1. /UJ the new Saint's Row game. It's not great, but if you can get it cheap it's an alright reboot, the PC (The Boss) uses they/them pronouns only, and there's no option to assign them a gender so they're pretty easy to read as non-binary.

  2. Look, I'd never question a woman's life choices, but I just think there's some room to scrutinize when her choice in name results in somewhere between half and 2/3rds of living humans having the same name. How would they ever know which Eve anyone was talking to???

  3. I'm with them on every reason except for the one where they said gender so many times I lost track of what it meant. Not that I disagree, I just don't know what any of that means lol. I'm just a simple trans woman who loves women, and especially trans women, because imgay

  4. Don't kids have better things to do these days? Like drugs?

  5. the whole thing is that the entire โ€œtruscumโ€ thing is just a poorly informed response to sort of a made up issue. like, the idea that hrt is a protected substance and that somehow trans people being insane and making up fake genders and shit is responsible for transphobia, none of which is true. and the truth is, a good majority of these people are high school age ftms. i think its just kind of an easy fad to fall in to, sort of like the ftm equivalent of a teenage boy getting into /pol/ shit or whatever

  6. Ah yes, make sure you don't coddle your kids by letting them think your love comes with any attempts to understand them or give them room to be their own people. Just demand their respect constantly, that method worked great for my parents! Or at least I assume it did, since I haven't spoken to them in years, but at least they don't have a child dealing with gender dysphoria anymore (because I transitioned and am NC with them)!

  7. I've never seen a Terf so mad and so jealous of trannies at the same time. Sorry we have fun exciting sex lives OOP ๐Ÿ˜”

  8. I love all the people trying to come out with "they lost my respect for the transphobia" in the replies, as though that saves face for them somehow. "I'm not a moron like OP, I only fell for the obvious scam for 6 months!"

  9. OOP reminds of the kind of dumbass that genuinely thinks Republicans pushing for "parental rights in schools" is about getting kids with different educational needs better educational resources, instead of giving bigoted parents the "right" to stop their school from being supportive of their kid.

  10. I see the Ape only got 2 "potential" pros in before coming up with other ways to say it without saying potential. And then one more potential pro for good measure.

  11. Mongolia somewhat recently took over a huge part of the world, no reason to think that won't happen again. If you look at the technical analysis, a powerful leader should soon unite the tribal steppes and capture most of Eurasia. We're just on a T+263,895 cycle, give or take a few hundred years. Bullish as fuck

  12. DON'T BELIEVE THE FUD KHANS! They keep saying nobody is visiting Mongolia anymore, but I'm here now and folks, the hype is real, and the Mother of All Hordes IS COMING!

  13. I'm trying to imagine a scenario where someone could become genuinely convinced trans people somehow are gonna bring DOWN the average nerdiness. My only guess is if your nerd friends drop you for being too transphobic whenever someone comes out as trans, in which case good lmao

  14. Used to be, before I went into security engineering. So like, I'm technically am not a programmer anymore, but it's still what I tell people I am when they ask what I do and don't need to go more specific than "computer person".

  15. Disagree that that inherently holds weight. The blood of the coven is thicker than the water of the womb.

  16. Kinda amazed "don't let people, even your family, bully you into the closet" is somehow a controversial take on an LGBT subreddit of all places. What's the point of an LGBT community where members tell people dealing with unsupportive family to just stay closeted for them? ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™€๏ธ

  17. I sadly have little to offer either (maybe contact the offices of some surgeons that perform the surgery and ask them for ideas or studies?), but I just wanna say, as someone who wants that surgery too and might be moving back to Toronto in a year, good luck, and im rooting hard for ya! ๐ŸคžโœŠ

  18. When I first saw that image it looked like a happy trans woman, thinking back to when she was a depressed "boy", before she realized the joys of not just living as her true self, but ALSO having $14 in the bank. Good for her tbh


  20. /rj a common mistake actually, but butch trans women don't wear skirts since they're women that identify as men, so they typically wear pants. Glad to help!

  21. /rj Ew. You mean there are trans women who aren't feminine girly girls who wear high heels, makeup and dresses 100% of the time? Sounds transmisogynist to me.

  22. /rj gender essentialism (transphobic): ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿคฎ๐Ÿ‘Ž

  23. Imagine trying to burst someone's happiness bubble by admitting you've never looked at women or gay men. Gay dudes and short shorts is almost as much of a stereotype as straight women and waxing their legs.

  24. Which video game is your favorite one, and why?

  25. Look, I'm not disagreeing that from a practical standpoint, a sword isn't unilaterally the best weapon. Maces are better against armor, spears have better range, are more effective in battle, and much cheaper to build.

  26. Too uncomfortable around men to get piercings/tattoos from them

  27. im too horny and uncomfortable around any hot man or woman its so over...

  28. RIP, ty for opening up my eyes to the realities of monosexual privilege /hj

  29. > implying that transphobes even had a point in referencing "BaSiC bIoLoGy"

  30. And advanced biology is realizing that do have a strong thing in common, which is that both gender and sex are socially constructed.

  31. Well, sex itself (as in genitals) isnโ€™t really a social construct, itโ€™s the way that we categorize people based on those genitals is what is a social construct. Having different skin colors isnโ€™t a Social construct, but categorizing people based on that is a social construct yknow?

  32. Yes, that's what I said, sex is a social construct. That doesn't mean that genitals aren't real just like how money being a social construct doesn't somehow mean the bills you have are fake. But the meaning we ascribe TO those genitals (i.e. sex) is something humans decide to do.

  33. Your lesbian ratio is way too wild to be realistic, start with 200 trillion lesbians and work your way up from there.

  34. There was a reply to this post which dissected it a bit more and pointed out that historically, back when homophobia was more of a thing, academic settings were a place where men had much more of an opportunity to love other men and countryside settings were the same for women. I'm not gonna repeat everything the post said because it got into a lot more details better than I could, but TL;DR while it's important to be critical of intuitive ideas like this, there is an interesting cultural association to dissect there. (Although yes of course the origin of it all is patriarchy).

  35. I'm not saying you gotta pull a source for every reddit post or w/e I'm not gonna buy that wlw communities were somehow more rural focused as though lesbians didn't have bars, clubs, night lives, office cultures, etc. I'm not saying a rural lesbian culture didn't/doesn't exist, but like, the time period where lesbian and gay culture developed strongest was absolutely during an era where people were generally moving from rural areas into cities, so I can't imagine how lesbians would decide to reverse that trend?

  36. I'm not talking about the development of modern gay culture I'm talking about earlier. Gay people in the 19th, 18th or 17th century. Prior to the openly gay people of the 20th century fighting for gay rights and speaking up for themselves.

  37. Lesbian culture before then was if anything even more urban. How else would lesbians find (like, literally physically) each other? A subculture like the pre-modern gay one wouldn't be able to exist without people around to participate in it, which typically requires high population density.

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