1. Update: I have just written an essay using the Smodin AI writer. I gave it a prompt and then it wrote the thing for me.

  2. Inferkit, I think you'll have to generate your own though

  3. Not so great in Sweden atm, seems the far right is getting into power (well, a coalition between the far right and most of the "normal" right).

  4. Yeah, we're experiencing the tipping point of the right wing turning into the far right. The Sweden Democrats have been in a euphoric mood. The silver lining is that the other right wing parties combined are still bigger than them.

  5. Jag älskar när partier svarar på frågan om pälsdjursfarmning. Man kan lika gärna ställa frågan "är du ondskefull och vill du orsaka onödig grymhet?" och sedan svarar dom ja på den.

  6. First they automated the trucks, and I did not speak out for I was not a trucker.

  7. I weirdly want to know what happens in the next mediocre episodes now

  8. Talk about morbid curiosity. The Gray Matter stuff that came next would probably be about Walt learning to accept charity. First he doesn't want their hand out, but then Gretchen convinces him through a beautiful speech about how carbon atoms accept the bonds of any other atom and then they almost kiss when Skyler walks in and interrupts them. After that we get a season of Walt cheating on Skyler with Gretchen while cooking meth. Then the season finale is that Walt decides to get out of the business cos he realized the wickedness of his ways after Gretchen gave him a speech about Sodium Chloride sacrificing itself for the good of the salt crystal. But Tuco is on Walt's trail and in the next season Walt has to become an action hero and end organized crime for good. There. That's the entire season in the hands of mediocre writers. I had a lot of fun writing that out.

  9. This is such a fun concept to explore lol!! And I definitely see the episodes turning out the way you described them if they were written by mediocre writers.

  10. Yeah, I had an urge to write this post after watching Breaking Bad and then seeing all the crap netflix recommended. Like hey bro, try this when you're done with BB! No. No way.

  11. I am surprised people are picking the last episode of TC as the worst. I thought episode 3 (the LARP episode) was the worst in that game. It seemed to not only put the plot of the game on pause, but put character development on pause as well. Depending on how you play it's up to 90 minutes of walking around doing LARP errands. The sequence had some originality to it. That's about all the praise I have.

  12. Fair enough. I can understand what you see in the LARP sequence. I suppose the real criticism I have for the episode isn't that the LARP put character development on pause as much as it stumbled on conveying its character development. When I played it I got the sense that Alex and Ethan went to one errand, then a fight, then an errand, then a fight, then an errand, then a figth. I didn't feel the imaginative play to process grief angle. But I get that others can.

  13. "Can it be people don't like me and my music is shit? NO, THE GLOBAL ELITE have it in for me, personally."

  14. At first when I saw Tim had made a song I checked it out and thought "man, that's kinda brave, being a political youtuber and putting a bunch of effort and soul into an emo song knowing there's a million lefties who will mock it." But then he comes with this cry post. He stamps out my respect right after planting it.

  15. I'm not sure it would really stop anyone from stealing your bike.

  16. Haha. It didn't occur to me that some parts of the frame don't rust. Tells you how little I know about bikes. Which gives me hope the bike thieves might not know it either. I haven't thought about rust stickers being a thing that exists. I'll look into it

  17. I had that exact same thought about Cersei. Dany kinda has the same energy. It's like the program has a Anakin bias built in

  18. Extracting and processing natural rubber isn't a super complicated process. I think even vulcanizing it is easy enough to do in small batches that a person could do it with minimal equipment.

  19. I see were this is going. Aloy is gonna build a small scale industrial civilization to produce rubber so that she can override Heph in a comfortable fashion. Horizon Industrial West. The DLC we've been waiting for.

  20. Don't forget getting the Utaru to plant and tend a bunch of trees for however long it takes them to mature.

  21. AND don't forget GAIA introducing Aloy to GMOs to make the trees produce rubber faster. The Utaru find GMOs to be unnatural and try burning Aloy at the stake (or whatever the Utaru equivalent is). Drama between her and Zo follows

  22. Already doing it. Compared to the effort I put in it makes a huge difference. I warn you however that even once you go vegan there is a risk you will feel like you could be doing more.

