1. There are options if u have a dependent for rez I heard!!

  2. I thought it was just me :((( literally feeling the same way because i promised myself i wouldn’t end up how i did last semester yet here i am 😅

  3. i didnt ask for exemption and just did the test anyways. I did the Duolingo one

  4. Tentative schedule was released last night to instructors. Deadline for submitting changes is Friday. Will probably be released about a week after that.

  5. You need to start meeting your dates in a public place and have your own ride home. either your friend picks you up or you get on a bus or drive yourself. You say you didn’t talk to him much before but you got in his car and now he knows your address…I’m not saying he’s a bad person but this post scared me a little. At least meet in a cafe or public park next time.

  6. Right, i appreciate your concern. I only let him drive me home after talking to him the whole time. We are in the same uni and he seemed to be quite trustworthy that way and he was quite respectful in his conversation which seemed okay with me. I do appreciate your advice and comment and ill watch out! thank you!

  7. Honesty might be the best course here. Come clean and tell him you know what your friend did but you don’t know why he did it or what he said. Let him know you thought you guys were vibing and enjoyed each others company. If you still want to maintain the relationship and move further, you need to bite the bullet and just tell him the truth. Let him know you feel strongly about him but he’s making you question it now that he’s fading away. If he’s not feeling it anymore then peace out.

  8. Update, I texted him and I got friendzoned at a different level. Time to peace out fr

  9. Lol I heard cct109 was a bird course b ur I’m dying here

  10. Wait I just cracked the plastic of the holder, not the wire and mechanism I think that’s the head rail

  11. as someone in there third year do not take on more then you can manage. if your gonna drop drop it now so you can get your moneyback

  12. I know eds is easy and thats why i enrolled in it but im not confident with how much i can handle right now and there seems to be a lot of writing and expectations across all my courses and im struggling to keep up cause covid and ontario schooling ducked me over lol

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