1. Don't give the FIA ideas... 30 races a year but only a driver's best 20 count... 3rd drivers anyone?

  2. Ironically that is how F1 used to work until the 90s, in an attempt to adjust for unreliability

  3. If you are going to stick to direct flights from the UK then Tenerife>Gran Canaria. If flights to La Palma are available you can also take that one. Tenerife has some great hikes with very varied landscapes. Gran Canaria also has them but they tend to be a bit worse (on the flip side, Gran Canaria has the better beaches, but that's not what you're going for). La Palma has great hikes too, comparable to Tenerife, but more rural and smaller. Probably more "authentic" if you're into that kind of thing.

  4. Si te sirve hay por ahí un reportaje de Informe Semanal sobre la homosexualidad en los años 80, que se volvió viral en su dia. Aun así son 10 años de diferencia pero bueno.

  5. Thank you so much. If you could suggest some places where Christmas and New Year’s Eve is a lifetime experience

  6. Best is probably going to be Madrid I believe, even if only because it's the largest city (though Christmas in Madrid is pretty nice). For small towns, I've heard good things about Chrismas in Vigo, but it's otherwise a very uninteresting city.

  7. Other than perhaps prices being very high, particularly for flights and what not, sure it's a perfectly fine time to visit Spain. If you plan on partying on New Year's eve also make sure to get a ticket to a party in advance as they often run out and are very expensive. Other than that it's a good time.

  8. Se hablan mucho, pero más en las partes rurales. En mi caso por ejemplo utilizo más el inglés que el español en mi día a día.

  9. No es solo eso, al final a la gente le resulta mas comodo escuchar, y esto sin meterme en temas como el propio algoritmo (si haces tu contenido en valenciano seguramente solo lo recomiende en España. Si lo haces en español lo recomendara tambien a America Latina y si lo haces en ingles pues ya a todo el mundo)

  10. This is 100% becoming a timed race

  11. Even if it started on time, it'd be very likely to be a timed race anyways, just like Singapore 2017. Singapore under the rain is probably the only circuit where timed races can happen these days I imagine (barring weird circumstances like half the race being ran under SC for some reason)

  12. They disregarded it at Spa while they attempted to get some sort of race going, under some sort of "extenuating circumstances" clause that isn't even in the main F1 rulebook

  13. It's a tough call to make, because F1 cars driving on full wets will help displace any standing water, so trying there is some merit to trying to get the cars out there for laps behind the SC. I'm not sure if the rules allow it, but ideally they should shorten the race by the amount of laps the cars drive behind the SC to clear the water and then start counting the laps once they're released under green conditions.

  14. Issue is, it seems modern F1 cars get cold and undriveable super fast, so it seems to me they can't do what they used to do back in the day where they ran 10 or so laps behind the SC, then started the race, under heavy rain (Brazil 2016 for example, or Korea 2010)

  15. De las públicas es posible que si, aunque tampoco creo que sea peor que una universidad pública española "poco reconocida". Es verdad que en los rankings esos que se suelen hacer no suele salir bien parada, pero tampoco hay mucha diferencia con otras.

  16. Personalmente yo si pago con tarjeta nunca dejo propina. Si pago con efectivo, pues puedes dejar el redondeo de la cuenta.

  17. Si tienes dinero ilimitado o casi pues tienes El Viso, Aravaca/Pozuelo o la Piovera. Todas carisimas eso si

  18. As much as I don't want it to be. If true, Redbulls should be excluded from championship

  19. I mean, considering RB lost the 2021 WCC, and is very far ahead in 2022 (thanks Scuderia Ferrari), they probably will remain in their position

  20. Problem is as always, if a team has nothing to lose nor win in the constructors, but wants to win the drivers, then a points deduction in the WCC doesn't do shit, and if the driver of a team overspending really does become champion, he does so by breaking the rules.

