How can you blame a party when you see what's going on today while the democrats are in office?

  19. So you’re saying you have no idea how the system functions?

  20. Yeah, they have just used socket head cap screws.

  21. We’ve tried having concert venues before. People just bitch and moan and complain until it gets closed. Even if it existed before they moved.

  22. Curly, Larry and Moe would be more competent than these three obnoxious divas

  23. I was thinking in my head, “hey let’s give these guys a chance!” Then I realized you named the three stooges…

  24. any reason you wouldnt just quit? i really want the shop owner to feel the burn of me quitting.

  25. He will. Don’t worry.

  26. If she was behind on bills, and had passed, you have zero responsibility to pay those outstanding debts. None, zilch, zero, no matter what the bill collectors say, you don't owe them anything.

  27. Yes don’t even answer the calls. This all goes to probate

  28. They’re closed for renovation for a little while I believe

  29. Didn’t press part zero when I swung center on my final op of a piece of PEEK on Monday. 2x2x4 inch stock, $700, should arrive tomorrow and i get to try again. Not horrible, but I was still displeased.

  30. I served 20+ years in the Marine Corps. So save your Putin communist garbage for the liberal goons who still believe I’m the faked dossier. You wouldn’t know the truth if it bit your biased ass. 2000 Mules and you wanna cry “save America?” Try unbiased information. Russia collusion was a lie, no one is or was charged with insurrection. Biden and Hunters laptop proven to be verified and the data is terrible but you refuse to believe it but yammer YOU KNOW THE TRUTH? Wow. We real AMERICANS (not democratic socialists) know what’s going on and we outnumber you. We are watching as the liberal party attack our children by over sexualizing them as even Disney execs admitted to their “gay agenda” remember that video? And Ole Joey Biden ripping out troops out of Afghanistan getting ppl killed and now sending billions to Ukraine? Yeah the nation his son profited hundreds of millions from? Hahahhaha. Or is that a Trump Russian lie? SMH.

  31. You get poor information, period. Wishing you well, hope you can rejoin us in reality in the near future.

  32. The lack of accountability at all levels regarding the insurrection is a massive problem. How can you have people who want to destroy your government in your government?? That’s why people guilty of sedition cannot hold any public office for the rest of their lives. Why haven’t several been charged with sedition? Marge three names comes to mind. Oh yeah and check this out, Mastriano (the dickbag who provided buses to the insurrectionists) is running for Governor in PA. Why is this even a remotely allowed to occur?? I have a bad feeling about this election - there are too many crazy people who live around me and if they rally behind seditious dickbags we’re going to have some problems. I really have to move out of this backward ass place.

  33. Rough luck mate, glad you’re alright. Looks fun af(except the crashing bit)

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