  23. What sub-genre is a song considered if it is a time stretched reversed guitar with a gritty amp? Kinda like "lo-fi beats you can relay/study to" but metal.

  24. Haha. Sorry about the parsing. The alternate sentence you wrote seems accurate. Reversed refers to the sample recorded from the guitar being played in reverse. The guitar itself is very normal.

  25. I personally like big machines, there's that one Tremortusk in the desert which I think is super fun to fight. I really enjoy tearing them down part-by-part and using their weapons against them.

  26. I like fighting stalkers for the sole reason that they really keep me on my toes cos they can deal massive damage at any time. The only time i truly felt annoyed with stalkers is the one fight in the Frozen Wilds where you face daemonic stalkers that can one hit you with their tail. But I have not played Ultra Hard and stalkers are probably a nightmare on that difficulty every time.

  27. I already knew someone had written this quote and I just came in for the upvote. This line is a goddamn prayer. It highlights how Aloy despite being anti religious and fed up with all the different superstitions of the cultures she meets still is a messiah figure.

  28. Horizon: Zero Day. Naming it after the day that life ends on earth would introduce us to the idea that we won't get a happy ending. However it has the same initials (HZD) and sounds too much like the first game.

  29. They're brainwashed and they want to you to be brainwashed back into eating meat because it's easier for them.

  30. Agreed. The other day a relative of mine was concerned for my health and suggested "could you at least go vegetarian?" Meanwhile, one of the health issues they were concerned about was caused by a biking accident. Another was caused by food poisoning. They just want us to stop.

  31. I never watched Dominion. What episodes or episode are you referring to about being vegan or does the whole series talk about it?

  32. This is some straight up fan-fic plotting going on right here.

  33. Second this. It's a good thing that Aloy/Petra shippers can't help ourselves. I swear, the amount of enthusiasm I see from this ship's fans is oddly wholesome. Makes me surprised there isn't a subreddit for it.

  34. So far I feel it isn't too different. Just using mounts to travel on roads is kinda the same. I haven't done any combat while mounted so that's hard to compare. This could just be my personal gameplay style where I barely ever do mounted combat. The part of gameplay that hits different for real is how fast Aloy crafts ammo in HZD.

  35. Cant wait to see you jump off a high ground hehehe

  36. Yup. I keep having the urge to jump and deploy the shieldwing, but I know how that ends.

  37. Beautiful. Keep standing up for yourself and against fascism.

  38. Good taste! It's been more than 10 years since I first discovered Gojira, back when metal was the only music I listened to, and nowadays, even though I'm not at all into metal as I was back then, they're still my favorite band and I still listen to them regularly. Literally no other artist's music hits as intense and raw as their best stuff imo. Unironically, reading up on their lyrics' subject matters and their personal views back then was the beginning of me trying to be more conscious of the world/people around me and eventually getting into leftism years later

  39. That's awesome. Funny enough. It was an anti woke chud who introduced me to Gojira. Very thankful to him for that. I think lyrics just hit way harder when you sing them the way Joe does. He could sing about the breakfast he ate this morning and it would be impactful.

  40. Gotta say I disagree. Just checked in on

  41. Peak OKBud. I can see this being an unironic copypasta on EVS. Keep reposting this until another OKBV stream so Vagluth can see we know his tricks.

  42. Thanks. I really went out of my way to make it as EVS as I could. I have my doubts about whether a couple of the points would pass as EVS content but I think some of them are great already. This list could just be a first draft to improve with some revision. Feel free to make changes then we can post it on the EVS sub and put it to the test.

  43. I Only uncovered a few of vauuus' vile debate tactics. For my own mental health I can't research the topic for too long. If you stare into the abyss long enough the abyss will make you spell his name correctly.

  44. Yeah. This is an interesting development since this ad is the first ad from an American political org advertised to me in Sweden. Seeing that you seem to be a fellow svensk the trend is confirmed. Or strenghtened at least. It seems they want Europeans watching this.

  45. Yup. Love these games but sometimes you just can't bother figuring out the proper way to climb and you improvise

  46. Vaush's entire channel is just a beta test for Biden's force feminization camps. Once he perfects it the dems will unleash the soy like it's 2044.

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