1. I felt this happening to me…. And here I am lol but my advice is just honestly limit yourself with like maybe 5 or so mins a day and just scroll and see if there’s any MAJOR update. Otherwise just do something where you’re not on the Reddit app or any Facebook groups. And I think I’ve finally accepted that if something big happens, you’ll hear about it. Sad truth this might take a few mores weeks at the least to get solved. So you really gotta sadly move on and do other things to occupy your mind… cause if you’re just as burnt out you’ll see it’s starting to get to the point where newer people are just recycling and asking or posting stuff that’s already been done a week ago. Any major updates you’ll see on the news and then by then you’ll get some closure super quick and move on

  2. Coachella Woodstock state of mind or whatever the hell it’s called 😭

  3. More witch hunts...if her mom's in trouble, 4 people would not be brutally attacked.

  4. NOT SAYING this is what happened but you never know if one of the kids was moving drugs for her and of course Ethan being in a frat. I KNOW drugs weren’t found in the Kid’s system doesn’t mean they were on them. Read the post not saying this is what happened but you can’t legitimately rule this out a full 100%

  5. This makes me think of the black mirror episode crocodile where the lady murders several people and the way the police figure it out is through the hamster's stored memory. I wish we had that kind of technology today.

  6. I grew up in a college town very much like Moscow. There were always college dropouts that partied so much they flunked out. Their parents would refuse to continue to pay tuition. The dropout would get a dead end job like being a cook at a local restaurant or maybe a dishwasher/bus boy job. They didn't want to leave town because they loved the party scene and access to all the coeds. Then a few years would pass and they were still at a dead end job and that much older than the coeds. Often they would end up involved in drugs. As time passed they would become jealous of the college students who were actually successful. They became very much an outcast but still longed for the partying and the girls. They often would start fights at the parties because of their feelings of inadequacy. If they were rejected by a female they would often rage. I saw this type many times back home and when I went to college. This is the type of perpetrator I think could have committed this crime. Maybe?

  7. I 100% agree. Went to a small college VERY similar to Moscow, notorious for partying. Very similar Greek life and everyone basically kinda knew each other threw someone and the whole leaving house doors unlocked things is VERY VERY common. Although we normally Atleast locked our bedrooms while sleeping (which makes me question why the victims didn’t) (and would explain why the survivors who were probably near black out drunk, slept threw, especially if they’re used to people upstairs coming home and partying more after being out and u have a variety of roommates) So it’s a very strong possibility this type of individual is the type of person you described spot on. He knew these victims way prior and knew/was part of the party scene

  8. Yes. Someone commented on the west coast that the time for them showed up as 12:33. I’m assuming OP is on EST

  9. Apparently it was common (stated by kaylees sister) for either Kaylee or Maddie to constantly call back to back like that. I can’t remember which one but that I remember seeing.

  10. I agree with your idea because if this was some random killer stalking someone, it seems they would choose a much easier target. Why not choose a house where they know one person is staying in a very isolated area? Also, many stalkers also have a sexual deviance motivation, and these girls were not sexually assaulted. I think this was not just a very specific targeted murder, but also one that was personal and driven by rage.

  11. I’m alittle shocked I found this sub with people literally hundreds just as manic to find information as myself. Good to know we’re not alone

  12. But you forgot to mention why the two other roommates were spared. They arrived home before everyone if we surveyed enough premeditated it would’ve known they lived there too

  13. I've been thinking of her the most... Something about her fathers statements about the attack broke my heart. I think that's part of the reason I'm so eager to get answers. My heart goes out to her and her family. Also Ethan, his part in this is beyond heartbreaking. May we see justice soon and ease for all of the families.

  14. She’s the most I’ve thought about too. You can really tell from Instagram, videos and stuff she was a one of a kind. Someone you could definitely be great friends with

  15. Can you be more specific on the part you talk about 911 call/ a message being left behind? I’ve re read and still can’t comprehend (genuinely)

  16. Where was the dog during this time? Was he there at the residence when they were called?

  17. I highly highly doubt someone who will be going to kill/hurt someone intentionally is bringing their cell phone to check facebook while they wait

  18. Ok I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who this has been happening to. I live on the other side of the country and even at work and social media I’m constantly refreshing news tabs

  19. Maybe he owed someone money and they went to collect that debt. Found the victims instead and killed them but had them call him to let him know they want their money. They're being told to call him and get that money or they are next.

  20. You thought checking your bag for one flight would go over to the next? Lol

  21. U thought random Reddit people would pay you stuff on your Amazon wishlist? Lol

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