  21. WDC probably remains the same tbh. Max and Checo are innocent. And WCC determines price money. If for whatever reason Red Bull got DSQ from the WCC, like McLaren after Spygate, they'd get nothing in prize money

  22. Tengo entendido que los problemas de Rodalies son principalmente debidos a la infraestructura (responsabilidad de Adif) no a la operacion (responsabilidad de Renfe)

  23. Serious question, countries like Switzerland are already in Schengen and the EEA and various other blocs, isn't their deal pretty much "we are basically in the EU, but with some exceptions, and also no voting rights"? What are the advantages over straight up joining?

  24. The biggest advantage would be voting rights. Being able to adopt the euro might also be one (though those countries tend to see the euro as a liability rather than an advantage of the EU) but tbh that's pretty much it.

  25. Can’t wait to see how Ferrari fucks it up.

  26. Technically, they don't need Ferrari to have Max not clinch the title. As long as Checo finishes high enough (I believe 4th is the minimum?), title goes to Japan regardless, even if Ferrari does a masterclass and they finish out of the points.

  27. Teniendo en cuenta que seguimos en sequía, y que ha sido un año desastroso para los incendios en toda Europa no es nada aconsejable.

  28. Por otra parte estamos en otoño ya, y normalmente la prohibición de hacer fuego suele ser solo en verano no? Que aun así cuanto más tarde en el año mejor

  29. For computer parts, PCComponentes is one of the biggest in Spain, and while they generally operate online, they have a physical store in Madrid. For chains, other than FNAC and MediaMarkt, there is also Worten I guess.

  30. Does Spain have THE worst labor market for young people in Europe? I'm from Latam with double citizenship and I'm seriously thinking it would be better to look in other EU countries

  31. It does. However don't underestimate the advantage of knowing the native language, plus the closer culture relatively.

  32. It's like one of those Really3d videos but it actually happened.

  33. Reminds me of the Alphamaxnova SingaporeGP short where the most upvoted comment said "I love how it isn't even satire, it's literally what happened"

  34. No hagués fet els ulls clucs a quin idioma s'imparteix el curs. Primer s'aprèn la llengua local i després s'aprèn la llengua estrangera. És de sentit comú, vagis on vagis. O aniré jo a Portugal a aprendre Holandès i demanaré que facin la classe en català perquè no m'entero de res?

  35. El problema es que en Cataluña hay 2 lenguas locales: español y catalan. Habra gente que por motivos X (equivocados o no) creen que basta con aprender una de las lenguas locales. Como el que aprende ingles para ir a Montreal.

  36. Piggybacking your comment since it seems like you are a local. How crazy or stupid would it be to walk from the airport to the city center in December?

  37. Very crazy and very stupid. The airport is a bit over 3 hours away from the city centre. If you want to save money and don't arrive at night, just take bus line 200, which costs like 1,50 or 2€ and will leave you in Avenida de América (not quite the city centre, but at least it's only a 45min walk from there).

  38. No es cierto. Hay 800.000 personas más contratadas que antes de la pandemia

  39. Se refiere a que España es el pais de la UE con mayor tasa de paro. Lo cual es cierto, pero no es menos cierto que el paro ha bajado mucho

  40. The government doesn't have the power to do that. That was the supreme court. The current government pardon and released them.

  41. Ironically, I'd argue the pardoning of the Catalan politicians is one of the few things that has genuinely hurt the Sánchez government, perhaps with a reason. Sanchez went into the election claiming he would not do deals with Podemos and the secessionists and that he would not pardon them, and he ended up pardoning them so maybe there's some people who have not forgiven Sanchez for that, regardless of all the good he has done.

  42. Siendo biólogo, quizás pueda encontrar algo en la ULPGC, que tiene un departamento de Ciencias del Mar bastante grande, en temas de biología marina y demás. El problema es que la ciencia en toda España está fatal pagada, y en Canarias casi diría que es de los peores sitios.

  43. Normalmente si, te harán salir a la autovía, aunque no es 100% garantizado

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